13 Great Creative App Ideas for Mobile App Design

Nowadays everyone’s need is diversifying and technological advances make everyone more demanding. Due to the emerging smart phone users, every single person wants to fulfill his needs through mobile applications.

That is why it is great chance for mobile app development to come forward and develop an app with unique ideas as listed below to generate the revenue stream:

Idea 1:  restaurants require to find suitable charities in their local areas to donate their excess food every day and this can possible through food donation system app. With the help of this app the restaurant snot only save a lot of food that otherwise goes to waste but help poor people on humanitarian basis

Idea 2:  Sometimes the users may need to catch their buses on time by altering them of the bus timing, schedule, time change, delay,etc. A transport alert app has made it possible through GPS facility to keep track of the bus running status in real-time

 Idea 3: It can also be possible as well as It will be extremely helpful for all types of taxpayers  that hold records of all your income, business supplies, expenses, and tax transactions and will automatically calculate your tax liability for the particular period through a tax application.

Idea 4: Everyone may have the need to take notes, share with others, and comment on notes, add to existing notes or make new notes by a note-taking platform mobile app design about a particular topic, lecture or seminar.

Idea 5: It is highly possible with the app that to read the text written on a paper so that you can save it in the digital format on your phone or PC.  Through this text reader app, a person can not only exactly scan an image of the paper but it will only read the text or number written on it.

Idea 6: You can find the perfect eating companion for you every day through a social eat-together app according your location, schedule, and preferences input by you so don’t to bore by eating along

Idea 7: It can be the desire to rate your friends anonymously with respect to different qualities such as smile, anger, beauty, nature and more. A social rating mobile application will make you able to see the rating but won’t know it’s from you.

Idea 8: It inessential needs of user to hire contractors online by compare the different services providers and choose the one according to their budget and needs. All this possible by contractors hiring app to let users post their requirements,budget and availability timing online.  Contractors can also see the ads and deals according to their interest.

Idea 9: An app ideas that help people to find the best dates  with special interests like nerds,geeks, comic lovers, etc according to their interest. This would be the ideal place for those who are introverts and finding date.

Idea 10: Sometime you would like to create life goals, keep track of them, and share them with others.  A goal management and sharing app allows you share the same goals so that users can support each other in the completion of such goals.

Idea 11:Sometimes it may be the need of professional’s team members to come together in order to collaborate online to create a team presentation by contributing ideas and feedback in real-time.

Idea 12: The local food delivery app will be used to find a cheap and best food delivery service with additional information like delivery location, choice of food and contact details etc 

Idea 13:  For a regular health checkup everyone goes to their doctor. In that case, the health inspector app can be the one will save the user’s doctor’s number with respect to the set duration. In that way, it will save the user’s doctor’s number with respect to the set duration.At the time of appointment, it will automatically text message for the appointment in order to notify the user about the whether it is approve or not.


At such a technological advances era, it will not be the question of investors that which one app is best i.e. Native vs Hybrid . Just you hire any professional app development firm like CMOLDS for technical implementation.