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Top 5 tips for choosing Social Media Aggregator Tools

Today social media platforms have changed everything! Increasing obsession of the crowd towards various social media platforms has even led businesses and brands to amend their ways of marketing. Social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more have expanded a lot in the last decade.

Social media aggregator tool, as the name proposes its own meaning, it’s the tool that is used to collect and curate all the feeds, posts, or tweets from different social media platforms in one place. These tools let you keep an eye on your brand reputation and also aids in business marketing strategies. There are several social media aggregator tools available in the market out there, but choosing the most appropriate or the best one is important.

Haven’t you selected any social media aggregator for your business yet? My friend, this post is for you, I have mentioned a few tips which will help you in selecting relevant social media aggregator tools for your business.

Tips for Choosing Best Social Media Aggregator Tools

Choosing the most relevant and appropriate social media aggregator tool is not a hard nut to crack, it’s just you need to keep an eye on some important features which will help you gain results in the long run. These are:

  • Compatibility: Well, this is the most important and the primary feature which you must check-on. The social media aggregator tool you choose must be compatible with the maximum social media platforms, and most importantly to those social media channels which are important for your business.

There are various tools available in the market, which are compatible with a few specific social media platforms only. To maximize the reach of your audience, enhance brand visibility, and to grab more opportunities, your chosen tool must enable you to link social media platforms as much as possible.

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  • Customization & Analytics Options: Your chosen tool must enable you to customize your chosen content up to some extent. With the help of customization features, you can have control over the content which gets posted on your official website.

    A good social media aggregator tool will empower you to customize the themes, color, design, layout, fonts, and much more. You can never be sure, what works best for your brand. An analysis is important, to know whether the strategy applied is driving results or not. The analytics feature of the ideal social media aggregator tool will help you in analyzing all your social media activities and will also help you to see the real-time stats. 

  • Mobile-Friendliness: Today, the crowd is more occupied, and spent most of their time on mobiles, tabs, or laptops. To maximize the impact of your applied business strategy, you should opt for the social media aggregator tool which is mobile-friendly. It will help your users to navigate easily through their mobile devices. Your feeds, stories, or posts should be available to your users simply on the go. To reach the maximum of your audience, this feature becomes the most important to take care of.

  • Moderation Feature: When you collect the posts, feeds, stories, or tweets from different social media platforms, it becomes hard to manually pull the most relevant and appropriate content from the huge bunch. However, to simplify this process your social media aggregator tool comes to the rescue. It will help you in eliminating all the irrelevant, inappropriate, and not safe for work content from the collected & curated content.

    This is one of the strongest features which you will need to run a successful and impactful social media marketing campaign for your brand. You must showcase real user-generated content to your users. It will impact your brand reputation and will turn your event into a bad dream. So to avoid irrelevant content, it is a must-have feature in your selected social media aggregator tool.
  • Real-Time Updates: In the list, this is the last thing to mention but it plays an important role to keep your audience engaged, make them more interactive with your brand, and attract new visitors. It becomes more important when you display any social wall, organize a live hashtag marketing campaign, or for any event, it is because when you showcase real-time conversations, posts, or tweets, it attracts other attendees or users to participate in the campaign and get highlighted.

How can Taggbox help you?

Out of so many social media aggregator tools out there in the market, Taggbox is one of the best to use. With the help of Taggbox, the best social media aggregator tool you can collect the feeds from 15 different social media platforms, which makes it more compatible than any other social media aggregator tool for any type of business. You can collect the feeds with the help of adding the hashtags, mentions, handles, or the usernames of the profiles. Taggbox enables its users to customize the posts, widget and feeds so that when they showcase on their website, they get the most interactive and engaging feeds on their website.

Taggbox also allows you to create a list of inappropriate, irrelevant, and not safe for work words, phrases, or content, so that your brand showcases only the qualitative content. Taggbox is appropriate to use on any electronic device, also it showcases all the real-time updates on your social wall of the event. Most importantly, the marketers of your team can easily analyze the effect of the campaign, hashtag, or event with the help of its Analytics feature.


Boost the impact of your marketing strategy with the help of social media aggregator tools. Engage your audience, communicate with them, maximize your reach, draw maximum results, improvise the conversion rate of your brand, enhance your brand visibility, and boost revenue for your brand with the help of choosing Taggbox- the most appropriate social media aggregator tool for all types of businesses.

Be smart and choose the best!