What Constitutes a Great Internet Connection?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in 2020 and not one soul can be termed unaffected by its force although looking at the glass half full, the adversity of this virus could have been way worse had it been erupted 02 decades ago. The general infrastructure, economic development, technological evolution, and healthcare facilities have greatly improved and keep on getting better by the day. This being said, it is a plain sight fact that internet and connectivity have kept us afloat, business-wise, and in the manner of lifestyle as well. Most of us have kept sane by baking banana bread this quarantine and others by the benefit of entertainment networks; work from home was only possible on account of supplementing the internet and therefore, it is now important more than ever to have a great internet connection.

For Jack to be sane minded, it is of utmost importance to work hard and play harder, and if this pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that if you have got a great internet connection, you can do both with quite ease. Internet service providers like Spectrum, for instance, have a knack to innovate their services for the customers’ continued comfort and ease; Spectrum bundles, for instance, provide a great opportunity for everyone to access high-speed internet connection with various other functionality features at affordable rates.

Features that need to be taken into the light as constituents of a great internet connection for yourself are explained below to serve you right when you are choosing your internet service provider.


One of the most important factors in defining a great connection tailored for yourself is its accessibility to you – high-speed internet connection, low cost or fiber connection units would do you no good if its availability is restricted in your vicinity. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to area search the internet service provider with the help of your zip code and find out if it is offered in your particular locality.

The coverage range of internet providers can also differ depending on your area and this can restrict your decisions. Frequently any publicized costs, speeds, promotional packages, and bundles can likewise contrast and in this manner, you should put in some effort to go through your area adjustments in a detailed manner.


Nowadays, the speediness of your internet connection is as important as its availability if not more. Speed has gotten even more a requisite than a fancy side element. The accessibility of speed changes as the reach of connection providers varies, as well, making speed more and more important.

Speed is vital when deciding on which internet provider is best for you as far as your requirements are concerned. Your objective should be to discover an internet plan with sufficient download and transfer speeds so you can achieve any online assignment, effortlessly. Having this said, you have to understand that the fastest internet connection might not be as great for yourself as much as you think. Bandwidth suggests the volume of data that the transmission medium can support in a said unit of time. Selecting the fastest plan for your internet connection can be persuasive, however, in the event that you are not cautious, you can undoubtedly wind up paying a lot for bandwidth that you will never utilize.


Price is one of the most overwhelming components with regards to picking a great internet connection for yourself. Every one of us wants to avail of the fastest internet service available. Much to our dismay that this fastest service will also cost the most. The formula is quite straightforward: the faster the internet connection, the costlier it is.

You ought to, consequently, be set up to understand and evaluate the upsides and downsides of a couple of different internet bundles. For example, a costlier internet connection may be the right decision, in the event that you look after an online business. Nevertheless, in the event that you just need the internet for general everyday tasks, a more reasonably priced package could be the correct arrangement for you.

Furthermore, it is imperative to take note of the fact that some internet services have equipment and installation charges applicable, while others offer discounts and/or promotions for customer attraction. Spectrum can help figure out your needs and let you choose the right package for yourself.

Connection Type

Connection type has a significant impact on the speed of your internet connection. Satellite internet access is infamous for appearing slow, despite having decent download speeds (Up to 25Mbps). The logic behind this opinion is mere science. The signal from your satellite is sent to go around 22,000 miles out, into space. From that point, the orbiting satellite contacts a network center to locate the site. That data is then sent back to the satellite in a circle and afterward, back to you. Indeed, even at the speed of light, this cycle takes just about 500 milliseconds in addition to any extra handling time for the solicitation, which happens on both the provider and customer side. It doesn’t seem like a lot right now, however, including an additional 1/2 second to each activity causes it to appear slow. On the other hand, even the low side of the 4G-LTE signals is around 100 milliseconds versus 400+ milliseconds for satellite connection providers.


Now that you must have gotten an idea of what internet connection is the best designed for your needs, you also have to consider another important factor which is reliability. An inconsistent internet connection can be highly problematic, particularly in the event that you work from home or use the internet heavily for different reasons like online streaming services, social media, or gaming. Internet service providers work through dense competition and hence it is a strong recommendation that you zoom in to your choices carefully to evaluate which one deserves your attention the most.

Internet service providers all offer extraordinary bundles and thusly the degrees of customer loyalty can change significantly. If you have got the time, you should also look out for the customer service structure of internet service providers in your consideration to understand if they are hands-on with the issues. Furthermore, if the significance of your internet connection is more than an entertainment source, you need to find an internet service provider that offers Service Level Agreement to ensure that your needs come first.