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How To Take iCloud Photos Backup Manually

Memories always need to be preserved, hence taking a backup of your icloud photos is essential. You can follow the following steps to take a backup of icloud photos. Whether it is iphone, ipad, or ipod touch click on settings your name, icloud, and then photos. You can also open the photo app on your iphone, ipad, or ipod and select the photos scroll down from the photos tab and complete the backup process.

In order to access storage and backup, go to settings, please select icloud backup which automatically takes a backup of the available files. You can download these files to your system. The backup can be taken when your iphone is charging and is connected to the wifi. The icloud drive application is installed on your iOS device you can access all the photos from there and save it on an external hard drive or a pen drive.

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How does the iCloud Work:

icloud photos keep each photo and video in icloud drive you can access these photos from any device you like at any given point. Please note that all changes you make on any of the devices the same changes are automatically made on other devices as well. Your photos, videos get segregated into moments, collections and years. These can be shared with colleagues friends at any given point in time. 

What should be kept in mind before taking backup on iCloud? As a user please ensure all your iOS devices are updated with the latest software. Then you need to setup all iCloud devices. iCloud utilizes the same Apple ID and password with which you login into your iPhones, iPad, and iPod etc. This helps you to sync iCloud to all devices seamlessly and access iCloud photos on pc easily. Also in case, you have a windows pc or laptops please download the iCloud version for windows. Settings> Your Name>icloud>click on photos. On your Mac, you can access iCloud photos from system preferences. Please note all your photo collections can be downloaded year wise in a timely manner.

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How does icloud work on Windows PC?

Please download icloud version for windows, As soon as you see the option called photos please click on the options tab next to it. You can click on the icloud library once its opens from photo gallery click on done and apply. Remember to turn on icloud photos on all your devices. My photostream is an application that allows you to share albums and photos with non iphone users as well. icloud photo sharing is used to share albums with other users. You can open a file explorer window then click on the icloud photos option select the photos or videos to be downloaded and then click on the download. It may interest you to note that you can specify the storage location on icloud where post downloading all your photos and videos are stored. You can go into settings- click on icloud- click on icloud backup and wait for the backup to complete. This is the same procedure that you follow in any iphone ipad and ipod touch.

How do I find old photo backups on icloud?

icloud is built into each device manufactured by Apple. All your relevant data such as photos videos etc are up to date and easily accessible from any corner of the world. Every user gets 5 GB of icloud storage and you can add more whenever you like as per your requirement. The most interesting part of being an icloud user is that you can share your photos videos and other data at any given time either its clicked recently or a few years ago. 

You can save all photos and videos on the Icloud in original resolution and free up the existing space on your device. The original media files can be downloaded as per requirement when you need them.

icloud allows you create segregated albums of photos videos events and holidays, makes it easily accessible for you the same is shared with friends and family members they can like post a comment or share ahead. Once all your backup files of photos and videos are stored you can access the same from anywhere in the world easily from any device you just need to sign in with your login id and password. Even if you remove the photos from a given device you need to delete the same from icloud drive by pressing the delete button for permanent deletion.