Study App Development: Know All About User-Friendly E-learning Process

In today’s world, everything is shifting online be it shopping, education, banking, etc. The online industry is booming at a rapid speed and attracts all kinds of businesses to promote things online or make apps to reach people conveniently. And now the trend of app development is also focusing on educational apps. The concept of e-learning is now getting popular as numerous students in this generation use smartphones or tablets. Also, the e-learning process offers numerous benefits like affordability, flexibility, age independence, disable people, efficiency, and more. So basically educational app development is actually saving a lot of acceptance in the market. This is why plenty of developers are coming up with innovative educational applications that offer students to study using the e-learning process.

Still, let’s just brush up the definition of e-learning for you:

E-learning is very close to distance learning by using various different sources and technologies like educational apps, online programs, blogs, podcasts, and more. These different channels will help you learn, control the learning process, access certain resources useful to you, and get support in an engaging way.

In this article we have mentioned some essential ways for you to figure out user friendly e-learning procedures. To get intense guidance you can get in touch with educational app development companies, directing you towards innovation.

Firstly, know the e-learning market:

Before starting with creating an e-learning app, you must know the market trend and status. You should be aware of the different types of e-learning apps and observe what is compatible with your needs. Some of the different e-learning apps are related to study tools, online learning, tech learning, career development, course material, test preparation, language learning, etc. Different apps offer kinds of educational purposes but all are designed to make education simpler and accessible to people. So if you are planning to create an educational app you must get in touch with a flutter e-commerce app development company, as they can help you craft the app as per your ideas and requirements.

Here are some drawbacks of e-learning apps which you should be careful about while making your app:

Customer segmentation:

Customer segmentation is one of the most major issues you might come across while creating an educational app. Whoever is using your app or is newly introduced to your app will be of different skill sets and would be interested in your app for different reasons. So when anyone uses your application and is unable to find specific segments for different abilities, then they might not use your app further.

So when you are working on your educational app development, you must take care of buyer persona analysis which will guide you personalize all that you have got to offer. This will help you create a user flow for all kinds of customers.

Test on your target audience:

Another most common mistake that you should not commit is this. Make sure you do not show the product to your market as soon as you think the app is ready. First, test it on your target audience otherwise there are chances of risk leading to failure. And then the app might not be preferred by many. So, it is best to test the app and take feedback and interview people to make it better. This process will help you figure out issues from a customer point of view. As and when you recognize the issues, and work on them you will be able to launch a promising app in the market.

Your content should be engaging:

As per studies, numerous students leave the course midway and the survey says only 30 % of students finish their courses online. So if the content of your course is ordinary or not engaging enough people might discontinue the course. You can also try and introduce a reward system where you can appreciate and reward students as per their performances keeping them engaged in the course. This will help you attract more students to your educational app.

Don’t only focus on theoretical lessons:

Theoretical lessons are essential as it helps them improve knowledge. But if you focus only on theoretical lessons, students will get bored and may not opt for your app further. To keep them hooked, you need to add practical assignments in the app. It will help you make theoretical concepts clear and at the same point of time engage more students.

Now let’s check some feature for e-learning app making it more user-friendly:

1. Course Navigation:

  • Progress Bars: Most of the education apps provide videos giving instructions. It would be convenient for the user if you add progress bars on the videos as it will help them recognize the videos they are yet to watch.
  • Reminder: Allow app users to make a timeline and schedules as per their preferences. For that, you will have to allow them to set reminders.
  • Track their progress: One more important feature you must make a part of your app is that users should be able to track their progress for each course. It will help students to analyze if they are working actively on the course or not.

2. Navigation:

  • Guide the user: This is the main and first thing you need to focus on. You need to take care of the fact that the user does not have to think about what is the next step. And so you need to guide your user by giving hints and showing arrows wherever needed.
  • Let them control the way they wish to learn: You need to remember that different users will have different skill sets. And so you need to let them take a call and allow them to rewind or forward the content as and when they like. You need to allow them to do as they prefer.
  • Use Tooltips: An educational app must have tooltips that show up when you float on the course card. It will show up brief information about the course. To get basic information the user won’t have to click and open the course page, as the tooltip will give the necessary information for users to know if the course is suitable for them.

3. Analytics:

  • Achievements breakdown: It is important to show the students what they are working on and how they are performing. For which you will need to serve a complete breakdown of their progress. It will encourage the students to apply for new courses.

The above are the most important things you need to know about educational app development, and you must remember that e-learning app development will help you understand your users and rectify the mistakes by analyzing the pain points.