Top 8 iPhone Tricks and Hacks Every iOS User Should Know About

Apple iPhones have been a mystery for users to date. Even if you’ve been using the iPhone for years you’d still be missing out on the tips and tricks you may not know about.

Apple includes new features in every update and they don’t come in handy until they are discovered. To make sure your app has all the features you need to update your phone to the latest version of a software update to protect your phone from security Keep your iPhone Secured. Here in this article is a rundown of all the tricks and hacks you might not have come across while using your phone.

Charge Your Phone Faster With a Single Click

If you’re struggling to charge your phone a little faster and you’re tired of waiting you can speed up the charging process with a single click. Putting your phone on Airplane Mode will turn off the app functionalities such as Wi-Fi access, calls, messages, and browsing the Internet. Not hugely, but your phone will charge faster than usual. You can charge up to 60% battery in an hour by keeping your phone in flight mode.

Ask Siri To Do The Function For You

Siri is a great Apple assistant. You can simply communicate your order to Siri and it will listen to you and do things for you. You can use Siri to make a call, set a reminder, send a message, save a number, and so much more. It’s great assistance that will do most of the things for you just by listening to your voice command.

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Dark Mode Hack

iOS 11 introduced the new Dark Mode feature. This feature converts the white background into black and the text will turn into white. This mode can be enabled by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accommodation> Invert colors-> Smart Invert.

Create Custom Vibration

Did you ever wish to have your own sound vibration? You may wish to set a unique vibration mode for a contact to feel the buzzing sound. You can customize your own vibration through the settings and create a new vibration sound for your phone or special contact.

Set Timer For When Listening To Music

Ever wished to listen to Music for some time and make it stop automatically after some time. This is possible by setting a timer in the clock app and set a time of 30 minutes or 50 minutes. Under when the timer ends, click on the option of Stop playing and this will automatically stop playing your music. You can sleep in peace without worrying to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the music.

Shake Your Phone To Undo

You might have faced this situation a million times where you have to misspell a word and you want to correct the mistake. Instead of using backspace to erase the text, you can simply shake your phone and a pop-up will appear which will ask whether you want to delete the content or cancel it.

Take Photo While Making Video

We’re sure you’re not aware of this trick. You may have encountered many situations when you’re making a video and you want to take a picture too. Surprisingly, iPhone allows you to click a picture in between. You can do this by clicking the shutter button which appears next to the video button. The video won’t stop if you take a picture.

Order Your Uber Using Siri

You can book an Uber anytime anywhere using Siri. All you need to do is say “Hey Siri, book me an Uber” and Uber will book a cab for you. If your location is turned on and your internet connection is on you can call an Uber without any hassle. Make sure you have Uber installed on your phone and have your card registered in your account.