How Digital Signage Solutions Help in Marketing Business

When you go out, what do you see in malls, hospitals, or highways? Chances are, you would find different forms of digital signage.

These catchy and highly engaging marketing tools prove that in the era of digitalization and modern technology, using digital signage solutions in marketing your business is a must.

Signs of the Modern Times

Seeing various forms of digital signage is one sign that you are living in the modern world. While some traditional media is still used, you are more likely to see digital screens and monitors around you. Businesses in cities and thriving metropolitans such as Dubai take advantage of these digital signage solutions to attract audiences and project the messages they want to convey.

Digital signages are visual communication tools that use electronic technology to deliver targeted messages. A business can conceptualize, design, and modify its digital signage content to hook its particular audience. Digital signage applications are almost infinite and can be used across a variety of customer touchpoints.

It is important to note, however, that it’s essential to partner with a reputable and reliable digital signage solutions company when deciding to leverage digital signage in your business. You cannot simply entrust the job to just anyone. You need to pick a team that is well-versed in current digital trends. You should go for digital signage and LED display screen suppliers in Dubai with in-depth experience and expertise in leveraging these tools.

Examples of Digital Signage

Curious about what kinds of digital signage you can use for marketing your brand, product, or service? Here are some examples that you can consider:

Digital Directories

You may have seen them around malls, theme parks, or big hospitals. Digital directories, also called digital wayfinding signs, are created by translating a location’s blueprint into a digital map using a software program.

Digital directories are ergonomically designed to allow visitors to approach the signage and get the information they need. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, top-notch digital signage suppliers have also updated their digital wayfinding applications to include a QR code so people can scan a barcode instead of touching the screen.

Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, hand sanitizers have become a crucial tool for practicing health and safety measures in reception areas, places of worship, and entrance lobbies.

Digital hand sanitizer kiosks combine a hand sanitizer dispenser and a digital display where you can inform your guests about proper hand hygiene and other target-specific messages.

Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks are artistic, digital attention-grabbers that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These are essentially digital screens powered by a computer and connected to your network. These digital kiosks are remotely controlled by a content publishing platform, making it easy for you to adapt and update content.

Digital Menu Boards

Add flair to your food and beverage offerings with the use of digital menu boards. Digital menu boards can be a screen or series of screens which show attractive graphics that beckon to your customers. These will also make it easier for you to update the information as you see fit.

LED Screens

LED screens come in many forms. They can be flexible or transparent screens that businesses use for indoor or outdoor purposes. These versatile visual communications materials can be adapted to your specific requirements and deliver your messages in an eye-catching and effective way.

Queue Management

Digital signage solutions can also help businesses that need an attractive and user-friendly queue management solution. The software for digital queue management kiosks has also expanded to online and mobile versions, allowing pre-booking and mobile phones as proof of entry and arrival.

Video Walls

Using cutting-edge LCD technology, video walls can significantly enhance any space. Whether the played content is for information or entertainment purposes, this digital signage allows endless possibilities for content and configuration.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Business

Enhances the Customer Experience

You can effectively combine digital signage with your marketing messages to deliver relevant content to your target market. Digital kiosks, for example, can engage and unobtrusively interact with your customers.

Digital queue management systems, especially those that allow pre-booking, give customers the flexibility of time. This system also helps optimize wait times, convenience in choosing services, and comfort when taking a ticket and waiting for their turn.

Digital kiosks also reduce perceived wait time by giving customers something to do and look at while waiting for a service or product.

Provides Cost-Effective Advertising Spend

Digital content and creatives are far less expensive compared to traditional print material and signage. Print signage can also take weeks to print (or even more) when you have a vast distribution network.

On the flip side, digital ads can be generated and uploaded much faster, which means you can run target-specific, time-specific, and relevant ads. It’s easier to change restaurant menus, for example, and synchronize the update across all branches so all digital menus will reflect the change simultaneously. This means less printing, logistical and administrative costs on your end.

Drives Sales

Visual aids are said to be 43% more persuasive. Also, digital signage increases brand awareness by 47.7%, which also increases the sales conversion ratio. In restaurants, for example, unplanned purchases can jump up to 80% when using digital signage, with 19% of viewers making unplanned purchases after seeing something promoted on a digital screen in a retail setting.

These are just a handful of statistics that prove the effectiveness of digital signage marketing. Not only can it make people aware of your brand, but it can also engage, inform, and call on them to conduct an affirmative action towards your brand or offer.

Solutions for the Digital Age

Digital signage can enhance the customer experience, which can boost your sales and elevate your brand. By displaying relevant and timely content to your target market through dynamic and engaging channels such as digital kiosks, menus, LED screens, and video walls, you can achieve your brand and business goals with flair and efficiency. Make sure to hire an excellent digital signage solution company to ensure that your vision can be effectively translated to action.