Best Spy App for Android without Access To Target Phone

Did you hear about an undetectable best spy app for android without access to target phone? We will explain these apps that monitor your children, employees & loved ones’ online & offline activities secretly. If you want to keep an eye on your loved ones, get the best app & install it on the target device and start tracking. Users need one-time access to the target phone; then, you view data from the online dashboard.

As a parent or employer, you can still monitor your kids or fellow staff because you may have not permission to do so. For that purpose, keep watching their activities, you can easily install an android monitoring software on their target device without knowing them. We list down the top best spy apps for android phones.

Security plays a vital role in the human world. Starting from house to cyber network, protection is required not just for oneself but for its loved ones and family.

So choose the best spy app for android without access to target phone as per your preference and be free from distress. Keep watching what your concerned persons are doing on their phones 24/7.

Best Spying Apps For Android Without Access To Target Devices

Are you looking forward to doing surveillance on a cell phone device? So, bear with us to get the best tracking apps for android devices in the 21st century that you can use it for parenting, employee monitoring, and to keep an eye on the target device without any question. There are several best android spy apps available to security and surveillance.

Which can go hand in hand for our people’s assurance and safety. It is the new modern production that keeps our anxiety worries bid goodbye. You can read complete reviews of phone spy apps for android with features, prices, comparison and installation guides.

mSpy Android Tracking App

mSpy is world popular and appreciated Parental monitoring app. As per records, they are providing services million users over the world successfully. Safe their loved ones is the core motive behind the service . It is easy to install and setup; that is why parents love to use it. With social media app chat recording, user can have an eye over their phone at all times. mSpy comes with a Geo-fencing feature that notifies the parents whenever their child enters the areas prohibited by them. Users can see all text messages & phone gallery data like images or videos.

Top mSpy Features:

All incoming and outgoing call logs are tracked.
Read incoming and outgoing text messages are recorded.
Sync web browsing history.

Capture secretly screenshots of the target phone.
See phone contacts.
Keep track of the location of the target person.
Social media chat like Whatsapp tracker, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, WeChat and other Instant messenger apps.
Photos and other multimedia synced automatically.
Geo-fencing safeguarding.

mSpy packages Plans

mSpy has two plans basic & premium the price for basic is just $29.99 per month. Moreover, the premium plan costs $69.99 per month, with extra features. If you want to save more money, you can go for the 3 months or 12 months subscription. mSpy offering 30% to 40% discount click on mSpy Discount Price

FlexiSpy Best Android Spy App

Spy app for android

Flexispy is one of the industry leaders in the niche of spyware. They developed ultra-advanced solutions for parental and employee monitoring services. It comes with a myriad of options to choose from it. FlexiSpy provides With call recording and text message tracker, parents can keep an eye on every conversation their child might have.


The tracker app allows spying on someone’s phone the user to monitor the call logs and listens to the phone call also record.
Track all sent and received text messages. Keep an eye on social media apps Telegram tracker, Line, Skype, Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat, and others.

FlexiSpy VoIP call recording feature allow to user record Whatsapp calls, Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber and many more.
Monitor every installed application.
Track GPS location of hosts and view history.
Get info about the surrounding.
The Geo-fencing facility is available.
Internet usage restriction and web history tracking.

FlexiSPY has three types of plans. The LITE price you $29.95 per month, the PREMIUM price you $68 per month, and the EXTREME costs you $199 for 3 months. If you pay for 3 months or 12 months in one go while choosing the PREMIUM, you can save money.

Best Spy App for Android without Access to Target Phone Installation Guide


Best Spy App for Android without Access To Target Phone

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced and full-fledged solutions to monitor the target device. TheOneSpy, USA based developed, develops it. TheOneSpy supports a myriad of features, including call logs, call recordings, spy VoIP call, text messages, track social media apps chats, and screen recording. It has catered to thousands of users around the world. With the 24×7 active support team, users can get their issues resolved in no time.

The best thing about TheOneSpy is its advanced encryption techniques used in the spying solutions. TheOneSpy online dashboard, with its easy-to-understand and beautiful UI, provides easy access to tracked data of the host. For parents, it gives them a full-fledge solution to save their children from malicious websites. Let users know more about the app read TheOneSpy Review.

Features of TheOneSpy Monitoring App:

Both incoming and outgoing call recording with crystal clear voice.

Both incoming and outgoing calls recoding & read text messages.

Keylogger allows the to user track any keystroke which type of child or employee on the target device.

WhatsApp chats are sync with every minute detail like call logs, chats, status, photos, voice messages, listen and recording Whatsapp calls.

Spy on Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook chats and view posts, sharing media files, etc.

Newly added contacts are sync automatically.

Record surrounding noise & voice.

TheOneSpy allows Screen recording is the best feature

Keep precise track of the GPS locations and view target phone location history and users can mark restrict areas.

Auto-sync photos and other multimedia files.

Internet browsing history tracking and the user can filter websites. Parents can block wanted or adult websites.

TheOneSpy offers three different packages to users who can choose the one according to your needs. Now running 75% discount on TheOneSpy New Users. The monthly Xlite plan price is about $25 per month, the premium will cost you $40, you can save a lot amount of money if you buy 3 months plan cost $90 and a year plan cost $120.

Guide TheOneSpy Android App Installation

Hoverwatch Spy App for Android

Hoverwatch is an excellent app for android as invisible spyware. Host devices cannot detect it at all. Hoverwatch gives a free trial to new users. It gives screenshots of host devices regularly that allows us to track the host’s activity in real-time in a sense. One of the fantastic features is that it will capture the surrounding photos without even getting detected.


 Invisible android spy app.
 Full tracking of calls and messages.
 The app allows spy on someone android phone activities on social media like spy on Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp chats.
 Geo-location tracking is available.
 It can take pictures from the front face camera without letting the host know.
 Track 5 devices at most.
 Internet browsing history tracking.

Hoverwatch price

Hoverwatch has multi plans for you. Professional for $45.95/month with monitoring of 5 devices, Personal for $24.95/month with of 1 device, and Business plan for $149.95/month with tracking of 25 devices. Contact us for get license for 3 or 12 months & further information


kidsGuard is popular when it comes to android spyware. It has previously delighted many users over the world with its monitoring products. One of them is the android spy app, which we are talking about. It provides a secure way of tracking the activities of your children and employees, if you have any, on their devices.

ClevGuard has gained popularity as android spyware to monitor the activities of children and fellow employees. It is one of the best products to safeguard your beloved kids from malicious websites like adultery or hacking. With its customer-centric support system, you can easily get your issues resolved quickly.

Features of ClevGuard spy app:

 Parents can receive on-demand screenshots of the host device.
 GPS Location tracking and mark restricted areas.
 Real-time tracking system available.

Monitor Text messages sent and received.
Call recording feature available for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Users can also monitor call logs and duration.

 Syncing of the saved contacts.
 Website blocking feature available.
 Record surrounding noise.
 The KidsGuard pro Geo-fencing feature allows you to safeguard your kids from entering dangerous areas.
 Social media apps monitored such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other instant messengers.


Spyera is best spy app for android, iPhone, MAC, Computer and Tablets . As the name suggests, it is invisible and undetectable android spyware for the purpose of parental control and employees activity tracker. Like other spying app for android, it also gives a call tracking and message tracking facility. However, it separates itself from the crowd with the feature of live call recording and surrounding recording in case you want to know the location of the host.

Spyera App Some Top Features:

Tracks & Record calls and messages
Record every keystroke
VoIP call recording
Media files synchronization
Social media apps tracker
Web browsing history
Location tracker
Android Keylogger
Undetectable & stealth mode
Remote update and uninstall

Spyera has two different pricing plans. The premium price you $59.00 per month and the premium plus costs $189.00 for 3 months.

How to Install Spyera App On Android


OgyMogy, as they claim, is the industry’s leading spyware currently available. Its advanced android spy solutions, 24×7 customer support, and affordable pricing plans can impress any user. It is a full-fledged solution for keeping track of your children and Employees.

OgyMogy spy app allows users to keep track of calls logs, record live Phone calls messages, chats, keylogggs, and video calls in real-time. This app allows live screen recording, track social media & dating apps. User can view live GPS location and location history and many other features.


 Full auto-sync of contacts and call logs.
 Text messages and call recordings remotely.
 GPS location tracked remotely.
 Multimedia files and photos shared in real-time.
 WiFi tracking.
 Keystroke tracker.

How to Install best Spy App for Android without access to Target Phone

OgyMogy has three different packages for their customers with all features. The One monthly Plan $32, the Six month plan for $90/6 month, and the yearly plan price for One year $120, You want to save money chose a yearly plan.

Google Family Link

Google Family Links: Google is the most significant browser of the word used by the majority of people. It has stretched its form in online drives, search engines, keeping videos, images, documents.
Now it has also made its app with promising developed features.
It’s more parent-friendly and helps to check on their kids in as possible ways.

• It can show the particular person or one kid’s location anywhere, anytime.
• It can keep a tab on children’s data usage and what they are watching on a phone or other computers.
• It can lock the device to prevent children from the addiction to the internet and games, and allow them to spend time with family and self in other offline activities.
• Last but not least it makes the children watch good content on the internet rather than bad ones.


Spyic is one of the latest spy app for android without access to target phone has excellent features for everybody. It is based entirely on software commands, no more remote hassles.


• There is a watch list alert whereby typing a specific word, contacts, locations, or emails can directly lead you to the persons you want to track. It saves a lot of time and effort to find many names from the contact list.
• Tracking is 100% accurate and spontaneous without any fail.
• When displayed, the features are self-explanatory, which helps us access without much thinking or analysis.
• The app can even access social media apps and control over data usage. It also works for kids’ smartphones for tracking and their mobile data usage and contents.


• Expensive monthly package.
• The live chat is not 24×7.
• It’s too secure and has access permissions for everything on the phone.

Spyic has three packages such basic, premium & family which are price for basic just $39.99 per month. Moreover, the premium plan price $49.99 per month, with extra features. Family package price for 3 devices $69.99.If you desire to save more money, you can go for the 3 months or 12 months subscription.


As being a strict and anxious parent who is busy and doesn’t want to invade the privacy of children without making them uncomfortable, SpyHum app is best for such users.
It provides a lot of features to keep eyes on their children without letting them know.

• You can get a free sign up with any valid email.
• It takes a few minutes to set up on Android
• You can have a thorough check on the contact list of your kid, view location, and Mark, which contacts are troublesome.
• You can check one’s browser history and data used to which date and time.
• Users can read the texts of individual or group chats from social media through a spy app and browse through all the media files exchanged in it.


What Is the Best Phone Spy App for Android?

The best android spy app which has advanced spying features such as spycall, text messages spying, location tracker, internet browser history tracker, screen recording, record VoIP calls and social media networks tracking, many others. Compared to multi spy apps on the market, mSpy, Flexispy, TheOneSpy gives you the best quality that you expect.

How do Android Spy Apps work?

Spy apps really work. It’s easiest way to spy on someone’s phone without knowing them. What makes these features incredible is the way installs app and simple to use. You not require training and experience to use them. Go to web dashboard just follow installation steps.

Are there Free Spy Apps for Android?

Hidden & Undetectable android spy apps available in the market that allows only free sign up. Many spy apps for android have live demo for users that help for spy to target devices. Some brand allows refund policy up to 14-day & 30-day money back guarantee.

If you want use spy app on android phones and enjoy all features, then you need get paid packages. Any free app provider saying to you absolutely spying app but, mostly scams and get your secret data.

Check Features Before Purchasing Phone spy app for android

Before buying the best spy app, view particular app features that you needs to have. If some nothing, don’t waste time or spent money. Checks are the some advance features.

1. Call & SMS logs history and with call interception feature, record calls & see text messages

2. Compatibility with latest versions of Android

3. View email, Gmail and monitor social media through web portal

4. Track Live mobile GPS location with Tracker app, geofencing capability and monitor location history

5. Get offline backup data when the target device isn’t connected to internet, Wifi

6. The app works stealth mode it’s installed on the target device   

7.Check internet Browser history with monitoring software to block adult websites

8. Live screen recording of target device remotely

9. Monitor front & back camera of target device with camera bug

10. Android keylogger & get password to android phone with password cracker


So, we have compiled the top 10 best spying apps for android phones in 2023. These are the top world spy apps that record phone calls you can use legally having the consent of the target device. Well, we might give some legitimate reasons use of the android spy app. However, having the host’s consent, it will be seen as a legal thing in the eye of the court of law.

Intrusive surveillance might get you behind bars or cause you to lose a large sum of money as a fine, but when you have the consent of the target person, you can use it. It is for struggling parents, employers, and loved ones who are trying to protect kids online, want to prevent unauthorized activities of employees and to prevent cheating from loved ones. In the modern world full of cyber hacking, bullying, frauds, mobile phishing, etc. We need to be skilled with such apps to protect ourselves and our families.