Top 5 Best Instagram Spy Apps for Android Phones 2021

Why there is a need for Instagram spy app? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that close to hearts of the teens more specifically. They communicate around in their network through the networking app, but the idea is to protect them from all kinds of threats.

Just like everything else, the hangout places are getting digital too. From youth to adults, everyone is available on social media. There are several social media platforms floating on the web. However, Instagram is the current cup of tea for the people. The idea of Instagram was to share memories and moments with your friends and have fun.

People spend hours surfing on it, which sometimes takes a dangerous turn. Even after being a fun-filled platform, Instagram is proven difficult and dangerous for people especially teenagers. It is a fact that teenagers are generally very impressionable and sometimes can’t differentiate between real and fake.

Just like any social media, Instagram is vulnerable to evil minds too. People create fake accounts by sometimes changing gender or location. The idea behind these fake accounts can be as simple as teasing someone but can be as malicious as conning one too. There are several accounts blocked by the company which was reported fake. The people on these accounts were conning people, bullying the crowd, and even misused the details of other people.

About Instagram:

Instagram is a social media platform, specifically to share photos and videos. It is owned by Facebook. Initially, the app was launched for iOS systems in 2010 but later on, made available for android in 2012. Unlike most of the apps, Instagram has limited access on the desktop. Meaning one cannot use its features on a desktop. In order to post, or share anything one has to go through the mobile application.

As per a report in 2019, “Instagram became the 4th most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s.” There are more than billions of active user’s accounts on the platform. Some of the reports even say that on average people spend 2-3 hours a day on Instagram.

Why we need Instagram Spying Apps?

Even though, spying relatively falls under the grey area. Sometimes it is the one act that can save a lot of problems. People like parents, authorities, etc. have the heart at the right place when they spy on Instagram messages and accounts. Parents do out of the care of their children, whereas authorities do to find the culprits or the wrongdoers. IT Security service providers often suggest the use of these apps for the right purposes.

Here are some reasons explaining why we need these spy apps for Instagram:

•          Just like eve-teasing, social media bullying is real too. It is the virtual form of eve-teasing, but unlike it, here we can’t identify the true culprit easily. Here bullying is not just teasing rather becoming the victim of predators or blackmailers.

•          If not controlled, it can also become an addiction. Drugs are not the only addiction we have to worry about. You will be surprised to know that as of 2021 as many as 210 million people are affected by the internet and social media addiction, across the globe. Even some reports say that almost 1 billion people are active on Instagram in any given month.

•          Cybercrime is one reason too. You can never know when you become the target and victim of a cybercrime. Instagram Spying apps can prevent this.

•          There are people of every age on Instagram- posting content among their connections. However, sometimes some content is not appropriate for everyone, and stumbling upon this content can leave a negative impression on young minds.

Looking closely you can find many other reasons to spy on your loved ones’ Instagram.

Generic Features of Instagram Spy Apps

Here are some features which are common in most of these spy apps available in the market:

•          Timeline: There is a timeline for every activity like when the message is sent and received or when a post is posted. One can check the times through these spy Instagram apps easily.

•          Message conversations & Media: Yes you can easily check the chats, direct messages, videos, links and images shared privately on messenger. Each detail is open for you to check whether anything wrong is going on.

•          Page Details: Details like taglines, user name, followers, profile picture, etc. can also be viewed. Even if the account setting is private or is in hidden mode.

•          Activities: From likes and comments to posts, stories, etc. one can check everything with the help of these instagram spy apps. No matter if the content is hidden or not. It is definitely not hidden for you.

As discussed earlier, Instagram spying apps help parents and authorities to keep a track of concerned people’s Instagram activities and preventing bad incidents. Most of these apps are designed in a way that everyone can’t use them to spy on each other. IT security service professionals also said that these apps are hidden from everyone’s eyes. So that right people can track secretly without being found out.

These apps are generally available in invisible mode. There are several types of Instagram spy apps available in the market. Here is the list of the most effective and efficient top 5 apps.


TheOneSpy is counted among the best parental control and spying software available in the market. It offers advanced trackinging features along with a web portal to parents, in order to take care of their kid’s world. All the information regarding the target phone can be gathered remotely while being hidden. The app works with all kinds of service providers. However, it needs an internet connection for transferring data to the web portal.


•          Real-time android, iPhone Windows and Mac- OS systems monitoring

•          Offers live 360degree streaming of details

•          Covers all social media monitoring and tracking

•          Screen recording – live in real-time

•          Remote monitoring of target device

•          Also controls the incoming calls and blocking contacts feature

•          Supports – Computers, Android (version 4.0 – 10), iPhone


Hoverwatch is the spy app which offers basic as well as advanced spying features to the users depending upon their requirement. From mobile tracking to video monitoring, it offers all. It even offers to track multiple devices at the same time. In its spy on Instagram feature, it covers all social media platforms tracking plus calendar as well as internet activities too.


•          Invisible to the best IT people too, while working in the background

•          Can track GPS location of the targeted device

•          Basic calls and messages monitoring

•          All social media activities are tracked and monitored

•          Keep a tab on the front camera while locking and unlocking the phone

•          Detects Sim card changing

•          Tracks phone’s internet, calendar, and contacts history

•          Supports – iPhone, Android phones, computers


Before moving into the social media monitoring feature like Instagram spy, FlexiSpy was already ruling the spy world for android, iPhone computers, tablets, etc. From a single click to the entire system is available for monitoring with this app. It offers very advanced tracking software for both mobile phones and computers. Users can read for complete guide Flexispy Review.


•          Available for parents, employers, etc.

•          Easy to use remote installation

•          Can deactivate or uninstall any time remotely

•          Always run in the background while being hidden

•          Can help in intercepting calls or any software download

•          Share complete details of all activities from every social media platform on the targeted phone

•          Automatic updates system

•          Safe password access

•          Supports- Computers, Android devices, iPhone and iPads


mSpy app is getting a lot of attention from the parents. It is one of the most favored spy apps available in the market. Normally the app tracks all the activities of the phone. It easily works with the latest versions of both android and iOS systems. Through the app, you can remotely track all the activities of the target phone. Spy for Instagram, you just need to click on the name and every last detail will be available.


•          GPS location of the phone

•          Always working in the background of the phone

•          Heavily encrypted by the IT security service providers to protect data

•          Turnover time of 5 minutes- all activity updates

•          Language is not a barrier, the multilingual feature is available

•          Deleted and hidden data is available too

•          Supports – i-phone, iPad, and Android devices


Spyera is initially launched as a software product development company. The team openly said they created the spy software for fun and because they could. They are devoted to developing the best product for every field, for them there is no middle ground. So when it came to monitoring software they included every feature anyone wishes in a good hi-tech spying system.


•          Remote Monitoring of all devices

•          Easy to use Web panel

•          Live calls – recording and listening, including Facebook call, hangout call, WhatsApp call, etc

•          Listening and recording targeted phone’s surroundings

•          Can take screenshots remotely

•          Detailed view – Messages, Call logs, etc. from all platforms

•          Supports – Windows, Mac-OS, iPhone, iPads, Android phones, and tablets.