Want to Keep Your Notes Synchronized Across Multiple Devices

It doesn’t matter what platform a person uses, and there will be several options to sync notes. However, not everyone’s needs are the same. The truth is, there is no “best” or “right” way that is universal. One option is to sync using plain text and simple apps that can do their specified job well. Others, though, provide more powerful features, versatility, and organizational options.

Keep reading to learn more about online notepad and other options and features to keep notes synced across devices.

Syncing Notes with Dropbox

Dropbox is a favorite option for storing and sharing files; however, it was not until recently that it became a top choice for syncing notes. This is mainly because people have had issues with some other top options, such as Simplenote and other apps.

Signing up for Dropbox provides a user 2GB of space at no charge. It is also possible to get a lot more, making it a smart option for note syncing. It is also possible to sync any document, as well, because Dropbox is a source for saving different files. While the plain text is the best option, another is rich text files if someone is looking for additional styling options.

Also, because all the files are sitting in a folder, they can be edited using almost any text editor on a computer. This means it can be used with a word processor and basic notes apps. Also, most apps -; both those used for OS X and Windows work well with Dropbox. This is good to know since they were originally created to work exclusively with Simplenote. Both Android and iOS have good options that work with Dropbox, too.


Another syncing platform is Simplenote, which has an app on every platform. It also provides support for even simple styles, while syncing quickly and easily. On paper, it is a perfect compromise between features and simplicity. This option also provides many features and allows for simple text styles, for example, italic and bold. It also offers the ability to roll back notes. Using the tool is simple, and it is not difficult to find an app that will work with it. The syncing from Simplenote does have some hiccups, which are worth mentioning.

It is also worth noting that not all the apps for Simplenote are created the same. There are quite a few that don’t respect the different text styles, which will only sync with plain text. This is a good option; however, it does not work and Dropbox, is something to consider when searching for a syncing service for notes across multiple platforms.

Finding the Right Note Syncing Option

There are several options to choose from when searching for a quality option for syncing notes across multiple devices. Getting to know about some of the top options is the best way to achieve the desired results and to feel confident that there will be no issues with the syncing process.

Remember, not all services are created equal. Take some time to evaluate each one to find the option that best suits the user’s needs. Doing this makes it possible to get the desired results and minimize issues that may arise if the right platform is not found or used. Being informed will help ensure the desired results are achieved.