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Dangers of Drug Abuse at workplace infographic

Companies worldwide these days are in trouble because of their workplace has become drug abuse friendly. The implications of the workplace due to the usage of substance abuse are very lethal and dangerous. Almost 86% of the employers are concerned due to the usage of marijuana by their employees at the workplace. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug information says 100 billion dollars a year companies have to pay to the drug abuse employees in the U.S to prevent litigations. On the other hand, employers have to deal with less productivity, tardiness of employees, absenteeism, and violent behavior, offer the drug to fellow employees and lastly deal with workplace accidents. The problems get started when employers accept employees with drug addiction habits. Now employers are seriously trying to manage the ratio of productivity and not to higher the employees with drug addiction. Let’s have a brief discussion of this particular topic in terms of infographics.