Why Do You Need A Good Gaming Logo

How often have you heard the “trending” phrase “be yourself?” As humans, we’re expected to have a unique personality that can depict who we truly are and distinguish us from our fellow humans. Now replace the ‘human’ example with your brand and you’ll know where the pied piper is leading you towards.

Similar to humans, your brand needs an identity to be spotted immediately regardless of which industry your brand belongs to. If you’re stuck with the notion that as a gamer or a gaming company you can skip the “I need a good gaming logo designed” step, you’re likely to fall off the success ladder before you can even get closer to the top.

The gaming market however is more complex when it comes to design as compared to other industries: gaming companies need logos for themselves and at times their games as well so the challenge isn’t just restricted to gamers, even designers need to play well (in their own area of expertise of course).

Before we dig deeper into ‘why is it important to have a good gaming logo design for your business or game?’ it’s essential to explore the aesthetics or traits that actually constitute towards a good custom gaming logo design.

Following are a few common grounds that all gaming companies/gamers might be in harmony with regarding their logo design:

Synced to your company/game’s vision: There are a zillion templates that you’ll find free of cost online and many may even catch your eye. Nonetheless, if you’re planning to swim in the ‘big fish pool’ with top-notch game sellers, your logo needs to represent your vision so while selecting a gaming logo off a logo-selling site may not be a bad idea, you could always demand an entirely new logo design, more commonly known as a custom logo design that specifically complements your brand’s persona.

Always on the bright side: You may have come across popular gaming logo designs especially if you were a young gamer yourself (and I’m using past tense here since the most popular gaming tycoons are decades old though there have been major revamps as well). What’s common in their color palette? Every custom gaming logo design, though unique in its own way, likes to play with primary and bright colors. Amidst the top most reasons to select a vibrant color palette is the need to exhibit energy and enthusiasm, hence many of the world’s most famous gaming logo designs have a close relationship with red, yellow, and blue (the primary color fam).

Nevertheless even though you might come across many gaming logos which have some common characteristics such as font, shape, and color, the fact remains that every custom gaming logo, designed specifically for a brand should be representative of the game’s mission (and I don’t mean the final level/round). Who is your target audience? Is it children, teenagers, or adults who’d like a good gaming round after a boring day at work? All these factors need to be taken into account before you put that little tick next to “Gaming logo Design”.

Answering the “WHY?”

Just as with any other product or organization, games need recognition and an identity. Your logo shows how serious you are about entertaining your target market. Ironic, no? This is why it is absolutely essential to invest time and money in a good custom gaming logo designed to make your brand stand out.

Don’t consider your logo as a mere formality! Think of it as a mobile app, the first impression of your website, the major attraction for your audience which will surely judge a DVD by its cover, etc. There is a high probability that your logo will play a key role as the primary means to captivate gamers and other businesses alike in the near as well as distant future!