Factors That Make Your Web Design Less Appealing

We are living in a world where people have less attention span. It will only take 5 seconds for a web design to attract visitors. That is why it is crucial for a web design to appear professional and appealing.

Without a doubt, everyone has a website nowadays. It is an integral part of every business’s online presence. Without a robust digital presence, no business can survive in this competitive world. 

The internet is getting crowded as hundreds of websites are being created. This makes it daunting and challenging to get noticed. If you want to get noticed, you must have a design that doesn’t look cheap.

When it comes to web design, not everyone understands what makes or breaks a website. There are plenty of web design services in New York to help you with exceptional web design.

But if you want to do it yourself, we are here to help you. Here are some of the elements that will enhance your web design and make it more appealing.

Going With Matching Colors

This is an imperative aspect of your web design. Many people use colors that suits their company. Sometimes, it doesn’t look appealing.

Not everyone carefully selects the color scheme. They go with templates having basic or bright colors. Instead of this, you must pick out a color scheme that goes best with your brand.

Having difficulty deciding which color scheme you must select? A color wheel can come in handy. You can choose the colors that represent your brand in the best possible manner. A great tip is going with colors that are inviting or easy on the eyes. It indicates that you are not rushing into things.

Using Stock Photo Clichés

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but yes, clichés in stock photos exist. We all know images are a great way to connect with users and convey your point. That is why people use stock photo sites to find appropriate images for their page.

In case you don’t want to come across as cheap, you should find unique images. There was a time when people with overdone expressions or words on a keyboard images were greatly used. Since it is a cliché, you must go for something different and unique.

A great way to get unique pictures is by using images of little-known photographers. In this way, you can incorporate images that stand out and cannot be found anywhere. At the same time, promote the photographer.

Not Paying Attention to Typography

Another factor that makes your web design look cheap is the typography. Everyone knows some fonts are not perfect for professional sites because they are overly wild. It might confuse people on which fonts to use.

One of the most commonly used fonts is Comic Sans. It indicates that you have not put in thought. However, there are many other fonts that look cheap or amateur.

Nowadays, you can create typography for your brand. It will make your webpage eye-pleasing. This doesn’t mean you have to break your bank to create a font. You can take your time and study various font styles to figure out which represents your brand.

Not Focusing on the Line Height

Many people just pay attention to the typography of the webpage, which is a mistake. The line-height in your text is also crucial for the appearance of your page. It will indicate whether you have put thought into it or not.

Some templates have less line-height, pushing the text closer. This makes it challenging to read and understand. If you use such templates, it will make your page appear cheap.

You must have white space as it will improve the appeal of the page and make it easy for the visitors to understand. An important thing to keep in mind is that the text should connect with the design.

With the help of an SEO specialist, you can create a web design that doesn’t appear cheap.

All in all, the key to making your website appealing and inviting is in the details. You should not rush things. Take your time and have a strategy. It will help in having a professional-looking website. Keep in mind your website is for your visitors. You must consider your audience when deciding the design.