PeopleWorks: Clever Tool To Simplify Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the most valuable asset for all businesses. It consists of a set of skills, training and qualification that is used to enhance the productivity of a business. The idea of human resource, however, is not limited to recruitment, it’s much more beyond that. Therefore, an organisation needs Human Resource Management software to simplify the process.

Cloud-based HCM software

PeopleWorks is an important software for quality assurance and sustainable human resource function management. It is a cloud-based Human Capital Management software (HCM) that offers a comprehensive range of tools which help to simplify the operations of an organisation. It makes the procedure of recruitment, resource planning, leave management and employee’s self-service portal more comfortable. It facilitates error-free management using its efficient and user-friendly interface. The security parameters of the software make sure that all the payroll related data and information is secure. It has payroll platforms for each employee that can only be accessed through individual id and password.

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Solutions Provided by PeopleWorks

PaperWorks offers different solutions that can help to maintain a robust workforce.

1.  Recruitment Solutions

The process of recruitment in an organisation is quite tedious. PeopleWorks provides a solution to simplify the hectic recruitment and onboarding function. It makes the selection process automatic and builds a list of prospective candidates.

Key highlights:

  • Optimises the recruitment process and reduces the cost of hiring.
  • Streamlines the process of documentation relevant to recruitment and onboarding.
  • Helps the new joiners to complete the orientation and onboarding procedure quickly and efficiently.
  • Helps in manpower resource planning and aligns people’s goals with the organisational goals.

2. Workforce Management

The software has a workforce module that encompasses an entirely diversified set of Human Capital Management Software tools. The most prominent feature of the software is that it automates day-to-day management without exerting more efforts. It streamlines the human resource administration in the simplest way possible.

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Key highlights:

  • Records attendance using Integrated Biometric setup and Geo attendance system.
  • All the entries related to Attendance, Exits and Leaves are integrated with the payroll module.
  • The office employees are enforced to desktop attendance along with overtime and roster creation and shift management.
  • Timesheet and scheduling ensure on-time delivery of the projects.

3. Core HR

The details of the employee and the related database form the core around which all the modules are tied up.

Key highlights:

  • It ensures mobility and connectivity for the ease of the organisation.
  • Improves the engagement of the employees through regular polling, surveys, quick query resolution and valuable feedbacks.
  • Stores all the details related to the employees in a way so that it can easily be accessed.

4. Manages the Payroll

PeopleWorks is expert in payroll management. It provides the most valuable solution for human capital management. It comprises of an award-winning payroll module.

Key highlights:

  • Helps to level up the pay structure of the employees.
  • Provides errorless process in minutes.
  • Helps to maintain the updated Human resource compliance along with the necessary documents.
  • Calculates incentives and benefits comprehensively.

5. Talent Management

The talent module of the software facilitates the career management of the employees. It enables critical resources to retentiveness in the organisation.

Key highlights:

  • Compensates and provides benefits according to the performance of the employees.
  • Defines skills, competencies, and KRAs in favour of the effective and transparent processes of appraisals.
  • Evaluates objective for single and multi-rated assessment for evaluation of purpose and performance.
  • Helps to encourage the employees so that they can contribute to the success of the business, which will lead to their professional growth.
  • Makes the implementation of rewards and recognition programmes easy.

6. Skill Development and Learning Solutions

PeopleWorks has modules designed to help and identify the skill gaps in employees. It provides learning and development training to the employees and provides them with better and broader opportunities.

Key highlights:

  • Exercise the effectiveness of the development program.
  • Create training programmes based on the need of the employee and the associated projects.
  • The human resource manager can evaluate the cost of training and development and calculate the effective return on investments made on training.

Contribution to Human Resource Management

PaperWorks contributes to Human Resource Management in the following ways:

  • Attracts the right talent – It is essential to have the right set of employees to run an effective business operation. Therefore, finding the right candidates is critical.
  • Managing verifications – Though employees keep separating from the organisation on a regular basis, there are a large bundle of documents that needs to be submitted and verified.
  • Introducing new recruits in the framework of the organisation – Making the employees familiar with the organisation is equally important as hiring them. They have to adjust and accept the working structure, rules and regulations of the organisation.
  • Nurturing the new hires – The ability of an employee depends on the employee’s adaptability to the organisation. They need to have a single-minded approach to adjust well in the organisation.

Hence, PopleWorks is a great tool to manage human resources and help the organisation to deal with everyday challenges. It also has a SaaS-based model that works on a lower cost of ownership and operation. Therefore, it provides your business with the most productive solution.