Customize Leather Jackets According to Your Mood

Tired of wearing the same old boring leather jackets over and over again? Now you can customize your leather jacket as per your styling sense and mood. Getting up dressed elegantly reflects your exquisite personality and, it makes an exemplary patina on people surrounded by you. A typical leather jacket with the same style, color, and design dulls your look and appearance. Embrace your looks and bring some spark to your everyday wear by customizing your leather jacket in a way that makes the watcher spellbound. A variety of customization can be done with a leather jacket in terms of color, style, leather type, collar style, logos, and patches. Customize it according to your styling sense and showcase your artistic self to the world!

Leather jacket type

There are two types of leather available one is the PU leather and the second one is the real leather. Real leather is made from different animal skins while PU leather is faux leather.

PU leather

Crafted from polyester or rayon material. PU leather is synthetic and artificial leather that does not need animal hide. It is far cheaper than real leather. PU leather is recyclable and maintainable. PU leather has many environmental benefits as it does not undergo the tanning process and is breathable as well. PU leather is resistant to sunlight, thus maintaining the color and shine of the leather jacket for a longer period.

Real leather

A real leather jacket is crafted from various types of animal hide. It totally depends upon the buyer’s choice, which one of animal hide he finds most comfortable and suitable. Cowhide, lambskin, calfskin, and goat hide are the ones most commonly found in a leather jacket. Cowhide leather is of top-notch quality which is reliable and durable due to its thickness and heaviness. On the other hand, lambskin is considered the lightest and softest hides, which is the best option for everyday wear. An amalgamation of comfort and ease is found in the goat hide, which is of the finest quality.

Leather inside lining material

Silk lining

Silk is the most exclusive, fantastic yet expensive choice for linings in leather jackets. Silk gives a luxurious kind of feeling, which is smooth and lustrous to the touch. Silk is an ultimate option for your leather coats and jackets which are crafted from natural fibers, which lasts long, and has extremely buttery features that you can’t resist being embraced by it. 

Viscose lining

Viscose lining is non-static, breathable, and drapes well around your body. The cost of viscose Linings comes next to Silk; therefore, it is found more in ready-made jackets. It requires crafting expertise in laying the linings nicely against the key areas to restrain from stretchy bulges. Viscose lining is supple and soft and is the epitome of comfort.

Cotton lining

Looking for something light, comfy, and inexpensive at the same time? then the cotton lining is an ideal choice for you. Cotton is warmer and breathable but unpleasantly drags to your clothes as it is sticky and wraps adherently on your bodies. It needs regular care as wrinkles and crinkles can be found on the cotton lining.

Shearling lining

A shearling lining is a great combination of fluffy and cozy vibes which is light-weight, soft, and supple. It is less bulky and is manufactured from lambskin or sheepskin, thus a delicacy and suppleness can be taken for guaranty. It provides extra warmth and comfort to the wearer.


The leather jacket adorned with studs looks very unique and impeccable from every angle. Studs come in different varieties which you can customize according to your fashion need and requirements. Some commonly found studs on leather jackets are black spikes, gold spikes, silver spikes, bronze spikes, gold shark fin spikes, and skull spikes. All these embellishments look really exquisite and are visually more appealing to the eyes.

Customize size

If you’re the one who is not satisfied with the sizes available in leather jackets then it’s a great option to customize your jacket size according to your body size. A great leather jacket is the one that fits perfectly well with your body, giving a slim-fit and trim look without anybody restrictions. It is to advise that take your body measurements yourself and note them somewhere. When it’s the customize and tailored leather jacket then tell your size chart accordingly. In this way, you will feel really comfortable and satisfied while wearing your leather jackets.  

Collar styles

The collar is the foremost feature of a leather jacket so it should be chosen wisely. Select the style that looks magnificent with your outfit. Notch-lapel, stand-up, and snap-tab are the collar styles most commonly incorporated in leather jackets. Some different styles are described below:

Rib-knit collar

A rib-knit style collar is best-fitted around the neck which ensures comfort and warmness giving the jacket a classical taste. The main benefit of the rib-knit collar is that it does not lose its fitting and elasticity.

Snap-tab collar

These types of collars are aesthetically designed for vintage, casual, and party wear that gives a splendid look to the person wearing it. It’s suitable for winters as it’s capable of trapping heat inside the jacket. Mostly preferred by motorcyclists as it incorporates a fastening button closure which protects from the biker from wind, dust, and cold.

Shirt collar

Shirt-style collars are perfect to be worn in summers. It makes you feel cool as it comprises a front opening, which lets the air inside keeping the body temperature maintained all day long.

Shawl collar

A leather jacket featuring a shawl style collar is an ideal fit for informal and semi-formal evening wear.

Logos and patches

Adding logos and patches to the leather jacket makes you look cool and stylish. A patch is a style commonly found on leather jackets and bags which can be customized according to the wish and mood of the buyer. Personalized patches are fun experimenting with which looks enhancing and captivating.  Different styles of patches like embroidery patches, printable patches, emoji patches, quote patches, and funky patches can be customized accordingly.  Adding monograms or graphic text on the leather jacket for your loved ones can make their day bringing a great smile to their face.