How 5 free Analytics App can help you in Data Analysis

A data scientist job entails data analysis that involves transforming, cleansing, and modeling data. This is done with the aim of mining relevant information and reaching conclusions by creating meticulous reports. Data mining primarily focuses on multiple approaches and tries to encompass varied approaches and focuses on predictive purposes rather than solely for descriptive purposes.

Considering the gamut of tasks that a data scientist must perform, it becomes necessary that a data analyst is facilitated with a powerful technological tool that can make their jobs a lot more efficient. To understand the complexities of analyzing data, various applications have been created to ensure that you are empowered to use these skills at your disposal. Such powerful applications are also being popularly used by data analysis dissertation help experts to simplify the bulk of data that needs scrutinizing.

Many analytics applications available in the market, can be purchased to convert your valuable data into visually pleasing graphics. But these applications require high investment as they cost a lot. The premium applications can be ideal in scenarios where you need to document the huge amount of data and in doing so the cost of the application should be justified. But on the other hand, if you cannot justify a budget for the purchase of the app, you need not worry. There are many free applications available at your disposal and mind you, they too are extremely powerful.

Taking the cost factor and the level of usage into consideration. You could very well try and use the free available apps that are powerful and get the required job done. We present to you five life-changing apps that are not only free but will also provide you with a quality job that you so desire for.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a wonderful process that allows the use of statistical algorithms and aids the power of the application to explore and unify data together. This gives great insight into implementing good practices for better business solutions. The advantages of using Google Analytics are numerous:

  • Capable of analyzing traffic:

Google Analytics is a good way of knowing how users are been made to visit a website. It is meticulous and also shows whether traffic is being driven through referral links or through paid adverts or search engines.

  • Establishing traffic flow report:

One of the best things Google Analytics offer is the overall flow of how the traffic is generated and the flow of visitors visiting the website. Google Analytics makes it so very simple for assessing traffic right on your desktop.

  • Keeps track of bounce rate:

The bounce rate appears high when the relevant content is absent on a so-called relevant link. This means that the user just glances through one page without going through the whole website. The analytics help you establish bounce rates through numbers that will help you determine the root cause of the problem.

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Revisiting achieved data analysis report can solely be prepared based on the existing data that is made available. Google Analytics does just that. Through sifting large data of the past, one can map the changing trends and scenarios of business across various time frames.

Flurry Data Analytics App

With technology moving forward, the devices have got a lot more compact. Now analytics apps can also be used on mobiles. This is where flurry analytics comes into the picture. It is the best available app that can be used free of cost for understanding the pattern of customer behavior. It has the following advantages:

  • Flurry analytics efficiently provides a systematic metric. This helps a data scientist to collate data that can prove beneficial for preparing a business development model.
  • Being an application that is less than a decade old, it has already gained popularity. The best part is that it is a mobile-based app and offers free services and has no limit on data.
  • Proves as an ideal tool for advert management, retargeting campaigns, preparing new strategies, customer acquisition management, and various other services.

Data Analysis Apsalar 

This app is simply great as it works on a standard IOS and Android platform. What makes Apsalar so intriguing is that it gives you access to a mobile metrics app that makes it easier for a data scientist to rearrange crucial data and numbers in a way that is easier to decipher.

  • This is possibly one of the best freely available mobile marketing cloud app available. This helps a data analyst to formulate data based on the specific requirement of each app user.
  • One can use advanced marketing attribution tools and analytics. This will help gain a strong foundation of the developing business better and help in to understand the varying trends of the user.
  • Enables you to perform long-term mobile app business analysis. The analysis includes Lifetime Value (LTV), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Average Revenue Per Paying User, and more.
  • Real-time data updates are made available. Data analysis will now be able to capture up-to-date insights and respond quickly to changing trends.


Another popular empowering mobile app that can prove extremely useful for customer understanding and engagement. One of the major features of the SDK is its Analytics section. Let’s see some of the benefits it has to offer to be a free tool.

  • AskingPoint is unique as the analytics are well integrated into most of its other features. This enables you to remotely control apps based in real-time through a dashboard.
  • Gain valuable data on new devices, retention, Active devices, active device retention through the well tabulated metric format.
  • Track events through infographics like a chart that makes it easier to find out an important event.
  • Stay on top and in trend with the updated figures. AskingPoint app monitors all the important metrics such as downloads, ratings and reviews, feedback, and much more.


This event-based mobile analytics app is perfect for purchasing, sharing, upgrading, and creating accounts. The app also has a fair share of other advantages. These are listed below.

  • Funnels:

MixPanel app enables users to actively build edit funnels. In doing so, it helps in facilitating an updatable and upgraded analysis of conversions that make it easier to track and engage with users.

  • Dashboard:

Unlike Google Analytics 360, where dashboards can be shared with users publicly, MixPanel dashboards filter out necessary information from a host of other reports.

  • Cross-Platform Tracking:

All MixPanel reports are compatible with all other platforms. This makes viewing reports easy on other formats if the MIxPanel app is not present.

With huge data being churned out, data analysts rely heavily on such unique apps to simplify the data. Also, these tools possess the power to present huge complex data through a systematic presentation that is visually appealing. The best part is if you are short on funds and do not have huge budgeting capability, you can always rely on accurate data from these powerful free tools. So, if you are on the nascent stages of the business where you want to streamline your data and business trajectory, search no more. Just get your hands on these free analytics apps and start scrutinizing your business for better yield.