7 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp spy app could be seen as the equivalent of parental control, which allows the remote monitoring of the activities of children. Social media has gained wide popularity in recent years due to technological advancements. WhatsApp has risen as one of the most popular social media platforms among people, especially youth. 

It has almost replaced SMS and calls, thereby spreading like wildfire. Like any other platform, it could be put to good or bad use. To avoid getting involved in despicable activities messenger, it is best to keep an eye on the phone user’s spy Whatsapp software help serve this purpose. 

Several things need to be kept in mind while going for a Whatsapp spy app. The primary concern would be the operating system (OS). When we take into consideration an Android phone, most Tracker apps are compatible with it, unlike an iPhone which supports only a few or none of the spy on Whatsapp. Most Softwares are free of cost, but many require you to have a license to create an account and make use of it. 

How Works Whatsapp Spy App

Whatsapp tracking also works differently for each Software. Some apps allow you to track multiple devices with a single license, while others help follow only one method. These days, monitoring apps are widely used for tracking social media usage since a vast populace remains active members of several social network platforms. For Whatsapp monitoring should be target devices root or jailbreak for android phones need root and iPhone requires a jailbreak. First users need to buy a license for Whatsapp, companies have many packages to user needs.

The buyer can select a subscription package regarding the need, then fill an order form after payment receives an email with credentials and further installation details. Follow the guideline and complete the installation process. Now users can monitor Whatsapp text chat, media, voice chat, calls logs and instant messenger calls recording ( calls recording feature allows messenger apps record calls), etc.

Top Best Apps Spy for Whatsapp

Among the various spy on Whatsapp available in the market, we will take into consideration the seven best one’s spy for WhatsApp.


TheOneSpy could be seen as a popular and one of the leading apps in the market. It claims to have more than 72 features, provide value for money and data security to the users. It has been recommended mainly by MNCs and other companies. This app can track the presence of almost all social media platforms, including the comments and photos uploaded. 

WhatsApp features track messages and calls logs can be monitored with ease. An impressive feature of this app is that it can intercept live calls from the target device. Keylogger, SMS Keyword Deletion, etc. are other cool features included in this app. Then we have mSpy. It is similar to that of TheOneSpy. 

It has a keyword alert feature which helps to red flag specific keywords. This helps to see the call history (calls made and received), messages (sent, accepted, and deleted) of the target device. If you want to know more about this app click on TheOneSpy review.


FlexiSpy is another tracker app. One of the critical features of this is it gives access to call history and message history. When it comes to tracking social media usage, it shows the exact duration spent by the user on a particular social network platform. In short, spy on WhatsApp calls and messages can be tracked with a minimum amount of effort. 

It also keeps track of all the keystrokes made by the user(s), which is an added advantage. Search history can also be monitored, and specific sites can be red-flagged as per your wish. SpyFone is another trending app in the market. It tracks the messages and calls in the target device like many of the other tracker apps. Email tracking is another feature of this app. 

It also helps the person to view the YouTube video(s) accessed by the target using his/her mail address. Browser history and bookmarks can also be tracked. Tracking location history is another important feature offered.


Spyera is a competitor for FlexiSpy. People usually have a hard time choosing between the two. It tracks social media usage, texts, calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed) and even records and blocks calls. It also follows the websites visited on the target phone. This app provides the best Whatsapp spy tools.

It cannot track emails and does not have the keylogger feature, which is, at times a letdown. Sometimes the users are so keen to trace the emails sent and received in the target device. This one is not for those users. Apart from this, this is an excellent app for Android. Xnspy is another cool app. 

It is compatible with Android OS 4 – 9, which is assuring. It is quite similar to other tracking apps. It does call and message tracking, email tracking, web tracking, etc., which are the essential features required for any app. One disadvantage of this app is that it cannot intercept live calls. 


MobiStealth is another cool app that is compatible with all Android phones (any OS). It provides the basic features of an app at an affordable price. It is an intermediate level WhatsApp tracker app that tracks messages, calls, media, etc. The numbers, duration of the calls, etc. are also revealed. MobiStealth can also not intercept live calls. 

This is a letdown, but it provides most of the basic features like social media usage tracking at a reasonable amount of money. This app is for users who do not wish to install fancy apps that provide additional features in premium versions alone.


This is the most recommended application that monitors kids and keeps an eye on your loved ones. This Whatsapp spy app feature allows you to monitor call log, text, media files. The app tracks 30+ files, including SMS calls, social messenger apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. There is no data loss expected using this application. Easy to begin with. 

It is compatible with all the latest versions of Android. It supports multiple languages, and the price is comparatively less. This also helps in tracking the location, and Wifi provides the most accurate sites. Account activities and application notifications can also be tracked. It has frequent updates coming up. 

So this can be kept in the number 1 position as it is secured and licensed. It has compatibility with all the rooted and non-rooted devices. It can be even accessed through windows with 100% security.


This application is mostly used by the parents to keep a check on their children. It is one of the leading applications too. Using this application, we can come across the photos and documents shared on that particular account. 

This application has an important feature that helps the parents keep track of their children through GPS location on their phone. One of the advantages is that the messages being read by the spying person cannot be detected. The disadvantage is that though it has compatibility with Android phones, we need to download it through other media. 

It is one of the most recommended applications in use. This also helps to track received and sent messages calls log, and media on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp tool, and other instant messengers apps. This application can even monitor tinder hangout etc. We can use the same on our PC’s by using Google Chrome or any other platform.


This application is the most powerful and craziest application that can be used for spying Whatsapp and many other features. This has compatibility on android devices and has a maximum number of monitoring functions available compared to others. It can help you block the incoming calls unknowing to the person you are spying on. 

But this application is a bit expensive compared to others. This also provides a feature of tracking a person through GPS location on the phone. To get this application, you need to login through the Play store, and this app needs to be used carefully.


The seven Tracker apps discussed above could be seen as the best for spying WhatsApp dares, messages, and calls. Also, most of them are compatible with many Android (any iOS) phones. The users can even check out apps like Spyic, Cocospy, etc. as alternatives since the market provides a wide variety of monitoring apps with several cool features. 

Above all, you need to check whether it is legal in your country to make use of a monitoring app to track someone else’s activities. If it shows the green signal, then you are good to go.