7 Ways Your Mobile Phone is Making Your Life Inferior

A mobile phone is that one device that today’s generation cannot survive without. Be it work or fun, mobile phones are a necessity for everyone. But, have you ever thought of how these upgrade mobile phones are making your life inferior? Go through this article and you’ll know how adverse the effects can be…

Eye Sight

A mobile phone is the most dangerous devices when we talk about eyesight. Direct exposure to the blue light causes damage to the retina of the eye. The retinal damage of this type can also lead to macular degeneration causing the loss of central vision which means if something like this happens, you won’t be able to see something that is right in front of you. The main reason for eye discomfort and irritation is caused by the excessive use of mobile phones. In order to prevent yourself from any such problem, you should limit the time you spend on your phone. This is very important in order to take proper care of your eyes and keep them safe from any such damage.

Indirect Injuries

A cell phone usage can cause direct injuries like occipital neuralgia or carpal tunnel syndrome. But, apart from that, it can also cause a number of indirect injuries as well. While staying on the phone, your car might crash and you can get into a very serious and fatal accident. Moreover, even though the use of cellphone I strictly not allowed when driving a car, people usually use headphones or earphones which usually seem harmless but equal problems. They divert the mind and while listening to somebody on call or listening to songs, a driver may tend to ignore the horn noise or get distracted easily. This can also be very dangerous for pedestrians crossing the road.

Sleep Issues

Usually, smartphone users are young and between the age of 18-29 years. The addiction has gone so far that 63% of the people sleep with these smart devices at their bedside. This is naturally affecting the sleeping pattern of a normal person. Moreover, the light of the cellphone affects the schedule too. A person gets so involved in the usage that he or she forgets to keep a track on the time and his routine. This also leads to fatigue and restlessness making you cranky and stressful all day.

Negative Influence on Parenting

Recent studies show that parents tend to ignore their children when they use the phone. This further leads to a number of emotional issues in kids. Children demand love and attention from their parents and with the use of mobile phones in front of them, they feel emotionally neglected which makes them stubborn, angry and they tend to focus less on their studies and indulge them more towards games and other such activities. This also makes the children habitual of using the mobile phones extensively.

Affects Mental Health

Mental health is also one factor that gets highly affected by the usage of mobile phone. A mobile phone calls for availability over calls, texts and messages all day long. Even social media demands all the attention. The constant notifications, emails, and other important stuff can not only act as a major distraction but also keeps you busy on the phone all day. The vibration, the lighting, the beep that buzzes every time you get a notification can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. It makes you want to stay on the phone and reply to all the messages, emails and attend all the calls. The depression keeps on rising if you are playing a level game and you’re unable to clear it resulting in extra usage of the phone with the urge to clear the level immediately. This increases your time of usage of the smartphone too.  This becomes even more serious if you take the constant threat of data theft into account as well.

Disrupted Hearing

When mobile phones are used for listening to music or any video through headphones or directly from the phone, it can damage your hearing and you can suffer from the noise-induced hearing loss. Loud music can result in damaging the tiny hair in the inner ear and which further transmit chemical signals through anxieties to the brain. The Unsafe Decibels public health campaign states that constant exposure to noises above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss – around the noise level of heavy traffic. The extreme volume of a smartphone is around 105 decibels – or that of a concert. Listening to music at this volume for more than four minutes would likely result in harm to hearing. Even if the volume is lowered to just 94 decibels, you can cause damage if you listen for over an hour.


Today, due to the excessive use of mobile phones and other connected devices, a group of 200 biological and health scientists from all over the world are trying to raise public awareness that radiation from cell phones can be very harmful to the body. The World Health Organization is also creating strict regulations concerning mobile phones that create electromagnetic fields.

Cutting it short…

New Smartphones are coming into the market every day. New smartphones prices are also rising over time. It is important to look at all the other factors that are getting affected by the constant usage of the mobile phone. We should all think about it and make our life easier with the lesser usage of mobile phones.