5 Mistakes Parents Make While Raising a Toddler

We all know that raising kids is no piece of cake. Raising kids requires a lot of patience, endurance, expertise, knowledge and care. People usually think that it is something natural and we should treat our children the way we were treated by our parents. Well, this is not completely wrong. There’s a lot more to the picture and a lot of people learn while they are raising their kids. According to research, more and more people are turning towards knowledge and expertise when it comes to raising their kids.

They are immensely worried about the cognitive and physical development of their children. There are many things that parents need to take into account in order to raise perfectly fine babies. There are three kinds of parenting and three major stages of age which deflect their cognitive and physical growth.

Let’s first start with parenting styles. The three types of parenting consist of permissive parenting, authoritative parenting and authoritarian parenting.

Permissive parenting can be well explained as parents which let their child do everything, regardless of what might follow. They think that the child should develop his/her own experience and make decisions accordingly. 

Authoritative parenting is when you are too much involved in your child’s life. When you are not explaining, rather imposing your decisions and experiences on your child. Resulting in your child to have anger issues, lack of confidence and anxiety in future. This kind of parenting can get ruthless when the parents are very strict. When parents scold all the time rather than teaching their kids rational and reason to solve problems.

Authoritarian parenting can be well explained as a mixture of both, or somewhere in the middle of permissive and authoritative. The parents aren’t too strict, neither are they too carefree of their child’s doings. They take care and explain their children with rational and reasoning so that their child might develop confidence and decision-taking skills. 

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Scolding or shouting at the child

Do you want to know how do you make someone aggressive and ignorant of things? Well, the foundations of being arrogant are laid when the child is no more than a toddler. This is something that all parents do wrong. Communicating with your toddler in a high pitched voice is going to cause problems for your toddler. This is something that beats down his/her confidence and leaves him tangled with his thoughts. How can you expect someone with zero intelligence and rational to make decisions on his own? It is his/her job to make mistakes and annoy you. In my entire life, I haven’t seen a talking baby and nor will you, because he/she is yet to develop skills that help him to communicate his problems. 

Parents usually scold their babies while they do something wrong, which causes unrest in their innocent young minds. If you have studied the laws of cognitive development, you must know how delicate the period it is for a human being. Your toddler is absorbing so much right now, from his environment to language and forming patterns and memorizing all of it at once. Causing emotional unrest at such a young age will cause your child to be aggressive and less confident than others. 

Baby-talk is overrated

Baby-talk is fun but it is not essential to do. You have so many other ways to shower your child with love but we somehow chose to talk to kids in a very weird manner. Using a low-pitched voice and talking weird is going to get you nowhere. You can talk to the baby like you talk to people your age. It is not necessary to talk to babies this way, talking to them normally makes they understand conversations better. Not only the conversations with them but also with others. It helps them absorb and process information at a better rate. A softer tone and softer words are always preferred whenever you are communicating with your child.

Considering their toddler to be intelligent 

Your newborn is like an Artificial Intelligence program that is yet to learn its environment to function properly. Now have you seen any computer programmer yelling at his computer for learning something he shouldn’t have learned? No, right! The program will just destroy the world, simply. Similarly, you shouldn’t expect your toddler to be smart and intelligent. He is yet to learn the philosophy of this world. He is yet to develop rationality and reason. Every good thing takes time so you have to be patient with your child and explain each and everything to him/her. Trust me the wait is worth the while, just have faith in your parenting skills!

Being too much involved in his life

Hovering over your babies’ heads 24/7 is something we all do out of love. Despite the fact of how his/her cognitive growth will be, we directly overburden our child with our presence. Resulting in our child being unable to develop decision-making abilities. Every parent wants to raise a young confident adult. For that, you have to let your child do whatever he wants. Obviously, get your apartment of house baby-proofed before you decide to leave him alone. If your baby doesn’t learn to stay alone and learn what is good for him and what is not, he/she will be not a good decision maker.

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Thinking that playing will spoil their child

Always get your child spare time to play because what else will he do since he has no school nor any office work. Let him explore colors and don’t hold them back. Let them spill paint and explore themselves. Your baby should grow up in an environment where he has no strings holding him back. He/she should know that they are free and have the complete right to do whatever they like to do. Stopping your child from playing too much is like asking your President to take a break from life so let him be.