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Best 5 Security Apps for iPhone

In terms of technology, we are living in complex times. Cybercriminals are becoming more tech-savvy and use creative methods to steal your confidential information, identity, money, or simply infect your computer with malware for various reasons.

Owners of iPhones may be more secure than Android users safety-wise, but that does not mean iPhones are impenetrable. If hackers deem an iPhone user’s data and privacy worth the time and effort to try hacking the phone, they will. It is why hackers go for CEOs and other executives, and small business owners usually do not put cybersecurity first.

Whether it is a malicious website, obtrusive advertising, web trackers, or physical threats like prying eyes, there are mobile apps made for the iPhone that can be useful to stay secured.

Here are the top apps that can protect your iPhone from common to elaborate mobile security attacks.

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Top iPhone Security Apps

1.   Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS

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An unsecured device, even if it is an iPhone, decreases in value and functionality. A high-value device such as an iPhone needs to come with high-value mobile protection, something that Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS can give.

You enjoy your iPhone while Bitdefender keeps it safe. Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS is explicitly designed to secure sensitive data from peeking and breach.

It also provides unbeatable web protection that comes with Bitdefender Premium VPN to harden your network security and privacy further. The mobile app also notifies users when an email account is breached and comes with iPad support extending Bitdefender’s features to your tablet.

You can also get the Bitdefender level of security for your Mac with the Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac or the Bitdefender Total Security.

2.   Avast Security and Privacy

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For different platforms, Avast has a host of powerful security products for iOS. Avast Protection and Privacy for iPhone is available for free. But users can also avail of advanced features if they upgrade to the premium edition.

Scanning for threats and risks, malicious blocking of websites, Wi-Fi protection, and privacy tips are also free. You can also take advantage of the Photo Vault that stores 40 of your images in a hidden, encrypted archive.

But at the Premium tier (good for one account), users can also avail of Identity Protection. You can secure them by PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID from excessively curious individuals.

The premium edition will also provide you with VPN security that will encrypt any network, even an unsecured one, with your Internet traffic.

3.               Avira Mobile Security

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Avira is one of the desktop’s most powerful antivirus software. While Avira Mobile Security may not have the same focus on malicious software-hunting, it is still packed with useful features.

Its phishing defense system does a decent job of blocking malicious websites, which is a significant first step to keeping you secure online. An Identity Safeguard will automatically search your contacts’ email addresses to check whether they have been leaked online and alert you to any security breach.

By emailing the information to yourself or holding them accountable directly to Google Drive or Dropbox, an exceptionally flexible Contacts Backup function will secure your address book.

Handy management tools allow memory and storage use to be analyzed and tracking reports on recent security events to be provided. Avast also comes with a simple anti-theft feature.

4.               McAfee Mobile Security

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McAfee Mobile Security has features like anti-theft, backup of addresses, secure internal memory for your media files. Among its many features.

For example, the Media Vault hides your photographs and videos. That’s not uncommon, but you can also directly snap images or videos from the app and have them encrypted and saved in the vault automatically. And you can quickly reopen the locker on your iPhone X with Touch ID or even Face ID.

It also has anti-theft capabilities users get and standard options to monitor your computer on a map or activate a remote alarm that can be heard even in silent mode.

Its CaptureCam functionality takes a snapshot of someone attempting to break into your vault, after which the bundled CaptureCam functionality will also contact you right away.

You can boot an alarm from your Apple Watch to make it easier to find. When the battery is low, the app will also save your computer’s position, giving you a better chance to track it down.

5.               Trend Micro Mobile Security

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For Safari and other browsers, Trend Micro Mobile Protection provides website filtering. Users can block ads and trackers.

Its Content Block functions, on the other hand, protect your privacy, increase loading speeds, and decrease data consumption.

This antivirus platform has SafeSurfing that provides users with secure and unmonitored browsing. It ensures that no browsing history is saved or registered, that malicious websites are not loaded, and minors do not have access to mature content.

Incoming texts are also scanned for suspicious links. If anything malicious or dangerous links are found, these messages are immediately isolated into a junk folder. Users get notified instantly, too, about scam messages.

This iOS app has a Social Network Privacy feature that scans the privacy settings of the users’ social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) and alerts them of any detected problems. It also comes with an anti-theft feature that allows users to locate their iPhone in case of loss or theft. Using Wi-Fi, GPS, or even cell towers, users can activate the feature in the hopes of tracking and recovering the device.


iPhone protection is critical to your phone’s life. Although the iPhone is safer than Android, you need to follow essential security measures.

Standard security protocols can involve antivirus software or encryption tools, but physical theft is possibly the most probable danger with your iPhone. The iPhone’s built-in GPS can track its location on a map so you or authorities can track your phone.

Controlling your private data is as critical as your device’s physical protection. Data is now more threatened than ever, even from apps installed on the computer. Installing security software adds an extra layer of protection for your device, data, and privacy. Nowadays, cybersecurity must be everybody’s business.