TheOneSpy Review: Spy App For Parents, Employers, and Spouses

TheOneSpy design an app for Parents who are very insecure about teen’s activities on digital media, Employers seem messy when their employees don’t work properly and spouses feel helpless when partners pay their attention to their smartphone devices when connected to the internet world. So, what they need to do to put their all worries to rest. You can read TheOneSpy review for rest about all worries.

Let’s just think for a while when you are using technology in the shape of smartphone devices, tech gadgets, and software the only thing which pulls us towards them is the features. The human mind used to of getting complete satisfaction, until and unless anything you are using regarding modern technology you cannot come to judgment before exploring its features.

Therefore, features are the backbone of any kind of technological product. When we talk about cell phone spy app its features are very important more than anything else. The features should be qualitative and quantitative of the mobile phone spy app such as TheOneSpy smartphone monitoring software.

TheOneSpy surveillance app is the world’s most advanced and popular monitoring app in the current tech world. It has more than 250 features; it means this particular tracking app has quantity, on the other hand, it’s powerful and state of the art features shows that its quality is the biggest factor behind its popularity among the users.


TheOneSpy app is compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and other popular phone brands that running Android OS 5 to 10 and above. You can also use on computer devices running Windows 7, 8, and 10. For Mac is compatible with MacBook and Mac Mini running Mac OS 10.5 to 10.12.

TheOneSpy Review: Monitoring App features

Let’s take a look at TheOneSpy features which are the following:

Spy on Calls:

Spy on Calls

It allows users to record live calls, let’s suppose that being a father you want to listen to all the calls your teens used to of making at night, being an employer you want to listen to your employee’s conversation on company’s owned device and you want to listen to your spouse suspicious calls. Then you can record live calls of your target, even you can view call history along with a timestamp, and then you can save all the recorded calls over the internet for a reminder.

Spy on Messages:

Spy on Messages

The user can easily spy on messages through a cell phone monitoring app, it allows parents to make a check on kids devices when they text messages, employers can do Message monitoring and spouse can view all suspicious MMS on partners mobile phone gadgets through spy on messages of a TheOneSpy mobile tracker app.

Bug Their Phone:

The user can create Bug and then send the command to the target device, it empowers users to record surrounding sounds and make short videos and take pictures and even record surroundings sounds. Through TheOnespy video cam, a user can make short videos of the surrounding of the target device through its back and front camera from 15 seconds to 1 minute. MIC bug enables users to record surrounding sounds with the help of the target cell phone MIC from 1 minute to 120 minutes. Cam bug allows you to take pictures of the surroundings through the back and front camera of your target device and get to know the location of the target gadget through TheOneSpy a phone tracking app.


keylogger for andoird mac windows

You can view all the keystrokes applied by the target user, it enables you to view password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and as well as email or Gmail keystrokes with the help of the keylogger of TheOneSpy phone surveillance software. Parents, employers, and spouses can get help through keyloggers at any time.

Live Screen Recording:

Best screen recording app for android mac window

Users can be recorded screen live activates with the help of a live screen recording feature. TheOneSpy users can send the command to the targeted device to start capturing the computer and phone screen to record the digital activities of the targeted person.

View Phone Activities:

Through this particular tool, you can easily get access to the phone book of your target device, it enables you to view calendar events and even you can easily manage to view the task logs of your kids/teens, employees and as well as your spouses.

View Multimedia Files:

All the activities the target users do regarding all the shared things such as photos, videos, and you can hear voice recording as well. If you are busy being a father/mother, employee, spouse and you don’t have time to view all the activities of your kids/teens, employees, and partners. It allows you to get screenshots of every individual activity they perform on their devices.

Browsing History:

Spy Internet browsing history

Being parents you have some suspicions about your kid’s and teen’s activities when connected to the world of the internet. You can view all the browsing history on major browsers such as Firefox, chrome, and safari. It allows you to view all visited websites, bookmarked websites and spouses can view appointments through browsing history of the TheOneSpy tracking app.

IM’s Social Media:

Mostly young kids and teens use multiple instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Whatsapp, and others alike and got some serious issues such as cyberbullying, stalkers, and hunted by molesters online. Employees waste their time on social messaging apps within the working hours through company-owned gadgets and the spouse does cyber infidelity through instant messengers. Users can track all the IM’s logs such as IM’s chats, messages, media sharing, and voice messages.

Track GPS Location:

Track GPS Location

Employers who are always worried about the supply of their goods to clients due to lazy employees, parents who are insecure about kids/teen activities all day long, and spouses who want to keep an eye on their partners. Now they can track the location of kids, teens, and spouses through GPS location tracker of TheOneSpy best phone tracker app. It enables users to track current GPS location, location history, weekly location history and they can mark safe and restricted areas as well.

Remotely Phone Controller:

Parents can keep an eye on their kids, employers can make the check on their employees, and spouses can intervene when their partners seem busy on their smartphone devices. Parents can remotely control teens’ activities, they can set monitoring preferences, block texting while driving, block the internet while driving. Employees can remotely view all installed apps, remotely control SMS command, device lock unlocks remotely. Spouses can block the internet from the target device and even can block the internet with the help of the TheOneSpy spy app.


TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app allows the user such as parents, employers, and spouses to keep an eye on kids/teens, employees, and partners’ activities whenever they want to have the TheOneSpy surveillance app.