5 Tips for Designing Better Landing Pages

The first vision of the visitors who clicks on a website is a landing page. A landing page consists of headlines, imagery, illustrations, and even video. It will be the deciding factor as to whether or not your visitor will stick around your page or move on to the next one. This makes the importance of the introduction of the landing page relatively high. It would help if you adopted certain guidelines to ensure that your landing page has that addictive component from which visitors cannot pry their eyes.

Usually, businesses that want such an influential landing page can acquire on-demand graphic design services to create a landing page that would garner them substantial leads. However, before you begin to go about it on your own, you need to follow certain tips to ensure that your landing page succeeds.

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline

A good headline needs to have that oomph factor, so coming up with one can be tricky, especially since it has to be concise and brief. They also need to effuse ample information in a few words to arrest the attention of the viewer. You need to remember that your headline will be the very first visual your viewers see once they enter your landing page. Just remember to incorporate qualities of clearness, boldness, and relevance in your headline to have an astronomical effect on your viewers. 

You can use user subheadings for further clarification of your content. Subheadings are the second thing your viewers will gaze their eyes upon, so you need to give it a natural flow from the headline. Whether you want to be clever with it or direct is entirely up to you. Just so as long as you summarize your content within your heading and subheading, your user will experience no problem in determining what your landing page is all about.

2. Include Compelling Images And/or Videos

Imagery, videography, and other visual graphics are an important element of your landing page. They are responsible for arresting the attention of your visitors and having them converted. You need to ensure that the imagery you incorporate on your landing page is relevant to your visitors and conveys your message to them emotionally and psychologically enough to convert. An image that is well thought out will give you leverage against competing landing pages.

A preview of your product is the best way to entice your viewers, whether it is on a photo of your tutorial, screenshot of your app, or on the cover of your e-book. Placing the image if your product front and center is a guaranteed way to build trust with your visitors. You need to show off your product in all its form and leave nothing behind the scenes.

The video is far more effective than an image. It has actual statistics to prove that up to 80% of its viewers convert faster than those who view imagery. Even if it is a mini video, you can add and adjust it to your landing page. Viewers are far more receptive to animated visuals than frozen images. If the video is that compelling, you may not even require its sound. All in all, the addition of sound design will further enhance your conversion objectives.

3. Clear and Concise, With A Simple Design

Less is more. The same is the case for landing pages. It has been a recurring theme for the success of landing pages that they keep their landing pages and their copies simple. You need to cleanse your page from irrelevant and unnecessary content by removing it and allowing your focused message to become the main highlight. Any content that does not pertain to your product must be erased effectively immediately. Your copy needs to give an explanation or summarize your product in a detailed yet simple manner. If necessary, it would be best to use bullet points instead of paragraphs to highlight valuable information and enhance readability. You will lower the chances of the viewer being distracted from your landing page.

4. Include A Strong Call-To-Action

The inclusion of a call to action or CTA is the most important part of your landing page. It is the final step your visitors will take before their conversion. This makes it crucial for you to make it irresistible that the users have to opt for the CTA Option. It would be much better if you showcased your CTA brightly and visibly, Use contrasting colors which allows the message to stand out. You can aid the visitor by using directional cues to guide him towards the CTA Button. This will accelerate their conversion dramatically. Your CTA button also needs to be specific. A mere “submit” button is not enough to gain a convert. You need to give visitors a reminder as to what they are getting before they click the CTA button.

5.     Keep Conversion Forms Simple

The conversion form enables you to collect the visitor’s information and officiate his conversion into a lead. Normally, visitors don’t want to give off excessive information and prefer limited information for security purposes. If you present them with a larger form, you will intimidate them into overlooking your page. It is not necessary to keep the form too short. Longer forms also guarantee a better quality of leads. If visitors are willing to provide basic information, you will experience no problem in gaining converts.

Designing a landing page is not a convenient endeavor, especially if you want to build one that is aesthetically pleasing and captures your visitors’ attention. An attractive landing page will be enough to garner you enough leads to generate revenue and render your page a success. The leads you acquire will recommend your page to other leads, which will increase the traffic you require to take your business to its pinnacle.