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How To Spy on Someone’s iPhone With Spy Apps in 2023

Are you thinking about the ways that can help you how to spy on someone’s iPhone without knowing them? Do you want to watch your kids, employees, or loved ones’ activities?

You can use the best spy apps for iPhones that spy on iPhones remotely. How can you select the correct one that meets your requirements and does not break the bank?

When you search for the iPhone spy app on the internet, you will find many spy applications enabling you to see your employee’s and kids’ activities on your cell phone.

Moreover, you can also hear their conversations and track their location. With numerous online monitoring apps, it can become challenging to select the best one.

In this blog, we will share some vital points to take into consideration when picking the best hidden iPhone tracking apps for your situation!

List Of The Best Spy Apps for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone

This article guides people who crawl for hours on search engines and get confused among multiple iPhone tracking apps. The primary concerns of people about spying apps are security and reliability.

By considering both of them, we have researched the best spy app for iPhone’s latest version. Let us get you straight to the apps.

FlexiSpy: Powerful & reliable best iPhone spy app with advanced monitoring features.

TheOneSpy: Comprehensive iPhone monitoring solution for ultimate surveillance.

Eyezy: User-friendly spy app for iPhone with a wide range of tracking capabilities.

mSpy: Trusted iPhone spy app for remote monitoring and parental control.

Why Would You Need iPhone Spy App?

You have many reasons how to spy on iPhone. For example, your children are spending more time on their phones. Teens are more used to their phones, and it’s not a concern for the most part.

But if your child is not young to have their phone and stick to their phone, then it’s a problem.

Another possible reason is if you want to keep an eye on whether your employees are working or not. If your loved ones are distant and worried you what’s going on and you want to see if they’re okay.

All these issues can make you overthink, leaving you stressed as most of the time, asking about these things tends to backfire. People think you’re disturbing their personal life, they’re being unnecessarily suspicious or annoying.

Spying is the solution if you want to find the answer to these questions without people knowing and asking them, as it gives you answers and proof.

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Without Knowing Them?

Let you know how to spy on someone’s iPhone without knowing them. The iPhone has steely security to save users’ data. But how can an iPhone monitor?

Would easy to move stricter security? How can you track the user’s device when you do not have access?

If hackers can hack an iPhone, so can you, as there are different ways to spy on iPhone remotely.

However, several techniques are simple and can be done. These techniques require you to have basic knowledge. Some methods are so simple that anyone can do them.

Best iPhone Spy Apps That Spy on iPhone Secretly

We will discuss how to bug someone’s iPhone remotely and the best way to track the device without access. The most substantial users of spying apps are parents and employers. As technology transforms into innovative things, the iPhone’s latest version, 16, has been coming.

Mostly kids and youngsters prefer to try new technology. Other hand, businesses prefer to go with the flow. So, they provide the latest devices to their employees.

Meanwhile, the demand for spies on iPhone’s latest version has increased. Besides that, some people try the charming offers of a few spying apps and become a fool. Some avoid wasting money and time and look for some guidance.


FlexiSpy is one best app that offers advanced features which can spy on someone’s iPhone remotely. The iPhone spy apps on the internet advertise as they can track iPhones, but they have limited features. If you want to spy on an iPhone & enjoy the advanced features necessary, you need jailbreak.

FlexiSpy is a popular and trustworthy monitoring app. Its advanced tracking features include access to the targeted phone’s microphone, voice recorder, video recorder, social media apps tracker, etc.

FlexiSpy app provides a wealth of features to monitor iPhone activities like text messages, call recording, call logs, browsing history, GPS location tracking, and geofencing. Users can watch live camera streaming through this app.

FlexiSpy can monitor social media apps such as Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, Zoom, and Snapchat. The app keylogger feature offer to user see all keystrokes typed on a targeted iPhone device.

Why Choose FlexiSpy?

  • Its installation process is hassle-free.
  • It operates 100% in the invisible/ hidden mode.
  • FlexiSpy is compatible with old and latest 16.1 iOS versions.
  • It gives a free installation service to users.
  • FlexiSpy offer pre-loaded/ installed app on iPhone & Android
  • The app’s extreme plan contains 72 plus premium features.
FlexiSpy cost price

FlexiSpy Price

FlexiSpy offer three plans to user lite, premium, and extreme. The first plan is one month which a price is $29.95. The second plan has three different price packages.

One-month costs $79. Three months cost $119, and one year & 12 months cost $ 179. The third plan also has three packages, one month price of $119. Three-month Price is $239, and one year price is $419.


TheOneSpy Screen

TheOneSpy is undoubtedly one of the best spyware of all time. Its thousands of users globally appraise its service and products as well. It performs all sneaky operations in fully stealth mode. TheOneSpy occasionally brings innovative changes in its plans by offering featured-based packs.

TheOneSpy has features of iPhone monitoring such as call logs, chat conversations, read iMessage, contact, and Whatsapp logs. TOS 11 to 14 iOS versions compatible app contains multiple user-friendly features. Click for TheOneSpy complete review.

Why Choose TheOneSpy?

  • It not only offers customers support services but also provides free technical support to users.
  • It gives a short money-back guarantee, which is only 14 days.
  • All Android apps are 100% antivirus proofed.
  • The app takes only a few minutes to install.

TheOneSpy Price for iPhone

TheOneSpy has three plans for iOS. One month cost $55. Three months cost $105 and six months cost $125.


Eyezy is another super spying app for the latest iPhone version. Besides performing primary surveillance functions, its work jailbreak iPhone version advance features include a remote video maker, network connections checker, GPS tracker, Keylogger, surrounding voices spying tool, instant messenger tracker, and social media tracker.

Why choose Eyezy?

  • It allows the user to get physical access over the targeted phone and make changes conveniently.
  • It enables users to spy on multiple devices in one subscription.
  • Eyezy features perform a function in a 100% invisible mood.
  • With Eyezy, use can also check the targeted phone battery status.

Eyezy Price

Eyezy has three plans for Android & iPhone. One monthly plan price is $47.99. 3-Months price is $27.99/month. One year/12 months plans price is $9.99/month.

mSpy Best Spy App for iPhone without Access to Target Phone

mSpy is the best spy app for iPhone without access to the target phone, which comes after Eyezy. It makes sure the tracker’s identity is secret and performs all operations creating any noise.

mSpy powerful remote monitoring features include a phone contacts tracker, WhatsApp chat tracker, geo-fencing, call logs tracker, and browser history tracker.

Why choose mSpy?

  • It prefers user satisfaction first. So, it offers a money-back guarantee.
  • It’s a 100% virtually undetectable app.
  • It gives 24/7 free customer support.
  • We can get an idea of the popularity of mSpy by this; it is used in over 190 plus countries.
mSpy price plan

mSpy Price

mSpy has three price packages for users. The one-month plan is $69.99. three months plan $199.99. One year/12-month plan $199.99.

Which is The Best App To Spy on iPhone Remotely?

iPhone Spy Software has different varieties, making it hard to trust anyone. You need the most reliable and robust spy app. The app can do everything, and you’re unsure which one to pick.

FlexiSpy is an ideal spyware with valuable advanced features that make it a powerful app.

FlexiSpy can track any phone you want while at the same time keeping you out of the person you’re spying on. Your targeted person can’t suspect that you are spying. It’s guaranteed that it works in 100% stealth mode.

The FlexiSpy is among the most potent and trustworthy apps among other spy apps. It has many features that other iPhone spy apps don’t have.

It has decent packages and guarantees spy on phones with hidden and success. The app has features that are useful and easily controllable.

 You can track social media apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Twitter, etc. With FlexiSpy. Users can get all data of the target person’s social apps on an online dashboard. You can see what they are doing online posts and even their friend list and people conversations.

Try FlexiSpy App

The app allows spies into the messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram, Snapchat, and many other apps. Users can see the target person’s photo and listen to & record VoIP calls and any media sharing.

FlexiSpy can track GPS location, and you can view the target device’s live location. It can also show you all the locations the target person has before been to. Users can see all Gallery data, including images, videos, and audio messages.

The app can access notes, even private notes found on iPhones. You can also see all saved contact, name & phone numbers.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Spy App For iPhone?

Here are the essential factors to get an ideal iPhone spy app.

● Easy To Use

Whether you are tech-savvy or unfamiliar with technology, there is tracking software that suits your requirements with less of a learning curve. If you are new to this stuff, pick an app that allows you to watch the device remotely with a dashboard and sign in.

You can opt for an application that offers more advanced features, like the ability to monitor smartphone use in real-time. You can see the mobile notifications and easy to access the collected data.

iPhone Spying App Features

When selecting spy software, you must check its tracking features. Does it keep your tabs on the target person’s location and smartphone activities?

Suppose you aspire to need the most out of monitoring device activities. In that case, you should look for an application that allows you to spy on the target’s iPhone remotely.

Users can see text messages, spy cameras, microphone bugs, browsing history, emails, social media applications, call logs, VOIP calls, record the phone call, locations, etc.

Before buying, ensure you comprehend what is incorporated in the package so you know what you involve in.

GPS Location Tracker

The GPS tracking feature helps track kids, employees, and someone’s live location and location history. If you are a parent and should know your child spent their time in classes or out of school during class time.

Suppose your kids are not reached at home after school and don’t attend phone for any reason. It’s a worrying situation for parents.

Don’t worry if you have installed a location tracker app to target your child’s or employee’s phone. The app helps track the live GPS location of the target device. You will continuously view updates about the current location of the employees’ or child’s devices.

If they are absent from their classes and lie to you, parents can catch them lying with a history of locations that updates continuously. Employers can also use this feature to track employees’ live location and history.

Spy Text & iMessage

The user can monitor text or iMessage and view all logs of the target device with the monitoring app. Get all the updated data about incoming or outgoing texting.

If you synced on iCloud from the target device, you can view old data, such as deleted messages.

Track Calls / Contact Book

Check Call Features, and You can see call logs details such as caller’s name, phone number, and location. The call recording feature allows users to listen to the live call of the targeted person and record their online dashboard.

You can view all contact numbers listed with names & countries of targeted devices.

Parents can check all incoming and outgoing call details with date or time duration. If your children talk late at night, you can block unwanted person numbers.

VoIP Calls Recording

The VoIP call recording feature allows them to user-record VoIP calls remotely. You can record conversations on popular social messenger apps, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Viber, etc.

Spy on Social Messenger Apps

Social media has become a headache for everyone. Our loved ones spend hours on their phone screen, active with Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and many other messengers. Social app platforms enable teens to send chats and make audio and video calls with friends and family.

Free message apps keep teens engaged on social media all day long and waste time. Get the best iPhone tracker app to monitor social app activities like chats and voice conversations.

Track Internet Browsing History

Every parent has panic over the phone about their child watching adult material they can get from the internet beforehand. It’s an iPhone spy app to watch phone data children browse online.

Parents can view the Safari browsing History that is watched on the internet on their iPhone.

You can easily understand what search was done by the kid. And with the URL given, you can access the website yourself to confirm whether it’s adult content.

Users can check bookmarks data with the Safari Bookmarks feature that children access in the future. Parents can access children’s devices with the help of the best parental control app for iPhones.


The Price is the next crucial point to consider before buying a tracker app. Some programs are more costly than others.

You need to discover software that fits your budget. You don’t want to invest more than you need to in the program.


Another important factor you should consider is how compatible the tracker app is with your and your target’s devices. Keep in mind that some programs don’t function well on phones with older operating systems.

They might not work at all or will work with countless bugs. You should choose an app compatible with the most popular operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and iOS. 


About iPhone spy apps, dependability is the key. You want software that will work when required and won’t disappoint you. You must do your homework before selecting the monitoring software and read testimonials from other users.

Some programs may have problems, such as battery draining or not functioning appropriately. In addition, ensure the application is updated often to guarantee that you are procuring the newest features.

The Best Way to Check Whether Your Phone is Compatible with the Tracing App

You will find all the details about the application, how much size it requires, and is compatible with which version of iOS.

Therefore, before purchasing an iPhone tracker app, be careful whether the operating system’s / iOS version is compatible with the targeted cell phone. And the last thing to take notice of is whether it requires jailbreaking or not.

Need To Jailbreaking or Rooting

Not all tracker apps need you to root or jailbreak your device to utilize them. Both tasks are performed to control the Android or iOS device fully.

If you want the most powerful and all-inclusive features, you will probably have to root or jailbreak the target person’s device.

So, ensure you know what is needed before purchasing the software. For a great experience, you should pick an app that does not require jailbreaking.

Remarkable Customer Support

Excellent customer support service is required in tracking your employees’ and dear ones’ mobile activities and locations.

Technical problems must have instant solutions, get an app that provides great customer support is crucial.

So, buy a program that provides good customer support service to help you answer your queries and assist you with potential technical issues. It includes 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support.

Look at the Things Before While Installing iPhone Spy App

You have seen the essential features of a spy app for the iPhone. However, the speciation and need may vary from person to person. But some features make monitoring apps ideal. The app has compatibility with the different versions.

  • Need Jailbreaking or not.
  • GPS tracking functionality
  • Affordable price packages
  • Spy on Social media Apps
  • Real-time call listening access and recording them

While you want to install an app to spy on your iPhone, see your required features. Surely, when you download an app for monitoring your loved ones. You just require it to monitor what they are doing on it. And when it comes to business employees’ phone targets, your requirements differ. Never target any anonymous person, as it is against the act of rights.

Spy on iPhone Without Physical Access to Target Phone (iCloud Method)

Spying on iPhone without access to a target phone is impossible. iCloud is a simple & free way to spy on someone’s iPhone remotely. iCloud control Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which have iOS software.

Suppose you want to monitor your iPhone through iCloud once you have an access device. No need to jailbreak and install the app on the target phone. This method does work in hidden & stealth modes.

Following steps to spy on other’s iCloud:

Connect the target iPhone with internet data or a Wi-Fi network.

In Settings, click on Apple ID.

Now, click on the iCloud icon. You need a login process.

Suppose the target phone has login Apple ID, first sign out. Then use your user & password if you know the target device login details, it’s well. You can use them easily.

Click on the iCloud backup icon & turn it off.

Click on the backup option. Sure, your internet connection is working. If your internet is disconnected, then you will again have all processes complete.

When you have been getting access to the target person’s account, then you can log in through a web browser, PC, and phone.

After login, you can view all the backups of the target phone, such as photos, videos, text chats, call logs, phone contact, email, etc.

Can You Monitor Someone’s iPhone without knowledge of The Target Person?

Such problems often take a toll on your mental health and cause you to worry and think a lot. You start thinking about things that are not true, though.

Doubt is not a big deal. If your guess is correct, that’s fine, but what if it’s not, and you’re confronting the person without evidence? It will make you feel bad. Likewise, worrying about someone close to you who isn’t talking these days can make you think deeply.

To solve all these problems, Spying is an option that some of us are afraid to do because spying is known for bad ideas, but like all things, there are good spy apps that track for the benefit of others.

In your case, it’s not like you’re monitoring to clear your doubts that your actions are ruining your mental health. So, can you spy on someone’s iPhone?

Yes! You can, and even though the iPhone has much stronger security features, it can still be tracked.

How To Spy on Someone’s iPhone or Does Work App?

Different apps that provide services to spy on someone’s iPhone have various functioning ways. However, most of the apps have a similar basic method. That is, you have to install the app on the targeted devices.

The Spy App monitors and retrieves activity and other data of the target iPhone. The server of the best iPhone spy app runs in the backend without letting the user of the targeted phone detect it.

Then set it up using the license key you have. And then, you can view the data your app is featured with. Moreover, all the best iPhone tracking apps are quite easy to install. They all are available in the cloud. And they are accessed via a web-based portal.

The iPhones are quite famous for having the best security limitations. So, thus no app can be installed on the iPhone that they do not authorize.

The solution to this issue is “Jailbreaking .” Besides, some apps, such as FlexiSpy, Eyezy, mSpy, and TheOneSpy, allow you to monitor iPhones with the process of Jailbreaking.

All you need to use an iPhone monitoring app without jailbreaking is the Apple ID login credentials and enabled iCloud Backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Perks of Using An iPhone Spy App?

There are several benefits of using apps that spy on iPhones, as follows:

  • Trace a misplaced mobile
  • Enhance your kids’ safety
  • Help in managing business
  • Simpler navigation
  • Aid you in monitoring your family
  • Help in data security

Can You Uninstall The iPhone Spy App?

Yes, you can uninstall it whenever you want. In most scenarios, it is as straightforward as a click from the control panel that you utilize to access the data.

 Can You Spy on iPhone without Having It?

Yes, you can spy on iPhone without having access to the target device. The first way is if you have installed a monitoring app on the target iPhone, users can track all the target person’s iPhone activities without knowing them.

The second way you need to get iCloud credentials for your iPhone. Suppose you have iCloud login details not required to jailbreak or access to target iPhone. You can view all stored data without having the target iPhone.

Is It Possible To Spy on Someone’s iPhone Remotely Free?

Yes, iCloud is the best way to spy on iPhones remotely free without installing any app. It’s possible to spy on someone’s iPhone activities without knowing them.

Are you finding online solutions to track iPhones? You will see different iPhone spy apps on the web. The app developer makes features to spy on iPhone remotely your loved ones’ activities.

Some companies offer new users a free trial of their services for a short period. You will pay a subscription fee to get the service of spying on someone else’s iPhone activities.

How to Spy on iPhone without Touching It?

You can spy on your iPhone without touching the target device when you have installed the app. Spy Apps are the easiest way to spy on an iPhone, especially if you have access to a target device & you can easily install an app.

The app allows anyone to access the information they need quickly. iPhone Spy apps can view someone’s contract number, record phone calls or live locations, and see texting conversations. The app users can see phone galleries, capture cameras & make photos and videos remotely.

Why Is the Remote Installation Of iPhone Spy Apps Not Possible?

Some limitations inhibit us from remotely installing spy apps, such as:

Person’s Privacy

Privacy laws forbid us from monitoring someone without their permission. For the world’s most part, it is prohibited to secretly deploy a spy application on someone’s device to spy on them.

Device Permissions

Installing a spy program needs accepting several permissions. This security measure inhibits the spy app from deploying itself automatically without the user’s consent.

It is a red flag if an app claims it can be deployed remotely. All legit monitoring software will require you to access the target smartphone at a point, primarily to deploy the app.


Remember the above-listed points when you aspire to pick the ideal hidden iPhone spy application—to keep an eye on your kids, workers, or partner’s activities.

Opting for a reliable and popular monitoring service is advised because taking a risk is a little dangerous here. If your monitoring procedure is exposed, you cannot do anything. You will lose the trust of the individual you will spy on iPhone without knowing them.