Why is G Suite an Ideal Blogging tool?

Google has become the pioneer of IT industry and has always strived to produce problem-solving inter phase for the end user. Starting from its inception of Gmail in the year 2004, it has become a trusted platform for emailing solution and have made millions of life easier through its service.Google products are used all across the world and recognized by the top notch of the trade. Google’s re branding product G Suite has gained popularity among large scale and small scale business and caters to a varied different category such as industries, schools, blogging, etc. It has walked a step ahead to provide the solution for business users, especially for bloggers it has become an essential tool for survival. Let us see how G Suite has proved to be an ideal blogging tool.

Uptime – with a Google product you can be carefree about the uptime of your web hosting. Google understands the need fora blogger’s site to be ready for audience 24/7. It provides a 24 hours server support and assistance for any fault for the same.

Professional Outlook – by adopting G Suite for blogging,you are introduced to a new world of the professional mailing system. G Suite email integration helps to give your emails a professional look. You can now use username@yourwebsite.com in place of username@gmail.com. It makes a lot of difference to the clients and helps to put up a professional approach which helps business in the long run.

Communication tools – Google handout is one such communication tool provided by G Suite which works for communication needs such as chatting, video conferencing and group conferencing and calling. If your website is about training such as virtual yoga classes,virtual cooking classes or even vertical coach for fitness, then Hangout is the best app to use.

These are the few essential aspects of using G Suite for blogging needs. G Suite makes work more comfortable by providing easy access to data and website, low maintenance cost, huge cloud space for saving and many more. Enjoy the best-in-class features of G Suite for Your site.

Save to Google Drive – a blogger don’t have a particular time to work. He can click pictures any time and start writing anytime any where he feels the need for it. Google Drive in G Suite provides double cloud space for paid business users which makes storage more manageable and convenient.

Google Docs – another feature to G Suite, it is similar to Microsoft Word. It is essential at times to write a blog on a document file first, and then after the final edit, it is then put on the website. Google Docs provides a solution to this issue. It offers solutions such as collaboration on edit and viewing. That means two parties can see the document in one time and can edit simultaneously.

Google Calendar – while adding tweets to Google Sheets you can ensure posting them on social media through autopilot mode. A blogger can well plan their work on basis or requirement and priority by use of Google Calendar. It provides an in-depth planning platform which can aid in efficiency and better outcome. Make Google Calendar your main Calendar and schedule appointments with clients, business meetings or any classes arranged related to your blog. Google Calendar also take updates from different Google Apps such as Email, Hangout,etc. all such information is automatically integrated with Google Calendar which makes life easier.

Low Cost Involved – the paid G Suite version has three divisions of which the lowest price is set at 5 USD which is very cheap. It is essential for bloggers to keep their operation charges as little as possible.The most economical version includes every facility that could ever be needed for blogging requirements ever. Therefore it serves with a very competitive price along with up-to-the-mark service. If you are looking for G Suite Promo Code then is a good opportunity to avail it as you can enjoy up to 20% discount on purchase.