Top Data Science Courses to Beef Up Your Career

These are just some of the buzzwords in the data science universe. While data science has been around for the past four decades, it has gained traction and is running full speed ahead. Companies around the world make good use of the rigorous work that data scientists do. It’s no wonder why there are people who are joining the best data science courses to make sure that they are on top of their game.

When you think you can benefit from taking data science courses, read on and find out what the best ones are.

Explore the World of Data Science

Recent years have seen the explosion of the Big Data trend. From small to medium enterprises to giant corporations, more and more individuals and groups have come to appreciate the results of data science in producing beneficial results for their organizations.

Data science has efficiently embedded itself in the very fabric of society and has become a key element in the flourishing of industries far and wide. Along with the advances made in modern technology, the Internet, and online applications also come with access to big data and its value in business, economics, and other milieus. Using big data and machine-learning, data-driven science has now become a crucial factor in interpreting information for decision-making purposes.

With the gaining popularity of data science, the demand for proficient data scientists is also on the rise. Typically, these new breed of data experts have roots in data analysis, statistics, and other academic fields. With the sudden increase in interest in data science, universities and other academic institutions began to tweak their classes so they can adapt to the demand.

Nowadays, both traditional and non-traditional schools offer data science courses. There are also web-based solutions to learning various topics and subjects under the data science umbrella. Instructor -led eLearning, live, and virtual classes have been painstakingly developed and enhanced to deliver a tailored approach to studying data science. Even educational training centers targeted for the young start by offering STEM camps for kids that already involve age-appropriate basics of data science.

If you are eyeing a position in any of the data science fields, then it would be wise to invest in further education. Online data science training courses are available to address the needs of those who want a more convenient and versatile learning setup. Below, you can see some of the most intensive data science courses that can help you boost your career:

1. Applied Data Science

Data scientists, IT architects, software developers, and technical managers can gain a lot by attending a course such as this. For as little as four days, participants will learn more about the theoretical and technical aspects of Business Analytics and Data Science.

Covering both the basic and advanced concepts and methods of getting business insights from big or small data, it is further supplemented by a hands-on experience that will help you reinforce what you have learned in the theoretical phase.

Since companies have started to adopt new approaches in data analysis and processing, it will be wise if you can stay up to date with using Apache Spark or R, for example, in processing massive amounts of data or using programming language.

Usually, this course includes topics in algorithms, applied data science, business analytics, common analytical methods and techniques, data analysis using R, elements of functional programming, introduction to machine learning, and visualizing and reporting processed results, among others.

2. Big Data Training

If you want to delve deeper into understanding the methodology, techniques, and value proposition of data science, then this course is for you. Attending this course will also introduce you to different production-ready capabilities and technologies that are currently used by enterprises to create cost-efficient Big Data processing solutions.

For four days, intensive instruction in a traditional classroom setting will expose attendees to the theories behind topics such as algorithms, common analytical methods and techniques, applied data science and business analytics, Big Data business analytics and intelligence, data analysis using R, Hadoop programming ecosystem, MapReduce, NoSQL and Big Data systems overview, and Visualizing and reporting the processed results.

A hands-on lab session will also be conducted to allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. For those who cannot join the traditional classroom setup, online data training classes are also offered through a synchronous instructor-led format.

Business analysts, enterprise architects, information technology architects, senior developers, and team leads will greatly benefit from attending this short yet immersive course.

3. Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Join this 5-day course to get a thorough understanding of the fundamental and complex concepts of Business Analytics and Data Science. It is a widely accepted fact that the ability of organizations to convert raw data into invaluable information can fuel the success of a business in the Information Age.

With the theories and techniques that you can glean from this course, you as a data scientist, IT architect, software developer, or technical manager, can hone your skills in data science and algorithm methods, functional programming, text mining, and other related topics. Sharpen your knowledge as you discuss new approaches to data analysis and processing.

4. Data-driven Project Management

Would you like to create a creative data science team? If you do, then it is best to enroll in this two-day laser-focused course.

Whether you are a director, manager, business analyst, or project leader, it would do well if you can take a more in-depth look into managing a team that deals with data-driven inputs and deal with data-specific challenges. While this is not a data analytics or programming course, this course will help you play a crucial role in ensuring that you can efficiently start or manage a data-driven team. It will also help you make good use of the date in your hands and gain insights from it.

Joining this course will arm you with practical knowledge that can help in your organizational system and decision-making processes. You will be introduced to basic Big Data terminologies, tools, and the data science lifecycle. You will also learn how to better comprehend challenges that arise from data-driven projects. Ultimately, this course aims to equip you with the skills to apply business values that will allow you to design a well-defined and actionable data strategy.

Smart Solutions for Adapting to the Web Age

Those who cannot adapt get left behind. That is the main premise of the survival of the fittest and it also applies to industries where data science is fast becoming the norm. When you want to elevate your career in a data science-related field, then it will do well to also beef up your knowledge and skills on the subject.

When you want to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry giants, then you have to take the step to invest in data science classes and training. Whether it’s held in a traditional classroom or conducted through online or virtual classes, the knowledge and insights that you learn will propel you to scale greater heights.