Seven Best iPhone Tracker Apps in 2020

In recent decades, technology has made a lot of advancements. Along with the pros of these advancements, there are cons too. The number of cyber-crimes increased also in other cases related to the internet. The emerging generation has been continuously falling prey to catfishing or cyberbullying. This has given rise to the need for tracking apps. Moreover, you can keep on an eye on your beloved ones to protect them from criticism. While in business, you can monitor what your employees are doing this actually secures you and your data. You can track the location of the iPhone user that maybe your child or employee. Besides you can view the activity log of the user also. In addition, you can easily access the backups stored on iCloud.

However, we are providing you this information to be utilizing it for a righteous purpose. You have to agree with all the applicable laws of the app. Here are the details about the seven best spy apps for iPhones. You will also get to read the price of those apps and there feature as well.

Location Tracker

The iPhone tracking app helpful for the parents if the child spent the time is more than normal and the kids have not backed from their classes. If the child not reached at home and the phone is not attended due to any reason. It’s a worrying situation this app help to track GPS location.

If you have installed an iPhone monitoring app on the child’s phone then you no need to worry at all. You will continuously view updated about the current location of the child device.

If they absent their classes and lie to you, parents can catch them lying with history of locations that updates continuously.

SMS and iMessage Tracker

The user can monitor SMS, iMessage, and logs the target device with the iPhone monitoring app, you get all the updates information about incoming or outgoing text messages. If you synced on iCloud from the target device then you can view old data such as delete messages.

Monitor Calls, Contact

Now we go to Call features, users can view call Logs like person name and number, record phone calls, and also live listing. You can restrict the number that is never heard from your lover or child.

The target person can see the Contact list name and number in there which is a country and can block the number of unwanted persons.

The date, time, and duration of the call, parents can monitor incoming and outgoing calls time that they have been doing late night talking.

Spy Browsing History

Every parent has panic before hand over phone to their child that watches to adult material that they can get from the internet.

It’s an iPhone tracking app to track phone date that child browsing on the internet.

Parents can view the Safari browsing History that watched on the internet on their iPhone. You can easily understand what search was made by the kid. And with the URL given, you can access the website yourself to confirm if it’s really adult content or not. User can check bookmarks data with Safari Bookmarks feature that child access in the future.

How to work An iPhone Spy App?

Spy Apps used to monitor and retrieve activity plus other data of a target iPhone. The server of the spy app runs in the backend without letting the user of the targeted mobile detect it. Different iPhone spy app has various functioning way. However, most of the apps have a basic similar method. That is you have to install the app in the targeted devices. Then set it up using the license key you have. And then you can view the data that your app is featured with. Moreover, all the spy apps are quite easy to install. They all are available in the cloud. And they are accessed via a web-based portal. iPhones are quite famous for having the best security limitations. So, thus no app can be installed on the iPhone that is not authorized by them. The solution to this issue is “Jailbreaking”. Besides, there are some apps such as mSpy allows you to monitor iPhones with undergoing the process of Jailbreaking. All you need to use an iPhone tracker app without jailbreaking is the Apple ID login credentials and enabled iCloud Backup.

The best to check whether your iPhone is compatible with a certain app or not. It checks the app on the App Store of iOS. You will find all the details about the application how much size does it require and is compatible with which version of iOS. Therefore, before purchasing a spy app be careful that the operating system’s version is compatible with the targeted mobile phone or not. And the last thing to take in the notice is whether it requires jailbreaking or not. 

Things to look while installing a spy app for iPhone:

You have to look at many important and essential features of a spy app for iPhone. However, the speciation and requirement may vary from person to person and the need. But there are some features that make a spy app ideal. They are as following:

  • Compatibility for the different versions of the iPhone.
  • Jailbreaking required or not.
  • GPS tracking functionality.
  • Affordable price packages.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Real-time call listening access and recording them.

Thus, while you install a tracking app for your target iPhone, the required features are based on the reasons to monitor. Surely, when you download an app for monitoring your children you just require it for monitoring what they are doing on it. And when it is for business employees’ mobile targets, then your requirements differ. Never, try to target any anonymous person as it is against the act of rights.

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There might be hardly any iPhone tracker app that allows you to record calls or listen to live calls in real-time. 

FlexiSPY is the one who provides you this flexibility. You can also send messages or reply on the behalf of the user of the mobile. This spy has been in the market since 2005. Thus, there are modifications in the application to support the latest versions of iOS.

  • Compatibility: iOS all versions to 9.1. In addition, Jailbreaking is necessary for all the iOS versions.
  • Prices: The Extreme package is $29.08/ month for 12 months either $66.66/month for 3 months. The premium package is $12/month for 12 months and $33/month for 3 months, also $68 for one month. Last the lite package $29.95 for a period of one month.
  • Enable the user to watch multiple mobiles at the same time. Requires physical access for iPhone installation.


This is the iPhone monitoring app that allows you only to monitor the user. However, without jailbreaking the iPhone you cannot access the social media app chats. It does not allow the feature of call recording too. The feature that makes mySpy stand out from other applications is there customer support team that is available 24 hours a day. It is best when you want to monitor your children’s activities. This monitoring does not require any kind of jailbreaking.

  • Compatibility: it is compatible with the version from iOS 7 to iOS 9.1. Jailbreaking requirements applied.
  • Prices: there are two categories: Basic and Premium. Their packages are very reasonable as the premium cost is about $200 for a year.


It is a new iPhone tracker app. So, the development procedure is carried on with time. However, is has good compatibility with the versions of iOS. This app allows you to record messages and call logs. It can be used for limited versions without jailbreaking.

  • Compatibility: it goes with iOS 8 and all the versions above it without jailbreaking procedure.
  • Prices: the two packages are Premium Edition for $89.99 for a year and Ultimate edition for $99.99 for a year. However, the premium edition has limited functionality than the ultimate version.

Highster Mobile: 

The Highster iPhone monitoring app is a quite reliable application. It allows you to navigate the children’s activities. You can also track their location where they are with the help of this app. It is an all-in-one application used to monitor social media log. Also, you can access the dynamic data of the mobile. The most amazing fact of this app is it offers quite affordable plans.

  • Compatibility: This software is compatible with all the versions of iOS without jailbreaking. But this application is downloaded with the method of OTA (over-the-air).
  • Prices: The package for the year is $80 for the duration of a year. Besides, you can avail of the warranty on your package by paying $30 extra amount.
  • The best pros of this application are that provides 30 days of money-back guarantee services.


It is unique in the way that you get notified if the targeted person changes his/her SIM card. SpyEra not only provides this feature. It allows you to track the GPS, record the calls, etc. It has all the advanced features as well. It is a bit expensive application as it has many advanced features. This tracking app can even spy the camera.

  • Compatibility: it goes with the version iOS 10.2. However, it does not support the latest version iOS 11.
  • Prices: The paid packages of this app are on a duration basis that is for 3 months, 6 months, or for a year. The highest amount paid for this application is $389.


Spyic is a good tracker app for Android devices but works on iPhone without the jailbreaking. This makes it quick and reliable to monitor the targeted person or children. It has all the basic features that a tracker app requires.

  • Compatibility: It supports all the versions of iOS from iOS 7 and above it.
  • Prices: Spyic is highly considered when it comes to price matters. Because it has very affordable plans for monitoring multiple mobiles at the same time.
  • Premium: $129.99 for one year license ($10.83 per month).
  • Family package: this allows monitoring 5 devices for $399.99 for 12 months.
  • Business package: it allows monitoring 25 devices for $999.99 for a year. This amount is $83.33 for a month.

 World’s most powerful and Non-intrusive app:

In the updated list of best spy apps in 2020, you will find on top of it. The major reason behinds its outstanding rating is that is works efficiently in all the new versions of the iPhone as well. The application is affiliated and recognized software which provides great access and control over iPhones. It has all the primary functionality along with some advanced features too.

  • Compatibility: goes with the latest version of iOS that is iOS 14.0.1. There are very few apps that are compatible with new versions. Also goes with Jailbroken iOS 6.0 or above it.
  • Price: there are multi plans available for the user

You can get access to the software by paying just the minimum amount of $8.33/month.

  • Features: make remote calls, record the calls, delete all data, lock the device, etc. many more amazing features you can enjoy with the best app for Apply Devices.


Be aware of the fake application available on the internet. Such as xYspy or xPspy are fake applications of the best iPhone tracking application mSpy. You should be very conscious about spy as they have access to your personal data. Moreover, spy apps for iPhone should be used for the right purpose any misuse of spy application. The company of the application provider will not be responsible.