Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps 2020

The engineers and researchers of this present world have developed and created very incredible technologies, devices, and application software. A GPS phone tracking or GPS location tracking system is among those incredible technologies. Today, the complaints of kidnapping and phone theft have become a common thing and it happens every day. To track the location of your child or employee, mobile phone tracker apps are the best which has become a great source of help for everyone.

Most of the apps available on the online app stores which are free but not so good to use and sometimes don’t give you the exact location of your phone. The paid apps available online are good and show your location with 99% accuracy. Here we have mentioned some best free & paid and top 10 mobile Phone location tracking apps for child, family and employee.

The Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone:

A GPS phone tracker app is a solid apparatus particularly for guardians who dependably need to know where precisely their children are consistent. Some may feel following the area of their children is unpleasant or absence of trust toward their children, yet it is a fundamental measure that should be utilized to shield from any damage. Consistently, a lot of kids disappear thus, as a parent, you will likewise be worried about your child’s security. By knowing their continuous area with GPS phone tracker, they will have the capacity to feel alleviated. In addition, in the event that they found that their child is going someplace, they shouldn’t go, they can later counsel their conduct.


Spyera is a very good cell phone tracking app available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is available to be downloaded and allows you to share and track the location of your family and friends. You have to just accept the “share location” request from your smartphone and then you will be able to track the phone location of your phones. Remember, to track the GPS location the app must be installed in both devices to track another from one.

FamiSafe Phone Location Tracker App:-

It is a paid GPS location tracker app but is one of the best when comes to track the accurate location of smartphones. This app is available on both the famous mobile platforms, i.e. Android and iOS. This app gives you a 3-Day free trial, so that you can first use it and if it suits you best you can pay for it after the trial period. This app is one of the most popular apps in the play store.

TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker App:-

The GPS location tracking app of TheOneSpy enables parents and employers to stay updated about their kids’ and employees’ GPS locations point anywhere in the world. The app is compatible with Android and iOS phones and supports various versions of operating systems. The employer and parents can visit TheOneSpy webpage to install a location tracking app on target devices, gadgets, and get access to the online control panel to know real location point and GPS locations history through the cell phone tracker app.


The HoverWatch is again one of the most amazing locations of phone tracking apps. It is a paid tracking device and is available only for Android platforms. This app uses the combined technology of Wi-Fi Hotspot’s signals and GPS system to track nearby locations. This app gives almost 100% accurate device location information. And you can even track the location of your kids and device when there is no GPS.

mSpy Phone Tracker:-

mSpy is the most amazing phone tracking software as it makes iOS and Android Devices to imitate like a GPS tracker device. mSpy provides many advanced phone tracking features. This app not only tracks your kid’s locations but also Geofences the locations you do not want them to visit. This app also empowers you to track multiple devices at the same time, but remember that this app must be installed in all the devices you want to track. The app supports Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7 to iOS 11.

FlexiSpy Tracker App:-

This app is the best when it comes to tracking the location of your kids as it just not let you know the real-time location of your child but also shows you the past locations of them. This app is available for both Android and iOS device and hence the device domain does not limit the usage of this tracking app. FlexiSpy works in the background too so that your other works do not have to compromise.


It is quite a good tool to spy on your kids. It just not let you track their locations but also you can listen to the voice nearby through this app. This app alongside allows you to keep a record of past locations as well. iKeyMonitor is available on iOS version 9 and above and on Android version 2.3 and above.

Mobistealth Mobile Tracker Software:-

It is among the most reliable position tracking apps that runs on both platforms, Android and iOS. This app is best for parents to know about the position of their kids in real-time. It just not gives the live location of your child but also keeps a record of the path or route taken by him or her. This app does not run on the Android Pie and is limited to Android 8.1 and below. While it runs on iOS 11 and below versions.

TheTruthSpy GPS Phone Tracker:-

It is among the simplest phone location tracking app which are easy to use and gives the live location of your kids and their smartphones. Just like other apps, it also keeps a track of previous locations that your child visited. This app works on Android devices up to version 7.1 and jailbroken iOS. You can access all the location history of your child.

Being a parent is an extremely troublesome assignment particularly when your children are at an age where they can get exceptionally inquisitive. They might stray somewhere and you wouldn’t think about it. Yet, this propensity for theirs can be exceptionally perilous for them. Instead of agonizing over your child’s whereabouts consistently, it is smarter to utilize a GPS telephone tracker. Utilizing this GPS mobile tracker app on your child’s Android or iOS gadget, you will dependably know about their correct area and the spots they visit in their interim. Along these lines, you can generally make certain that your child isn’t in a threat.

Thus, this was all about the top 10 phone location tracking apps for child & family to keep them safe from any mishap. Also, it is important that you keep a check on the frequent feature update of these apps that get released from time to time. These new features make the user experience better and effective. Also, you can check the app store for newly released apps.