5 Reason TO Hire an Online Marketer

We have recently been in discussion with many SMEs. We generally see limited and certainly no effective use of online marketing or an online marketer. Online marketing is not yet professionally addressed by SMEs. Often there is a lack of time and knowledge or the implementation is done by an employee who does it as a task. What people often do not realize is that a clear strategy and good execution yield more for your (turnover) growth.

Anyone can post a message on social media. But how do you ensure that you reach your target group? How do you ensure that you are committed and connected to the products and/or services that your company realizes? How do you ensure that you generate leads and eventually win deals? Only a small proportion of SMEs succeed in this. In fact, more than half of the companies don’t even measure the results. How can you know if your effort is effective?

No result without a goal

A good marketing strategy is important for determining the right course. A professional implementation gives your potential customers confidence and contributes to increasing your turnover and growth. Most marketing campaigns do not fail on a bad idea but on a bad execution. As a result, the plan ends up in the fridge, or worse, in the freezer.

Do you recognize this? Then it can be smart to engage an online marketer. As an entrepreneur, you want to do what you are good at and you keep focus on your core business. Administration, HR activities and IT are often already outsourced to external specialists. Why not do that with an online marketer?

In this article, we give you 5 reasons to hire an online marketer.

1. The skills of an online marketer

Where do you start with online marketing and how much online marketing knowledge do you really have? Do you limit yourself to what you know or do you have an internal employee doing it?

More and more is being asked of an online marketer. They have to be creative, a good planner, project leader, a copywriter with a fluent pen, know everything about social media and preferably also be able to design in Photoshop. These (young) professionals are difficult to find.

2. Flexible and scalable

Within the marketing department, it is often running or flying, but it is also sometimes standing still. For example, there are deadlines that will shorten your capacity and then it will be a bit calmer again. Not all SMEs need a full-time online marketer. In fact, this is often not even feasible from a budget. In this case, it is attractive to hire a specialist for one or two days a week so that you can at least make a professional start.

3. No hassle with employment contracts

The new IT Act and the changes regarding the transition fees have meant that SMEs are not keen on hiring permanent staff. With external employees, you do not have to worry about long-term illness or cancellations for which you have to find another replacement. The above is not the case with an external force. You have no hassle with employment contracts, you will receive a monthly invoice based on the days worked, the costs of which are also deductible.

4. Cost-efficient

One online marketer costs a company at least $15,000 annually. That does not include recruitment costs, training, training, pension provisions, etc. Depending on your wishes and chosen strategy, you only pay for an external specialist for the days that you really need. The average spend with our customers is about half of what an online marketer makes in permanent employment costs. If you also take into account that with a more professional approach you get more return on your actions and have higher productivity, then the result of this calculation is not rocket science.

5. Continuity with up-to-date knowledge

Online Marketing is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop after one campaign or lead generating action. The market is changing and your competition is not standing still. It is a continuous process of measuring, adjusting, optimizing and improving to continue to achieve the highest possible (turnover) growth. Every online marketer must ensure that he or she is and remains up to date with the latest developments in the digital world. With your own staff, you are responsible for providing training, coaching, and guidance.


The best online marketer saves you a search for the right person. After all, you have all the online marketing expertise at your disposal and you immediately get your first savings for recruitment and selection costs. A good digital marketer shares knowledge and experiences with each other. In addition, he provides education and training on the job.

You can use online marketers at your own discretion. Also for the extra capacity of your current department. No wasted time and associated costs, only when you really need it; even from one day a week.

An online digital marketer will work with a Growth Strategy tailored to your company and prepared by experienced online marketing specialists and entrepreneurs.