Tips to Find the Best Mobile Phone in 2019

The volume of people updating to smartphones is getting increased at a tremendous rate. The people all over the world shows immense craze towards the amazing benefits of smartphones. Present mobile market has gone sizzling with tight competition among several leading brands. This provides the people with several amazing options to shop from in smartphones. Here are some of the important tips that help you in shopping the best.

Features of the phone

It is all the features that attract you towards the smartphones. Hence look for the killer features in the leading brands of phones. Different brands come with different features in most of the aspects including selfie, camera, music, battery overall appearance, and more. Features are getting updated and new versions of smartphones are introduced to the market by most of the brands. This helps you a lot in selecting the best phone that comes in your dreams.


Cost is certainly one of the important factors to consider. You never like to feel guilty of yourself for being overpaid for the phone. Now, you can search for best collections in smartphone within your budgets. There are different brands to provide smartphones at a surprising rate that falls below 5000 rupees to more than 50,000 rupees. The features, clarity, and quality of the phone can vary with brand and rate. This huge collection of smartphones less than any of the surprising rate helps everyone to own a superb phone without breaking the bank account.


The screen is one of the important parts that add real beauty and quality to the phone. These phones are used to enjoy almost all of the modern entertainments including playing games, watching cinema, watching sports, videos and more. Hence, it is a good idea to select the phone with considerable screen size to get the real effect for the favorite entertainments.

Capacity of RAM

Smartphone has become the most used camera in the life of most of the people. They use it to take the shots of almost all of the happiest, wonderful, traveling and touring moments in the life. They love to share the photos and videos with their loved ones. The phone has to store several photos and videos that you never like to delete. If you are a frequent selfie expert, then it is good to select the phone with reasonable memory capacity to keep it work smooth.


Most of the phone users find problems with the battery life of the phone. The phone is used to stay connected with friends and relatives through several different social platforms. It is found that good numbers of present people are spending maximum free time on their smartphone. If you use the phone for a good portion of the day, then select the phone that comes with long hours of battery life. Now the market is also packed with power banks to charge the phone at any time you wish. Most of the smartphone maniacs purchase power banks along with the phone.

Locking System

Phone users take utmost care about the security of their phone. They never like others to access their phone without their permission. The locking system of the phone is getting more important nowadays since the phone has turned out to be one of the most preferred storage places for personal information, details, photos and more. Everyone looks for the best in locking system that keeps the data safe even it gets missed out of their hands. Recent phones come with several screens locking systems including voice recognition, fingerprint and more.


Let us not forget the capacity of the camera. Most of the people have become the best photographers with smartphones. They need high digital cameras especially in the front to take selfies. Taking selfies have become so common and it is hard to find anyone who keeps the hands out of the selfie button when he or she is at a beautiful place. Reputed brand gives utmost importance to the quality and capacity of cameras. There are phones that come with inbuilt beauty camera to create magical images of the snaps captured through the phones.

EMI Options

Now, most of the reputed stores provide EMI options for almost all of the branded smartphones. You can make use of these options to own one of the best smartphones on the market with minimum budget. There are flexible EMI options provided by different credit service providers at zero to a small percent of interest. They charge only an affordable service charge and the services are provided at almost all reputed mobile stores and supermarkets in the country.

Give Importance to Brand

If you have any special interest towards any of the brands, then select the best phones from that brand to get the real mental satisfaction. Give importance to the brand since reputed brands provide matchless customer service. They will have authorized service centers in almost all parts of the country to provide instant services in case of any of the repairs or replacements.


Different brands provide warranty for different durations for handsets and battery. Give importance to the warranty since it helps you get free service for most of the repairs and replacement that occurs during the warranty period. Repairs and replacements occur rarely for a good period of time with reputed brands unless the device experiences any accidental falls or similar incidents.

Select a Best Online Store

This is one of the most important tips that help you a lot in making a profitable purchase. It is a good idea to enter an online store that provides you with smartphones of almost all of the leading brands at a single spot. There are online stores that categorize the smartphones into different categories to make the selection and comparison so easy. Effective comparison of the cost of the phone with different leading stores is the best way to find profitable deals online. Reputed online stores like provide you with the complete list of smartphones from reputed brands under different ranges to select from.

Now it is your time to enter the best online market for smartphones to select the right one.