FlexiSPY Review (2021) Features, Price, Installation Guide

Let’s have a FlexiSPY review. FlexiSPY is one of the finest monitoring facilities for all types of Spying needs around the globe. It has state-of-the-art Spying features that allow tracking of all the activities of the target individual without any hassle.

There comes a question that why should one use FlexiSPY in the presence of other Spying solutions? Let’s discuss the answer to the question.

FlexiSPY background

FlexiSPY, incorporated in 2006, was one of the beginners who have started offering monitoring services to parents and employers. The app was initially used for Spying on the internal storage of the old non-smartphone, android,iPhones and computers.  

The FlexiSpy app was used to track SMS, calls, GPS location, instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, KiK, Viber, and many other social media apps and other internal storage components of the target phone and devices. It has featured in many renowned journals and dailies for its state-of-the-art offerings.

OS Compatibility

FlexiSPY offers a range of Spying and monitoring solutions that seek to record all the happenings on the target individual’s device. The service primarily offers android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac monitoring solutions.  

It can be installed on the target device by following the given instructions provided in the installation manual.

Salient Offerings of the App

The following features are offered by the tracking service subject to their application and compatibility with the respective operating system. It is the best choice in all aspects, whether you are looking to Spy on employees or kids; the app serves its users with unmatched features.

FlexiSpy Features reviews for Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac

Phone call recording and listening

The feature allows listening to all the phone calls made or received on the target phone. This earns the end-user a vital insight into all the whereabouts of communication of the target user.

The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference if the parent or employer is not able to listen right away.

Tracking real-time location of the target user

The app has a promising location tracking feature. The feature functions by maintaining a log of all the movement of the target user. The end-user can view the movement by observing the log maintained in the online dashboard of the Spy app.

Restricting the physical movement to limited premises

The geo-fencing feature of FlexiSPY enables the end-user to devise a mechanism for the physical movement of the target user. The end-user can allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit.

After this, every time the child or employee moves into restricted premises, the end-user gets a notification through email.

Website blocking and filtering

The feature is of vital significance when it comes to the protection of the kids and businesses. The parent or employer can block a number of websites that are considered as unsuitable for the target user.

In this way, the kid or employee will not be able to access the blocked URLs. Using the feature, the parents can restrict the kids from indulging in inappropriate activities, while the employer can cope with issues related to cyber threats.

Password chaser identifies password

The keylogger of FlexiSPY identifies the password of all the installed apps on the target phone or computer. This earns a fair insight into all the happenings on the target device.

The feature functions by identifying keystrokes while the password field of the specific app remains active.

Internal storage tracking

This allows tracking and monitoring the entire internal storage of the target computer or mobile device. This involves monitoring contacts, calendars, appointments, images, and videos saved on the device.

The app can also Spy on browsing history, bookmarks, and other browser functions to extensively know the pattern of activities of the target user.

It runs in stealth and hidden mode

The app functions in stealth and hidden mode. All the Spying is done without any hint to the target user. The kid or employee does not get any hint of the activity.

Thus, it is very much convenient for the parent and employer to incorporate such kind of service that can have a real-time understanding of the target user’s activity.

Blocking certain contacts of the phonebook

The end-user can block a number of contacts that do not adhere to the standards of communication. The parent can block the contacts that try to harass or press the child while the employer blocks the irrelevant or unconcerned people to contact the employees.

Extensive Social Media Monitoring

This is one of the most promising features of FlexiSPY. All the group and one-on-one chats can be viewed and tracked. The images and videos shared over the network can be monitored.

The voice notes can be listened to in real-time without any hassle. All the VoIP and video calls of the social networks can be listened to in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved for later reference.

The apps include Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, Hike, Skype, Snapchat, Kik, and others.

Environment recording

The is one of the most striking features of the Spy app. The app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device to know what is actually happening around the target user.

In this way, if there is any sort of suspicious or inappropriate activity, the end-user can take the necessary actions to take up the matter accordingly.

Capture screenshots remotely

The end-user can click screenshots of the target user’s phone screen at any point of time. The end-user only needs to define the apps and time interval, after which screenshots are needed to be captured.

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How to install FlexiSpy App Remotely?

First of all, you need to visit the official website to know about the pricing plans and bundles available with respect to functionality.

After this, you will need to purchase the bundle of your voice. Post purchasing the license, the login credentials get sent to the registered email.

Now you need to login to the online dashboard of the Spy app to understand the installation guide.

After this, the end-user needs to access the target device physically. Just follow the installation guide, and you are all set to Spy on the real-time whereabouts of the target user without any hassle.

FlexiSpy Review Pricing and Bundles

The functionality differs with respect to the bundles and purchasing plan. The details are as follows.


  • 1 month      $29.95


  • 1 month      $68
  • 3 months     $99
  • 12 months   $149


  • 3 months     $199
  • 12 months   $349
Flesispy price plans

Customer Support

The customer support of FlexiSPY is outstanding. The support is available to all the customers 24/7. All the customers can contact the support center at any point of time if they face any difficulty.

The support staff amicably attends to all the problems and issues faced by the customers in real-time. The average response time of the chat support is less than a minute.  

Most of the time, the new customers face problems during installation and functionality of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How Many Devices can I install FlexiSPY on?

A. The end-user needs to purchase a separate subscription for all the devices he/she wants to monitor.

Q: Is this Spy App Legal?

A. Yes, the app is legally authorized to provide the service it claims to offer.

Q: Can I Upgrade to a Better Package without having to reinstall the App?

A. Yes, the user of the app can upgrade to other packages at any point of time as needed.

Q: How long will data be stored in FlexiSPY servers?

A. There is another promising feature of the Spy app. The app stores all the communication of the target device to the online servers for 90 days. Thus, the end-user does not need to purchase separate storage for storing the monitored data. After 90 days, the data gets removed from the online servers.

Q: Will my Target Know or be aware When I will be Spying on them?

A. No, the target user won’t be able to know about the whole Spying activity because if the target gets to know about all the Spying activity, he/she may manipulate the pattern of communication. In some cases, this can trigger inappropriate behaviour by the target users.

Q. Is it legal to Install the App on someone’s Phone?

A. Yes, the app can lawfully be installed on the devices of kids and employees and for executing lawful purposes of Spying.

Q. Is FlexiSPY a trustworthy App?

A. For sure it is, the app efficiently and effectively provides the service it claims to offer.

Q. Does FlexiSPY work in all Countries?

A. The app works in all countries around the globe without posing any hassle to the end-user.

Q. Does FlexiSPY need jailbreak for iPhone?

A. Yes, for Spying on iPhones, the jailbreak of the device is needed.

Q. Does FlexiSPY work on rooted & non-rooted Android devices?

A. Yes, the Spy app can be installed on rooted android devices and also users can install without root android phones.

Q. Does FlexiSPY work on iPad and PCs?

A. Yes, the app can be installed on laptops and computers. It can also be installed on iPads. The Spy app supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

Q. Is it mandatory to physically access the target device?

A. Yes, the target device is needed to be physically accessed for installing the Spy app.


FlexiSPY is one of the most powerful Spying and monitoring solutions that available to parents and employers in the online marketplace. It can be installed on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPads. The features, pricing, and other dynamics of the Spy app are comprehensively discussed.