7 Best Computer Monitoring Software in 2020

Successful organizations always work on employees’ benefits. The organizations can work well for their employees if they track their performance. The best way to track employee performance is to use computer monitoring software. It saves them from external and internal threats. If anyone tries to hack their confidential data or download any malicious content, the organizations can take immediate action. Similarly, for the fair increments and promotion of the employees, computer monitoring software helps to take a rational decision. They can check the login and logout time of the employees and can keep track of their productivity. Many global organizations buy business-friendly monitoring software and integrate it with their CRMS. With the help of computer monitoring software, you can keep an eye on employee’s desktop screens and monitor their screens. The computer monitoring software is very helpful for organizations that have their subsidiaries working in other countries. They can track the performance of the employees no matter in which part of the world they are. 

At present, when pandemic has hit the world and many organizations have opted for work from home, the requirement for computer monitoring software has greatly enhanced. 

Let’s have a look at 7 Best Computer Monitoring Softwares.


TheOneSpy is a unique computer monitoring software. It can be installed on multiple devices and provides different tracking options. TheOneSpy is compatible with various devices like android mobile phones and iPhones, windows, Mac. You can use this software to keep a check on employees closely especially if they are dealing with customers. The best feature of this software is buggling. This feature helps to record texts and calls and even can track the location of the phone. People who are using Android sets feel comfortable with their operating system. They can easily check mobile activities from their tablet and smartphones. If you are dealing with Customer Services, you can easily check whether employees are polite with the customers or not by tracking the call records. The camera feature in this software gives you a full view of the phone’s location. You can check whether your employer has reached the customer on time or not. You can activate the microphone bug from your online account and record the calls of the target phone. Calls of the target phone can be monitored. You can easily listen to the conversation of your employer with the customer and can check the quality of your customer services.


Flixspy is the best computer monitoring software with all of its unique features. While monitoring your employee, you need solutions to the problems immediately. Flexispy is designed to cater the instant messaging on your mobile and captures both sides of the conversation. It uses live chat and humans to get a response in a maximum of 24 hours. As compared to this application, other applications get the answer the next day when the question is submitted. 


Spyera is a powerful employee desktop live viewer. It helps to monitor the work of employees that are working from home. Spyera records the activities of employees in real-time. It helps in enhancing productivity. It keeps an eye on the employee’s desktop and keeps a track of all their activities. Tracking of employee’s activities helps the organizations to know how their data and resources are being used. It further helps in data security and mitigates the risk of data leakage. If the organization wants to make any changes in SOPs then they can make changes with this software and make employees follow them immediately to avoid any errors.

The best part of this Spyera is that it is not visible in the start menu, task manager, or control panel so employees will not be able to know that they are being monitored. Employees can not even uninstall from the control panel furthermore it is not available in the task manager so the tasks cannot be ended.


Monitoring and measuring employee’s productivity is always a difficult task but this task has become easy with the help of ActivTrak. It is workforce productivity and analytics software for teams. It helps to keep insight into how the team works in remote areas or in the office. It empowers the team productivity. With the help of analytics, you can track your business progress and provide your employees with an easy workflow. You can easily check how work is being done. Analytics helps to know how time is spent and how to improve workflows to get optimum results. It further helps to remove distractions and waste of time that mitigates the efficient operations. It helps to make a benchmark for high performance. ActivTrak helps to enhance productivity to get more business. The different roles of employees and productivity measures are complicated notion because policies and procedures that are productive in one team cannot be productive for others. ActivTrak has solved this problem. It helps you to devise the standards for productive employees and helps to measure their productivity. ActivTrak collects the data that can help you understand the behavior of employees to make teams work for efficient business results. Organizations can use data to train and develop their employees and improve their performance. They can also share data with the teams to drive engagement.


KICKidler is a unique employee monitoring software. It helps to monitor what employees are doing in real-time, which websites they are visiting, and which apps they are using. KICKidler provides a vigilant eye on employees and generates alerts if employees are violating any laws. This software is equipped with an institutive interface that is called a quadrotor. It contains multiple sessions of remote computer monitoring that can cater to multiple numbers of employees. Different sessions of employee tasks are created in the form of lists. Organizations can easily switch between these sessions. They can also create different access levels for employees and monitoring tools for different users.

Kickidler employee monitoring software has a time-tracking tool that helps to monitor the work hours of employees and the entire department. Overtime work, absenteeism, late arrivals, smoke breaks, coffee breaks, and going out for a walk in the middle of the work and other time-waster activities during the work time are recorded in employee time recording sheets and reports. These time recording sheets and reports are created in the form of diagrams and graphs. It has a very user-friendly interface and it can be handled by any ordinary person. Employee productivity monitoring reports are automatically sent to managers or team leads email addresses to save time. Automatic notifications of the SOPs violations, whether they are visiting a malicious website or to get absent from work will be reported to both the employees and their supervisor.


Revealer keylogger is a free monitoring software with almost 10 million downloads. It uses a powerful algorithm and keeps a record of passwords of applications like Facebook, Skype, MSN, AOL, AIM, ICQ, and GTalk. It has screenshot features that make you watch all the tasks done on your computer. It takes a screenshot of the desktop whenever the employee types and uses the mouse. Revealer Keylogger also provides special protection and keeps itself invincible in window tools like windows explorer and window task manager.  The recorded text from another computer, smartphone, and tablet is delivered via LAN, FTP, email, and dropbox. You can change the delivery frequency of the recorded texts as per your requirements.

Time Doctor  

Time Doctor is the ultimate software that doesn’t let your employees lose their focus. Once you install this application, the employee is forced to log in on time. Popup alerts appear on the screen when they try to waste time on other websites. Daily reports are generated to depict the metrics for the day so that employees don’t get off track. Dashboards show the productivity of the employees and the organizations can judge easily who is the superstar and who is not working up to the mark. This software helps organizations and individuals to become more productive. It enforces people to stop wasting their time and helps them to finish their tasks on time. Time doctor deeply analyzes time and improves business operations. It helps companies to keep an eye on their remote workers and make them feel as they are working in the same office. Moreover, it maintains a high level of productivity when employees work remotely. The organizations that want to create work-life balance and want to facilitate their employees when they are working from home without any difficulties then time doctor is the best software to use.

Wrapping Up

Successful organizations always keep track of their employee’s productivity so that they evaluate them fairly, and their promotions and increments are done purely on merit. You need to analyze your business requirements then select the computer monitoring software.