A Gist of 5 Important Android Emulators for PC

Telecommunication sector is one of the fastest growing industries and the highest revenue-generating sector in the world. Industry analysis says that even after being among the most thriving areas of the global technological market, it still consists a significant potential for further growth with a paradigm shift in technology with high-end smartphones and mobile applications. Today, the meaning and reason behind using a mobile phone have immensely taken a revolutionary turn with intelligent solutions concerning mobile applications like video communications, business applications, games, and photography to name a few.

Now, the concern is the exponentially increasing number of mobile applications with distinctive functions and characteristics. However, accessing these applications on a screen size ranging from 4 to 7 inches is a concern. Many people prefer switching over to the traditional computers and access the android features on a PC. Now, the question arises is this possible? The answer is a simple ‘Yes.’ Further a doubt, ‘How is this possible’ and android emulators put your doubts to rest.

An Android emulator is an innovative technology integrated as hardware or software program in any computer system to imitate the functions or replicate the operations of an Android device. These come with predefined configurations attuned to a full spectrum of phones, tablets, and iPads. In such a scenario, emulators are divided into two categories:

  • Host: A computer system that acts replicates a specific mobile device and works as a virtual machine
  • Guest: A mobile device whose functions are tested, coded and reproduced on a computer system

Now, after understanding the basics of emulators, let us know the concept and the reason behind the existence of these technological marvels.

The reasons why these android emulators are used are:

  • Acting as a connecting bridge between the power of a computer and performance of a mobile application
  • Have a better control over games and similar activities through better controls using the keyboard, mouse, and joysticks
  • Gives an advantage of enjoying the massive benefits of functionality, dimensions, and android experience on a larger screen
  • No constraints regarding restricted battery life that become a serious concern when indulged in playing games
  • Using multiple applications like gaming, chatting, and video streaming simultaneously on the computer

Let us now get to discover the few applications that are most widely replicated using these emulators on a desktop or Mac.

  • Snapseed: This is an intelligent and most creative photo editing software available in the Google Play store. The graphics, designing, and the innovation infused in the application have touched many hearts on a reduced screen size of a mobile phone. However, intending to have a better and more stimulating experience, the screen size made a shift from mobile to desktop. This aspiration of many creative and passionate individuals carved a way to get Snapseed into your desktop. This brainstorming introduction of Nik Software is now the acquisition of Google with added graphics, color combinations, and innovative updates concerning photo editing.
  • RetroArch: The retro style game includes a massive number of games like PlayStation, SNES, NES, Metroid, Cuphead, and Battle Chasers. There is an option to play these games on the desktop using android emulators so that better graphics can be enjoyed and higher acceleration can be experienced.
  • Aviary: Aviary is another versatile and popular photo editing software used by many on the desktop using the emulators. It comes characterized with many adjustments and enhancements concerning saturation, brightness, color contrast, temperature, and saturation. By integrating the functionalities on the PC, there is an option to play creative entertainment using the keyboard and mouse. Just play with your fingers on the keyboard and create something innovative, something engaging.

In addition, there are many more android applications like Tubemate, GameBoy, Torrent, snap tube, Cash of Clans, Google Pixel, Lightroom, FX Photo Studio, and Enlight are essential applications that are frequently shifted to function on PC using android emulators.

Now, getting a gist of 5 best android emulators for PC in the market:


This is one of the most reputed and widely used emulator configured on Android 4.4 Kitkat for laptops and personal computers. It comes with a pre-installed Google Play store functionality with free access to video streaming, gaming, and other content available on the play store. There has been a recent update to Android 7.1.2 configuration delivering the flawless experience with multitasking functionality.  It is an emulator ‘High on Performance’ and is the best option for emulating the revolutionary snapseed on the desktop.

Nox Player

With access to enjoy various functionalities of Android on PC, this emulator comes with inherent support for Google Play Store.  It is configured on Android 4.4 KitKat and is used to have easy access of multiple Android functions on the PC simultaneously. It is mainly designed for gamers giving them the benefit of simulating the actual gaming movements through the keyboard. It is an emulator with ‘World-Class Momentum.’


This is one of the classic members of the emulator family with seamless and efficient Mac compatibility. It becomes a virtual android handset for gamers with a simple interface, energetic performance, personalized controls, and comprehensive android experience. The system goes impeccably on the PC from a vast spectrum of video games like Subway Surfers and Cash of Clans to the most versatile and intelligent applications like Tubemate. The app is configured on Android 4.2.2 and is an emulator with ‘Speed Performance Escalation.’


This is configured on Android 5.1 Lollipop enabled with the virtualization technology. It is a new concept that allows switching over between android and window. The key benefits and advantages of this include computability to all applications, satisfactory experience of using a mobile device on a PC, multiple support, and 3d acceleration with the high-end gaming experience. It is an emulator with ‘Function, Depth, and Dynamism.’


This is the most widely used emulator compatible with Google Play Store and is available with easy installation, use of key mapping, and gamepad support. The key characteristics include a simple interface, video recording options, quality gaming experience, and access to the integral marketplace. Performance, constancy, and adaptability are the strong pillars of Koplayer that makes it stand with added reputation and excellence amidst the large numbers available in the global technological marketplace. It is well tagged as a ‘New Wave of Mobile Application.’