Mobile App Engagement

Factors Contributing to Augment Mobile App Engagement

App developers consider mobile app design, development, testing and branding as very important phases. Yet, they neglect the next important phase. All the sequences related to brainstorming an app development idea all the way to the launching of the mobile app, there are several important factors to be considered for driving a well thriving mobile app. Brands typically don’t prefer the notion of their mobile app is discarded after it is downloaded and installed.

Hence, it is vital to incorporate intense standards of mobile app user involvement and make it thrive in all parts of the user’s travel and navigation related to the mobile app. Below outlined are main areas which augment the fame and popularity of a mobile app.

An effective app store ranking and listing

After everything is designed carefully and precisely within the app, it is the external factor which contributes to the interaction between the user and the app via the app store. This is used to promote downloads. On the contrary, if there are no downloads or download driving factors, this is the worst case related to user engagement. Analysis and insight regarding why users would install an app and what are the resolutions which the app provided have to be carried out. To ensure success, the entrepreneur must think with the mindset of an “Apprentice” when the mobile app is listed and ranked.

First Impression is the best one

The aspect of on boarding is what that defines the initial aspect of the interaction between the user base and the mobile app. Elements which are located in the wrong places, traffic-choked UI, and vague on boarding are what that drains the coffers related to mobile app development. A step by step technique is the best traditional method which helps the user base to have a proper guidance with relation to the app. The apt process is to launch an app from which the user base can learn how to use it all by themselves.

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Speeding up the process

The user base could have ordered some food or booked a taxi- this is all done with a single press of a button in the app. This is what denotes rapid speed. An app which takes more than two seconds to carry out its task is sure to be abandoned quickly and hence speed has to be contemplated as an important aspect with regards to mobile app engagement

Consistent upgrades:

An upheaval of the app and updates are vital aspects of any mobile app and they contribute to the success of the app. A mobile app will rank higher in popularity if it is packed with the most current features along with the intricate and sophisticated mobile technologies. It is typical that the user base is overwhelmed with several updates on a daily basis. A small flaw or delay with regards to the mobile app update can result in abandonment even by the most faithful and loyal customers.

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Integrating a gamification element:

This incorporates a competitive sense of aura with respect to the mobile app users and hence this is the reason why it is integrated. Providing bonus or rewards for users carrying out specific activities will surely make the users to be glued to the app on a daily basis.

Be accessible:

In order to facilitate this, the users must be permitted to give out reviews regarding the app or assist them with respect to the app developer’s contact information. Irrespective of both ventures the developer’s ears have to be open for assimilating information. As a consequence, they can effectively comprehend what the user desires from them and which features rank in the top with respect to hot favorites. Syncing with the users makes them more secure and satisfied which would augment the mobile app’s worth.

Providing an enthralling experience:

Ultimately the notion is to make the user base be enthralled by an experience which is memorable and long lasting. Most of the apps are availed only once. User engagement will surely proliferate and intensify when the mobile app provides a fascinating experience. It is typical that mobile apps have become a vital part of the user’s daily lives and they are more concerned regarding the human bonding and linkage. Mobile apps should be developed such that they enchant the user base and they become an integral part of them. Provided the total experience of an app is bad or not satisfying enough, all the hard work related to developing, designing, launching and branding the app will ultimately be futile and a waste of efforts.

The aforementioned aspects and methodologies have to be contemplated from a user’s point of view. Although it could be hard, it is not impractical to implement the methodologies and promote a greater user mobile app engagement and experience captivating the user base.

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