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Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone| Android |Windows & Mac PCs

The best parental control app for iPhone, Android, and Mac PCs can assist you with watching out for your offspring, both online and off. The best parental monitoring app for iPhone & Android will depend on your specific requirements and the needs of your children.

The app can track your kids’ physical locations, see with whom they’re conveying online, set cutoff points on their measure of everyday screen time, and block them from reviewing frightful websites. These apps are basic in the event that you need to discover what your kids are doing on the internet.

Nonetheless, these apps can’t thoroughly take care of you. They work best when they’re essential for a thorough approach to having your kids act dependably online.

That implies you have to converse with your kids about what they ought to and shouldn’t do online, clarify how you anticipate that they should act, and clarify that you will monitor their phones.

Thus, we don’t survey parental control apps that can run in secrecy mode on a child’s phone so the child can’t tell the app is introduced. Numerous parental control items have this capacity, and some even promote it.

However, individuals frequently utilize these apps not to monitor their kids, but to keep an eye on their life partners or different grown-ups. This purported “stalker” is regularly a factor in homegrown maltreatment.

Best Parental Control App For iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac PCs

No parental control administration is great, as different apps may have different features and may be better suited to different needs and preferences. The best blend of web separating, location tracking, and app the executives on both Android and iOS devices. It additionally takes a shot at Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, Windows and Mac, and Chrome OS devices that help Google Play.

The software offers text-message logging and monitoring, yet just on Android & iPhone devices. It additionally lets you spy on Windows PCs and MacBook devices. Its complementary plan incorporates web monitoring, screen time limits, and an app for executives.

All these are Parental control apps that can spy on someone’s iPhone and Android and also on Mac, and Windows OS. Because of Apple’s tighter app limitations. A couple of these apps were injured by an Apple strategy change, and keeping in mind that the apps later had a portion of their usefulness reestablished.

Apple could yank the mat out from them again whenever. Its full-highlighted paid arrangement is simply $5 every month for some number of devices, including PCs and Macs.

Best Parental Monitoring Apps for iPhone, Android, and PC Devices

Some are popular and well-reviewed parental control apps for iPhone, Android, and Mac computers. We will read in this blog, the features, Prices, and devices supported. You can make the decision about which app is the best for you as the parent.

KidsGuard Parental Control App

KidsGuard is the best parental spy app for iPhone, Android, and computers that allows parents to monitor their children’s activity on their devices. The software is designed to provide parents with insights into their child’s online activity. The app has the ability to track their location, view calls & text message logs, track social media activity, and view phone contents, and gallery photos.

The features of KidsGuard include real-time location tracking, website and app blocking, and alerts for specific keywords or contacts. The ClevGuard platforms that it supports include Android, iOS, and Windows.

However, Parents are using such software on devices without the consent of the target teens. It’s important to have open communication and trust with your children, rather than monitor their activities without their knowledge. Parents should respect their children’s privacy and have an honest conversation with them about the reasons for monitoring their devices and setting rules and boundaries.

KidsGuard Pro Price

Packages for Android: One month is $29.95, $16.65/Month for three months, and $8.32/month for a yearly.

Plans for iPhone Tracking: monthly price is $39.95, Three months cost $19.98/month, and $9.16/month for annual charges.

mSpy Best Parental Control App For iPhone & Android

mSpy is a Parental monitoring app that can work on an iPhone or Android to track the children’s device’s activity. mSpy allows users to track the device’s incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails, GPS location, and more.

The software can be used to block adult websites and install apps on the phone, view the internet browsing history. It is intended for parents to check their children’s device usage and for employers to monitor the usage of company-owned devices by employees.

Keep in mind when you are going to installing mSpy or similar software to monitor someone else’s device without their consent is illegal in some countries.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy has two price packages Basic & Premium plans:

Basic: with Limited Features

1 month – $29.99

3 months – $59.99

12 months – $99.99

Premium: with all Features

1 month – $48.99

3 months – $85

12 months – $140


Hoverwatch is a mobile phone and computer monitoring software that allows users to track the location and record calls and messages of the device. The software is typically marketed as a way for parents to monitor their children’s activity on their devices. 

You can install this software on company devices to monitor the employee’s activity. The features of Hoverwatch have the power to track the GPS  location of the target phone in real-time, view call history, read text messages, view the phone content b and the device’s photo gallery, and track the use of specific installed apps.

HoverWatch Pricing :

Hoverwatch monitoring app offers a set of features, at a cheaper price than many other apps. Hoverwatch has three package plans: Personal, Professional, and Business.

Personal Packages Prices: (For One Device)

One Month: $24.95

Three Months $59.95

12 Months $99.95

Professional Packages Prices: (For 5 Devices)

1 Month $49.95

3 months $99.95

12 Months $199.95

Business Packages Prices: (For 25 Devices

One Month: $149.95

Three Months $299.95

12 Months $499.95

TheOneSpy – Best Parental Control App Windows, Mac & Phone

It is one of the best parental control software TheOneSpy for parents that can monitor their child’s devices like Android Phones, computers, and Macs. The application is currently packed with many advanced features of voice, data, and location packages.

TheOneSpy records and monitors screen, audio, and video remotely. Check the browsing history, record phone calls, text messages, calendars, and saved media files along with installed application lists.

TheOneSpy has the most advanced parental control features to keep an eye on kids’ and teens’ digital device activities and protect them from the dangers of the digital world such as cyberbullying, stalking, predating, and much more.

TheOneSpy Price

TheOneSpy application subscriptions start from xLite $25/month, Premium plan for one month $55 to $165 Premium for an annual fee for Android.

Subscriptions Three Plans for MacBook are $55 per Month, 3 months are $105 and six months cost $125.

Windows subscription packages: $40 for a month, three-month price $60 and semi-yearly cost $80.

Click for TheOneSpy app review

FamiSafe_ Free Android & iPhone Parental Control App

Coming in as the best parental monitoring app for kids aged 2-18 is FamiSafe. FamiSafe is an across-the-board kid monitoring app. It offers practically every element a parent could need from the best parental spy app for iPhone & Android.

The parental control app can complete the entire advanced parenting. For fundamental child-rearing, FamiSafe can track the child’s location, show their location history, and set screen time stipends and timetables.

Likewise, it is additionally an astute child monitoring app recognizing and sending moment cautions of unsafe texts and pornography pictures.

Also, its incredible web separating matches more than 10 inappropriate classes. Guardians can utilize Safe Search highlight to sift through explicit search results.


Qustodio’s separating technology is empowered consequently, so it shields your child from risky content immediately. Yet, you can likewise decide to block explicit websites like gaming destinations and social networks.

Qustodio additionally encourages you to set up appropriate screen time limits with your child utilizing set timetables or every day limits on internet time.

Its natural online dashboard makes it simple to monitor your children’s actions and ensures they’re utilizing their devices appropriately. Qustodio is equipped for tracking movement on more social media stages (counting YouTube) than most parental control apps, and it even works in secret mode.

On the off chance that you pick in for broadened announcing, Qustodio emails you helpful week-by-week or month-to-month reports that stall your child’s movement for as long as 30 days.

On the off chance that your child is in a tough situation, the SOS signal for an emergency response include (Android just) lets them send you a location-based caution quickly with a solitary snap. There’s likewise a family finder (iOS and Android) that permits you to track your loved one’s location continuously on a GPS map.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny, which we consider to be the best parental control app, has fantastic web-sifting technology and a cutting-edge, natural plan.

Among all the parental control apps we attempted, it comes nearest to having highlighted equality between its iOS and Android adaptations. Its iOS capacities don’t appear to have been influenced by ongoing Apple strategy changes.

Net Nanny can track your child’s location, show their location history, and set time remittances and timetables similarly well on the two stages.

The iOS adaptation lets you block a few dozen apps on your kid’s phone; the Android one lets you block them all. (Tom’s Guide users spare $10 off every one of Net Nanny’s arrangements.)

Net Nanny as of late included content screening that works inside social media apps and administrations, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, rather than blocking or permitting them altogether.


Bark makes it simple to shield your kids from a wide scope of online dangers. The best parental spy app for iPhone & Android is extraordinary to consider if text, email, and social media monitoring are your main concerns, just in view of its capacity to track such an enormous number of stages — including Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Dissimilar to numerous parental control apps that lone monitor app use, Bark causes you to monitor the real content of your kids’ discussions on social media stages. It does likewise for your children’s SMS and email discussions on every viable device, including any photos or videos they send or get.

Utilizing day-in and day-out identification, Bark sends you a programmed alert whenever the parental control app’s calculation distinguishes a likely danger.

For example, cyberbullying, online prepping, or indications of self-destructive contemplations. For instance, if your child starts searching online for content identified with melancholy and self-destruction, Bark’s calculation advises you immediately so you can address the worry.

Bark additionally gives simple to-peruse action reports in its instinctive dashboard, which is incredible when you’re a bustling guardian searching for an advantageous method to watch that your child remains safe online.


Need everybody’s full focus? Mobicip empowers you to bolt all family devices right away with the snap of a catch. You can likewise decide to block all video streaming apps and websites, which is extraordinary for restricting interruptions during schoolwork time.

Mobicip permits you to see as long as about a month of your child’s perusing history from the dashboard. Also, with adaptable content blocking, you can keep your child from getting to any app or website that you have worries about.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you monitor your kids’ exercises on PCs and Macs just as on smartphones. Shockingly better, Kaspersky’s paid level is just $15 every year (there’s a 7-day free preliminary) and its free arrangement lets you set time limits, channel websites, and oversee different apps.

Kaspersky’s location and geofencing tracking app feature works on the iPhone and Android, as do its web monitoring and device booking. In any case, app the executives are restricted to iOS, and the iOS app can’t monitor calls or texts by any means.

In like manner, another component that lets you block explicit sorts of YouTube searches, and audit YouTube search history in case you’re a paid client, takes a shot at Windows, iOS, and Android, including the YouTube Android app – yet not on Macs.

In any case, in the event that you don’t want to peruse your kids’ text messages, at that point Kaspersky Safe Kids is well worth considering.


Surfblocker isn’t higher on this rundown since it’s just viable with Windows. Notwithstanding, it actually has a great deal to bring to the table with magnificent content separating and exhaustive monitoring tools.

The app isn’t especially alluring contrasted with a portion of Surfblocker’s gaudy rivals, yet it’s truly lightweight, has a basic interface, and is amazingly simple to set up and begin utilizing with your kids.

Of course, Surfblocker will keep your children from getting hurtful and inappropriate content. You additionally have the choice to physically include or whitelist explicit websites so you can tailor them to your child’s needs.

You can even secret words to secure your child’s internet access during specific times — something I haven’t seen from numerous other parental control apps.


How To Pick The Best Parental Control App for iPhone & Android?

What you need from parental control software primarily depends on how old your kids are. In case you’re the parent of children under 12 or teens. You completely need to have the option to block frightful websites. However, you may likewise consider an app that is accessible on iPhones, Android, tablets, and computers.

In the event that you have teenagers, you should let them view offensive things online. However just in case you’re mindful of it. You may likewise need to see whom your teenagers are conversing with on Social apps and to see where they are late at night.

The best parental control apps will offer, at any rate, a website channel, location tracking, screen-time limits including a scheduler, and app blocker that works in any event on Android & iPhone.

Valuable additional highlights incorporate geofencing, which cautions you if a child’s phone leaves an assigned “safe” territory like school or a relative’s home. A portion of these apps let you block the calls and texts and view text & call logs a child makes and gets. However, you can record phone calls on iPhone and Android.

A couple even lets you read a child’s text messages, yet none lets you tune inaccessible if the need arises, on the grounds that that is illicit. Also, you should consider the help that monitors your kids’ Mac and Windows devices just like their smartphones.

How Can Parents Monitor Everything on a Child’s Phone?

Parents can see everything on their child’s phone without their knowledge and consent. It is important to establish trust in communication with your child and to set clear guidelines around phone usage.

Parents are worried about their child’s safety or well-being, there are a number of software that offer services that can help you check their child’s phone usage in a transparent way.

Parents can install apps such as Kidsguard, HoverWatch, TheOneSpy, and mSpy which allow them to user track their child’s device activity. Parents can track calls and texts, track their location, set limits on their phone usage, and more. Some parental control apps are available to set up content filtering and set time limits to the usage of their phone.

Can I Use a Parental Tracking App for Kids’ Safety and Privacy?

Yes, you can use parental monitoring apps for children’s safety. But, keep in mind this type of monitoring could lead to the breaking of privacy, trust, and an unhealthy relationship with your child.