The Instagram Stories

Snapchat has been using the interactive feature of the Snapchat Stories. Following the similar concept, Instagram has launched the same feature with the title Instagram Stories. Now what happens here, this interactive feature allows the users to share their aesthetic experience while they in the mode of experiencing it and the story disappear after the 24 hours of the video is spent online. This gives a roam into the disparity of losing the appearance of the actual Instagram profile of the user and maintains the download – ability of the content.

Well, if it has been your habit of using the Snapchat Stories, then it’s not a new experience for you but if you haven’t done so, the Instagram Stories are totally like a firsthand user manual for you.

The New Plus Sign in Semi – bordered Circle:

Once you click the plus sign next to the Instagram Once you click the plus sign next to the InstagramTitle over the profile, the story starts building, giving you two options; first to take a photo and the second to create a video.

The Big Round Button:

The camera of your smartphone or tablet opens with a big round white colored button in its bottom. To take a picture, tap the button once and to create a video hold the button. A 9 seconds video is created. Once the picture is taken or the video is created, the editing and the upload mode opens up.


The Instagram Stories offers a typographic addition along with three graphical modes. On the top right corner of the screen, there are two icons. One is “Aa” which symbolizes the typographic addition and the brush symbol indicates the graphical addition.

The typographic addition only allows the user to add the text over the photo or video while as mentioned earlier the graphics addition allows three graphical editing.

The first one of the conventional brush stroke, the second is the highlighter mode and the last is a glazing brush.

The graphical editing has 27 different colors.


Once all the editing is done over the photo or video, it can be uploaded. After tapping “Done” over the editing screen, the screen is taken to the upload screen where there is bid round Tick button at the center bottom of the screen. Once it is tapped the data is uploaded for the next 24 hours.

Additional Options:

Instagram Stories offer some additional options for its users:

  • The picture or video can be downloaded
  • The Instagram Story so created can be enhanced by adding the photos, hyper – cases and hyper – lapses and the ricochets
  • The privacy setting of the Instagram Story can be changed by tapping the three vertical dots on the right corner and from there selecting the “Store Settings” and then Hide Story From.

Here you are the Instagram Story Maker! Enjoy!

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