Top 5 Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone Secured

Often times we value privacy a lot. Security is a major concern of people to avoid the risk of losing personal data, getting unknown messages, spam calls, hacking, and many other issues related to security. Apple has taken the security concern seriously by providing a wide list of security apps to protect your iPhone from every risk. From personal information to photos to banking details, people keep their sensitive information saved on their phones. Therefore, setting a passcode isn’t enough to ensure security. The security apps help enable a strong password and track the device in case it gets stolen.

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Top 5 Best Security Apps to Keep iPhone Secure

In this post, we have summarized a list of security apps that will help you secure your iPhone.


Among the list of security apps, the lookout is an app that lets you locate the iPhone or pair it with Apple Watch. This app is similar to Find My iPhone that can track your phone with GPS service with your account.  It will send a message to your phone or make it ring via web in case the iPhone gets lost. This app has some additional features that Find My iPhone doesn’t have. For instance, it saves the last known location of your iPhone before it gets switched off or runs out of battery. Your contacts can be backed up instantly in case they get misplaced.

Find My iPhone

One of the best and most important apps that need to be downloaded first in iPhone. This has to be one of the most reliable ways to find your iPhone. In case your iPhone gets lost or stolen you can find it through from Apple’s website or another iOS device. After installing this app, you can track a cell Phone movement and remotely control it. The app is free to install and provides professional assistance for detecting the location of your lost iPhone.


A signal is a free messaging and calling app that allows you to send messages, make calls, and voicemails completely encrypted that provides two-end security to all communication. In addition, it even identifies the people who you’re messaging and the medium you’re using. Signal provides high security by maintaining all the privacy policies to protect your iPhone data from spam. Experts highly recommend installing this Security App.

Proton mail

Proton mail Security app makes sure to keep your emails strictly secured. It protects the email with end-to-end security which will allow only the sender and recipient to read the email. With proton email, you can easily protect all your email and send emails freely to anyone. A security email account is required to get started with the app that requires no personal information.

Norton identify safe

When it comes to saving all the credentials, Norton has to be the best Security app. Norton gives you the possibility to save your email id, password as well as credit card information. The apps will allow you to get access to information easily and quickly.

Wrap up

There are tons of Security apps available in the App Store and you can select any one app and secure your iPhone right away. Security experts highly recommend downloading apps to ensure privacy.