WhatsApp Risk, the New Update Could Put You at Risk, Why?

Social media is a word that we throw about a lot in these days, often to explain what we are going to post on the sites and in the applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so many.

But if we use the world to explain in a speech a site like Facebook media, and also a site such as Digg, plus a site like Wikipedia site, and even a website like I Can have Cheezburger, then it begins to get more baffling. Just what is the social media anyway here?

The term which is used by the user so unclearly that it can generally be used to explain around any website in the internet world today.

It may be not but some people have more of a limited view of the social media site, often balance it to mean the similar as the social networking like the Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Other people do not consider about the blogs falling under the social media type.

Therefore it is said to be that the social media is becoming an important part of the life online as the social websites and the apps increase quickly. Most of the classic online media which include the social components, such as comment area for the users. In business, the social media is used to market the new products, to promote the new and old brands, connect to recent users and foster new to the business.

Whatsapp Could Be About to Give up Its Lead Over Rival Messaging Apps:

The instant messenger for the users, the most famous on the planet and it is fast being caught by the Facebook Messenger application.

Messenger this week proved it has placed on or reach the highest part 1.2 billion active users, making it one of the fasting developing communications devices of all the time.

That is an important amount of development since it last declared a usage milestone which is 1 billion milestone of active users which is back in the month of July 2016.

Therefore the Facebook Messenger is now the second most famous iOS application of all time and is just position farther back to the Facebook, the social network has confirmed the platform.

WhatsApp application and therefore it is also owned by the Facebook Company, by allegation boasts some which are nearly 1.2 billion monthly users which are in the active state as well.

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The Social Media Site Has Filled Another 200 Million Users in Just 8 Months:

In the latest milestone, the Facebook Company has now declared that it has reached over1.2 billion marks for the users on its Facebook Messenger app service. The social media site has filled various 200 million users in just eight months of the year which now built the Facebook Messenger around on par with the WhatsApp app with over more than 1.2 billion users.

The head of Messenger service is Facebook and therefore this was said by David Marcus in a Facebook post and he said he know now have over 1.2 billion users actively using the Messenger service every month. And they keep on hearing the powerful stories in the platform about how the product is flattering an essential part of your daily lives. So from all of us here at the Messenger service, a profound thank you to all of you for providing us a chance to create something good and more significant for us.

Therefore by the last time that the Facebook Messenger service closed a user base of 200 million that is from 800 million to 1 billion was done within in six months, claims an analysis result from the TechCrunch. Facebook Messenger service has come from a mile from existence a nothing more social media messaging platform service. The firm is trying to add on new specifications cautiously which has often lead to the charge of wrongdoing of the Facebook copying many of them from its opponent. The social media site giant currently launched the Facebook Messenger service Day which was yet various efforts to counter the Snapchat app. It takes the capability to share the pictures and the videos with your friends and family for just 24 hours that is one day after which the shared content will vanish accordingly.

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Additionally, the Facebook service also previous month launched the power to share your location live via WhatsApp application with your friends and family. Also, the social media service giant brought the legendary Facebook Reactions to its Messenger service platform as well as in the app. In addition, we also got the group fee constricts unification into the Messenger application.

The Deal Explained by the Company:

Facebook Company gained by personal exertion Whatsapp in the year of 2014. The European Union’s 28 data protection reasonability had made an appeal to the Whatsapp service to block the sharing its data of the user with the Facebook service. This was due to the question which is increased on the effectiveness of the user’s consent.

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Helen Dixon, the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland is also the lead EU controls on the private problems for the Facebook. This is because that the European Headquarters companies are depending upon in the Dublin. She established that she long for the last resolution is come to a destination at earlier the end of summer.

Dixon said that he think they are in contract with the parties and the WhatsApp app and the Facebook app that the feature of the information which is provided to people who use this service that could have been apparent. They added that this could have been more understandable and articulate in the much clear term. The something that regulates is working to search a solution for the questions in the upcoming few months.

Responsibility for Whatsapp Sharing Data with Facebook Service:

WhatsApp app sharing data with Facebook is a problem for the users the EU devotes effort to last year after demanding the Whatsapp app service to block the sharing of their European data of the user with the Facebook app over the private responsibility.

There has been developing the responsibility over the privacy and the user data in the previous few years. It is therefore not too unexpected that the EU has expressed their annoyance in the sharing of data between the Facebook and the Whatsapp application.

Agreement Between the Facebook and Its EU Regulators:

Therefore the Facebook and Europe regulators are working to reach a goal a plan that will advantage for the both parties. However, it is not yet understood how that is going to pretend users or if it is going to hold that way just before the end of summer.

The agreement may be concluded sometime between the month of June and the end of the month of August. Both the parties are anticipated to steadily work on a possible resolution. Users involved with about the privacy of the user data may remain a little simpler in the coming two months after a plan is acted out. Therefore Facebook stock shut-in at 139.58 dollars after rejecting with 0.34 dollars or 0.24 percent.

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