Top 8 influence marketing software

Influence marketing software are much in demand, these software actually provides a platform for influencers and brands to meet their promoting and campaigning requirement feasibly.

Influence marketing software allows brands to sign up for a profile and set their targeted filters according to their requirement and there,  they become available for matching and liked influencers who are already profiled on the platform.

Influence marketing software are well designed  to provide users a complete loaded tool kit which ensures you to perform all subsidiary duties ranging from a to do checklists to influencers alignment, some of the influence marketing software allows you to have a chic analytics for influencer’s engagement’s level, activities and campaigns completed and crowd response.

These softwares are well competent  to weed out the poor performing influencers, and ensures you to only have reliable set of influencers to choose from.

Among dozens of marketing strategies influence marketing is still at the top, as innumerable businesses and brands are continuously opting it for their brand and product influence just because of it’s promising growth and increment ratio, several experts around the globe have shared their views and said they noticed brands with more successful  outcomes and crowd reaching after using influencer platforms verses those who hadn’t, actually these software are well designed only to drop time investments these software plate you every small thing and allows you to choose from them and let the system works for you, now those who doesn’t involved with these platforms, they usually tend to invest their crucial business time in fetching their desirable influencer and if they got the one , they get involved in convincing them for their business campaigns or guest promotions on their profile, this is totally a lethargic and drastic process to fetch and reach an influence marketer, instead it’s better to switch to influencer marketing software to get your work done with ease and at  much less time.

Here am listing some of the best rated influence marketing software’s


Tapinfluence was founded around 2009, it provides you a complete content creator, influencer search engine, influencers and brands both can use this platform to sign up for free and match with followed brand or influencer, this platform helps brands to discover over 50,000 + influencers, plus it includes features like rating audience engagement and graph influencer performance data, with easy automation on influence program building and can track multiple channels on social platform. Brands using this software are Panasonic, Fossil, Express etc.


AspireIQ is a leading content generation tool,it  can leverage gobs of data points to provide real time feedback and sets system’s guidelines and remainder, this platform brings together 500,000+ influencer database with a powerful search with keywords and filtering option like location, age , demographics hashtags etc.


Afluencer is a great fit for any range of business, it’s top notch features includes campaign creations and goals establishments with business requirement outline and looks out payment related programs, it also serves you it’s analytical program with easy tracking and report generation on engagements, views, clicks conversions and ROI.


It’s an all in one integrated platform, that allows you to manage campaigns, record audience response and perform identification process to payout.

It’s the most used software program in the marketing industry, it helps brands to create,publish, record, plan and amplify content measure efforts and variation of content, it provides a 10000+ influencers database and helps you to identify and locate them, you can even customize your search with keywords, social platform, followers count and location as well, it also provides you live updates and offers you designed templates and bunch emailing to contact and collaborate with influencers, it also provide payment gateways and manages campaigns and coordinate success tracking with report generation tools and many more, top brands working with Upfluencer are Paypal, Ralph Lauren, Ricola etc.


Izea directs you on content creation and collaboration formation it helps brands to have only requisite and fine content to share without much sluggish involvements, it allows you to distribute content over several social media platforms plus offers you a separate and flexible accounting section to bind, manage and negotiate charges within software itself and directs you towards a secure payment gateway.

Social Circle

Social Circle provides you an easy and cost effective way to reach social influencers, this software allows you to dive deep to fetch most relevant macro and micro influencer with a large database of 10000+ influencer, it gives you a very calculative approach of business prodigy to deliver most campaigns and engagements within budget.


Takumi also provides all the necessary plus high range tasks, it offers you some high end and quality influence marketers with in house experts that could help you to create a complete branding strategy and market dealing outline. It also provides you live campaigns and performance reports with real time data fluctuations

influencer DB

Influencer DB can help you create and manage all your marketing campaigns and audience engagements with easy monitoring on tasks and competitors, it provides you an easy analytical and review generator , it also supports brands to find high end and brand inclined influencers through global influencer search and discover engine with the most chic feature of fraud catching and rectifying fraudulent influencers with fake engagements and followers over the social platforms.