How to Track Your Child’s Footsteps on the Cyberspace

While all these are tried and tested strategies are known to have majorly backfired in the past, as a modern parent of the 21st century you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes your elders may have done. Instead, we bring to you a safe and secure method of keeping track of your child’s footsteps on cyberspace through tracking applications like TheOneSpy, Flexispy, mSpy, OgyMogy etc. Here’s what you get when you use a reliable monitoring application to ensure your kid’s online safety:

Keep Track of Their Web Histories:

With the help of monitoring applications, you can make sure to keep an eye on whatever your kid searches online. This means, that there will always be an online copy available for you to look at when you want to go through their web histories to get a better feel of what they are interested in these days. Having an online cloud save all the private viewing as well helps a lot of working parents especially since they don’t have to necessarily stay in the dark now.

Get Access to Their Social Media Accounts:

These days’ kids spend large amounts of time surfing social media accounts. The virtual world of meetups has made parents really anxious, however, with the help of iPhone tracker apps they don’t have to worry about this. Monitoring applications help parents keep an eye on their kids’ social media accounts; basically what they post, who they talk to and so on. On the basis of these parents can talk to children about the necessity of placing privacy controls or even alter controls on their own through remote access.

Place Adequate Filters to Block Adult Content:

Parents with teens would really love this feature especially because it helps them get rid of all the inappropriate adult websites that they don’t want their kids to view at such a tender age. Monitoring applications allow the user to place filters; whether one word or even complete phrases as well, hence blocking any inappropriate advertisements as well as content which they don’t want their kids to go through like pornography or violent games and video clips. One of the best parts about this feature is that it also sends parents duly notifications, indicating to them that their kid had at some time tried accessing such sites.

Use Timers to Help Organize Your Kid:

Kids don’t really have the concept of time management and hence must be taught about it in due course. Parents can use monitoring applications to help set timers on internet usage which will automatically shut down the connection till it is fed a password which is usually with the parent. This way parents can ensure that their kid does not get addicted to the internet and is involved in other activities of life.


Tracking cyberspace has become fairly easy especially with the help of monitoring applications these days. Parents, in particular, are very happy with this feature as it helps them keep an eye on their kid’s digital footsteps. This technology has particularly been effective in bridging the gap between the fast-paced teens and their working parents as it helps parents understand what their kid is into these days hence allowing them to talk about certain issues as well.