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Best Apps To Track Cell Phone Usage

With an increasing number of apps and other features on smartphone devices, users are spending more time than ever on their phones. Here, these devices are more like an inseparable part of any user today. It starts with a wake-up alarm on smartphones and checking updates and notifications on their smartphone throughout the day. While smartphones have various benefits to users, still they cause certain issues to the user’s personal and professional life. To deal with it, it’s time to keep the tab on smartphone usage.

Best Apps To Track Cell Phone Usages for Android & iPhone:

To deal with smartphone & app addiction on your device, you can use phone monitoring apps for instant and effective results. Here, these tools work as an effective tool to limit phone usage and save your valuable time. Let’s discuss some of these useful apps that track cell phone usage for Android & iPhones here.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Usage Tracker App:

TheOneSpy Screen

TheOneSpy empowers the users to track screen activities by using live screen recording, screenshots and screen time spent features. Parents and employers make short videos of the screen that have access to the online dashboard of the screen tracking app. In addition, you can limit the screen time of your child by remote controller tool TheOneSpy.

If you need to know how each person spent screen time? Also, it’s time to tell you how toxic screen time is for teens, but you need to know the numbers behind person and screen use first. Children, teenagers, and young adults spend most of their time in front of digital screens these days.

mSpy Tracker App:

mSpy screen tracker app

Use mSpy smart app to track time spent on the phone and different apps. You can use this futuristic solution to monitor apps and total phone usage to manage them well. Here, it allows you to set goals for yourself to limit phone usage and save valuable time. Further, it sends you regular alerts when you use your device for long hours to avoid a negative impact on your eyes and ears. In other features, it helps you set alerts for device usage, app usage, screen unlocks, and total time usage.


KidsGuard a helpful app for your Phone Usage Time keeps a tab on phone and app usage to save you valuable time. Here, it will record individual app usage time and total phone usage time to offer you complete details. It is helpful to optimize your phone usage and spare some time for real-life things. It allows you to add a notification bar from where you can view the usage time and all phone online & offline activities.


UBhind helps you manage your smartphone usage seamlessly. It displays accurate details of total phone usage to help you manage it well. Using its comprehensive analysis and stats, you can better understand how you can optimize your phone usage. It displays phone usage in a graphical manner on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In other features, it offers Alarm and Lock features to curb your addiction.

Save My Time:

Save My Time helps you manage your personal and professional life. Using this tool, you can know how much time you have invested in productive activities and unproductive activities separately. It displays complete details for better work-life balance during different time spans. It further offers various filters to check into deeper insights on specific activities. It allows you to add up to nine activities and further customize their colors, names, and icons to monitor and manage them well. It is one of the best apps that track phone usage and helps you manage it well.


PhoneUsage displays a bunch of useful features to help you monitor and manage your phone and app usage. It helps you know screen usage under which you can see total screen time, number of sessions, longest usage, and small usage during the session. Further, it displays information related to application usage including a detailed list of all the apps that are used, the percentage of time spent on the individual app, total time spent on an individual app, and other information.

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Time Used:

Time Used is a meticulously designed app that helps you monitor your app and overall smartphone usage to reduce dependency on it. Here, it helps you break smartphone addiction with some state-of-the-art features for instant and effective results. This smart app helps you improve time management, reduce smartphone addiction and save your valuable time. This is one of the most used apps that track phone usage and offers you reliable results.

Smarter Time:

Smarter Time displays a detailed time log of your daily schedule to help you understand the better usage of your device. Here, it helps you keep the tab on regular distractions and helps you set goals for better smartphone usage. You can use this smart tool for better work-life balance in a seamless manner. In other features, it offers Google calendar integration, place detection, phone app usage, weekly reports, time spend on PC and a lot more.


Use this phone habit tracker app to know how many times in a day you check your phone. It works on a simple yet effective mechanism and seamless interface to offer an improved user experience. You can use this tool to get better insights on total phone usage time and how you can manage that. It even allows you to compare phone usage stats with your friends to keep a tab on unnecessary phone usage.


AppTym is a simple phone monitoring app that helps you limit phone usage effortlessly. It provides accurate tracking of all active apps and overall phone usage. Here, it sends you daily reports for a better understanding of the time you are spending on your device and how you can manage that. In other features, it offers a calendar view, live tracker, customization options, and a lot more.


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App Usage Tracker:

You can use this lightweight app to track time spent on the phone effectively. Here, you can find detailed information about all the apps you use on your device and manage them well. Further, it sends you detailed usage reports for a better understanding of your device usage. It even allows you to export and share reports in CSV files whenever needed. Above all, it consumes very fewer device resources while offering the best results.


Best apps that track cell phone usage for Android and iPhones, you can track time spent on the phone and save some valuable time effortlessly. Here, these smart apps not only help you limit phone usage but helps you reconnect with real-life things. Using these futuristic solutions, you can increase your productivity by doing more important things.