9 Helpful Real Estate Mobile Apps to Download

Real estate industry has one of the most lucrative businesses worldwide. Most people now rely on their mobile phone and internet to search everything, and real estate is one of them. Because of the rise of technology, most industries up their game and made the online presence to attract more potential clients through digital marketing.

In line with this new era of finding everything online, there are real estate apps now that will make it easier to search for properties and know more about the industry. Below are some of the best real estate apps you can use:


This is probably one of the most popular real estate apps that have been recommended most of the time. This real estate app will show exactly what you are looking for. The things you can search using Redfin include various types of houses and condos. Moreover, you can also search for foreclosures, short sales, and for sale by owner homes. The app is also convenient because the listing updates every 15-30 minutes, giving an accurate list. It also uses Material Design if that matters.


Zillow app is primarily for property search with impressive filters and additional features such as property estimation and access to some “hidden” inventory. If you want to know more about the real estate market, then this is the app for you. Most of its listings include MLS numbers for easier search of available properties.

Mortgage Calculator

This app can be used on the web for free. It is an easy to use tool that will help users to understand the required repayment for a certain mortgage. This online calculator includes parameters in the computation to offer an accurate result. You will be able to know your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments and your future payoff date.


For real estate agents, Spotio can be one of their go-to apps. It is specially designed for real estate professionals who are doing house to house marketing strategy. By using this app, they can gather the information of prospect client such as address and phone number as well as notes. Spotio is available for both iPhone and Android. Real estate agents can pull up data quickly including location, name, and contact details. It is also recommended to use the app for follow-up with your new leads


If you are a fan of taking pictures of the houses you are visiting for future reference, then Homesnap will be a great help. Just snapping the camera to take a picture, you will be able to know a lot about that certain house you just visited. You will be able to know the following details: interior features, marketing data, sales history, and school district ratings. Moreover, Homesnap staff can give you its perspective on the property’s investment potential. Once you snapped, you can save the photo and send them to your agent or even to your family. It has messaging capability as well, letting you communicate with anyone even if they do not have the app.

Loan Calculator

Brokers are grateful for this mobile app for the convenience it brings when calculating the house loan of clients. This app will automatically provide for the monthly loan payments whenever you adjust and change the interest rate. Now, you do not need to be a walking calculator to excel in pleasing your home buyers.

Speaking of convenience, Loan Calculator app helps in calculating the house loan of clients. It will instantly provide the monthly loan payments whenever the amount is adjusted and changed the interest rate.


In terms of tax calculation, Deductr is the app you can use to track tax deductions easily. It can be used to add business income and expenses, log important receipts, or track through your phone’s GPS. Now, to be helpful on tax, Deductr can create a report on profit and loss, calculation of property depreciation, a summary of tax, mileage summary, and more. It is free but the pro version is $19.95 monthly.

Century 21

This mobile app helps the clients with giving them access to over 3,000 listing of the house for sale. It also contains pictures, demographic data, and neighborhood information. There is an option to see the search results on photo view, list, or map.

Haiku Deck

This app is available for iPhone and Android, helping you with real estate marketing materials. It offers interesting templates for presentations for prospective clients. Real estate slideshows and presentations are always good to get your leads or capture the attention of your possible client.


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