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10 Best Free Audiobooks Apps To Use without Subscription

The best free audiobook apps present in the App Store or Play Store, or even on the web, it is hard to choose the best and the free app.

To ease this, here are the ten best and most free audiobook apps for Android & iPhones that you can use in 2024.


It is an audiobook app that is available both for Android and iOS users. You can stream movies, listen to books, and have access to a library with abundant features and facilities.

It is recognized for its outstanding collection of audiobooks, ebooks, comics, movies, and music. One advantage is that you can use a library even when another patron is using it.


It has a vast collection of free audiobooks that are accessed by people worldwide. Here there is an option to choose between editions when a particular reader’s voice is not okay with you. They are free and can be listened to on your computers, iPods, or other devices. It can also be burnt into a CD.

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Loyal Books

It has a vast collection of audiobooks in the free domain that is accessible to users worldwide. It is free both for Android and iOS users across the globe. They can be downloaded in a zipped MP3 file to iTunes and can also be listened to from your RSS feed reader.


It is a free service offered to borrow free digital content anytime, anywhere. Most schools and libraries use this. The library in the app differs from the school, and the content is uploaded as per the school’s interest. Here, the catalog is specific to your library, and you can request other collections.

Free Audiobooks

It has thousands of audiobooks for free. They can be streamed over the internet anytime, anywhere. The genres available are romance, poem, sci-fi, mystery, children, and many more.

Following are the apps that you can use for free for the first 7 to 30 days.


This app allows unlimited listening and reading of audiobooks and ebooks in English and other languages. It gives choices through personal recommendations and has genres from thrillers to biographies. It has a library of stories and also has Kids Mode. Google Play Books

This app is available for Android and iOS users worldwide, who can access a limited collection of free audiobooks anytime, anywhere. It has both fiction and non-fiction books.

Sanity Audio

It’s insane how large a library Sanity Audio boasts of while keeping the option open for its users to read the content they hear. The streaming service proposes sensual indulgence with classic works that have been in the public domain of access since time immemorial. If authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens wake up the sleeping literary spirit in you, Sanity Audio will sweep you off your feet.


It is affiliated with Amazon Kindle and is one of the most sought-to apps by book lovers. There are a vast collection of books for free which come with additional purchases for additional features. It is updated often and has almost all the new books for the user to listen to.

This app gives its first three audiobooks alone for free. Apart from audiobooks, it has sleep and meditation audio, audio news and audio magazines, book summaries, binge-listening book clubs, and many more.

If you’re a podcast person, here’s a bonus for you!

Youtube Music

Google is getting severe, approximately waging a conflict in opposition to well-hooked-up tune streaming apps like Spotify, and they have popped out all weapons blazing. YouTube Music’s goal is to be a separate entity from YouTube.

The former is devoted to all matters tune. Along with the same old tune streaming, you’ll discover extra stuff like parodies and cowl songs. It’s possibly the simplest carrier with different themes to provide than Spotify.

Available in 17 nations at the time of writing, YouTube Music brings together tunes from the largest document labels and makes use of Google’s AI mastering to tailor your streaming only for you.

It additionally faucets into the untold hundreds of thousands of songs from the primary YouTube site – covers, fan versions, uploads, and lots extra. If you are a free YouTube Music user, you might have to put up with some ads, but the music is amazing! Also, refer to this article, it’s a fantastic read about this. 


In conclusion, the best free audiobooks are calm and soothing. They let you escape from reality to a fantasy world. Your imagination and listening to the author’s words can even go wild. We hope you have enjoyed reading our top 10 free audiobooks to use in 2024! Subscribe or register in one today!