5 Powerful SEO Tips For Newbies

A little knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for anyone starting out in the world of e-commerce. Whether you wish to start a blog or run an entire e-Commerce site, it is necessary to be noticed by the search engines so that real human beings can find you.

Of course, an important part of search engine optimization is the continual investment of time and effort into your website in order to get traffic and keep it coming. If your site becomes stagnant, the best SEO will not do much for you.

However, don’t lose heart! It is never too late to optimize your site. The following is a basic list to help you get started.

1. Remember that the Internet is constantly changing and there is no magic formula for SEO that will work forever. Therefore, it is important to stay current on SEO news and trends. Read everything you can. Some of it may conflict, but this is where your own judgment must enter into the picture.

2. Create an intuitive and consistent design for your website with clear, well marked links and a site index so that both people and search engines can find their way around. The Web creation software Rapid weaver for Mac ships with a number of attractive templates, and more are available from third parties.

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3. Get a handle on your target keywords. There are a number of tools out there, both paid and free, that can help you with this. The top free tool is Google Keyword External. However, common sense will often tell you what keywords you wish to target. To do so, ask yourself the following:

If you were searching for your product or service, what are the top two or three keywords that you would use to do so? Make sure those words are in each page of your website at the beginning, middle, and end, as well as in the titles and headings. You can use variations of your keywords to increase the long tail. This is one of the best seo tips for newbies.

4. Remember that content is king and always will be. Don’t overstuff your pages with keywords or you will get banned by the search engines and you will annoy the humans who visit your site. Both can see through transparent attempts to trick people to come to your site.

You will want to tread a fine line between having enough keywords but not so many that your text will come off as boring and repetitive. You could consider hiring a professional SEO writer to assist you in this, but you might find that a good voice dictation program may be all you need.

Software such as “Dragon Dictate” for Mac or “Dragon NaturallySpeaking” for PC can allow you to compose new material as quickly as you can speak (although careful proofreading and editing will always be necessary). The key is to keep the content on your site fresh and to change it regularly. Your old content needn’t be wasted either, as you can put it into archives where it will continue to work for you (You can get a free 75-page eBook here that covers running your Internet business using a Mac, iPhone and iPad).

5. Remember that Web 2.0 revolves around social networking, social bookmarking and forum posting. These, as well as link exchanges, can help you get backlinks from high-ranking authority sites. You can also comment on other blogs in your niche to build relationships and generate interest.

Appropriate tagging with social bookmarking tools such as Digg, Technorati and Delicious can bring relevant traffic and encourage others to do the same. Such activities are also indexed and noted by the search engines.

While a lot will depend on the narrowness of your niche, there are many things you can do to make your site more search engine friendly, as well as many basic to advanced SEO techniques that will help you to get noticed by the big three search engines.

I hope these 5 powerful SEO Tips for Newbies help you increase your search engine rankings.