Top 5 iPhone App Localization Tools for the Year 2019

The field of iOS apps development has evolved as one of the most influential and a profitable digital domain around the world. According to several industry insights reports and market survey, the domain of its application has excelled at a colossal pace in a few years.

iOS app developers have are not only focused to reach out geographically divided and discrete set of target audience where app localization plays an important role. Let us get to know the top 5 highlighted app localization tools that developers consider vital for their projects in 2019.


Applingua is the number one alternative for ensuring absolute app localization by the majority of iOS app development experts around the world. Applingua is an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to providing custom services including mobile application localization, app metadata localization and more than that app store copywriting services.


From end-to-end mobile application localization tasks up to complete book translations. LocTeam has become one of the most recognized tools among the iOS app developers. In addition to its extended support for iOS, LocTeam has further stepped into the Android segment for catering similar alternatives to the professional developers.


We cannot disagree with the fact that cloud technology has brought considerable easiness and effectiveness for the entire industry of mobile apps development. OneSky is one of a kind cloud-based iOS app localization tool that features a wide range of translation possibilities to the development experts.


Babble-on is one of the most renowned and trustworthy platforms for iOS application development professionals when it comes to mobile app localization needs. The system works smoothly on a peer-to-peer basis and there is a huge number of app developers who use to engage and consider Babble-on.


ICanLocalize is one of the best interactive mediums that expert iOS developers have continued to follow and consider when it is about getting their professional app localization tasks done for less. The medium encompasses countless expert translators who are always willing to serve their expertise while maintaining a proven track record of exceptional results.

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iOS app localization appears to be a complex and challenging domain of several iOS app developers. It required intelligent expertise and stronghold over other languages which can only be attained by integrating intelligent tools or human resources. According to several industry professionals, app localization is one of the greatest value addition that brings extended target audience coverage as well as greater changes of achieving fast app conversions.

While reviewing the above listed top tools and resources for iOS app localization, it can be easily concluded that expert iOS development professionals have their own discrete choices while they look for app localization. In many cases, experts prefer assigning an expert human resource for localizing their apps and sometimes they continue to believe in the respective tool that they have been using for this task.

While concluding the entire piece of exclusively curated and top listed app localization tools, it has been clearly found that the domain of iOS app development has not only progressed towards newer horizons of technology but, there is a lot more of progress and development that will soon arrive in the near future.