How to Optimise Your London Business’s Wireless LAN

No matter what size your business may be, there is one essential factor it relies on to manage its day to day operations: WiFi. If your company still doesn’t have a good connection of business wireless services in place to support its efforts, there is no telling how badly its productivity and success could be impacted.

Suppose your employees find their connection dropping abruptly when moving from one side of the office to another, or can no longer complete projects on time due to slow download speeds throughout the building. If this is the case, your business undoubtedly needs to boost its wireless capabilities. As daunting as this sounds, the situation may not yet call for a complete overhaul; you simply might not be operating your WiFi well enough.

Why Use Business WiFi?

The hard truth is that most modern businesses cannot operate at all without reliable WiFi. For this reason, managed wireless solutions have become a staple offering of London manage service providers. Besides the clear benefits they provide your employees — like faster download speeds and improved communication abilities — they can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

Business WiFi services offer your company an easy tool to capture vital information. From buying patterns to overall buyer behavior, the possibilities are nearly endless once customers accept your terms and conditions. Whether you utilise it to determine where to place items in retail spaces or how to set your product prices, there’s no reason your business won’t benefit from such a vital technological tool.

Utilising Your WiFi

Your WiFi can’t provide any of the benefits mentioned above until you’ve figured out how to make it work best for your business. Many providers of managed WiFi services in London are available to help you maximise its effectiveness. Still, there are a few key points to keep in mind in your approach to the optimisation process.

            Access Points

It’s likely your business’s office spaces were organised for full efficiency. Desks were evenly spaced apart, printers were placed in high-traffic areas and distractions separated from the central hub.

Your company must take the same approach with its WiFi implementation when planning where to place the wireless access points

Account for everything, from your floorplan to the number of employees who’ll utilise your business’s wireless services. Pinpoint which areas will require the strongest WiFi signals and build your wireless infrastructure around that information. Again, these crucial choices may best be accomplished by teaming up with a wireless solutions provider in Londonto help you work through the specifics.


If your business didn’t lock the doors to its offices every night and place passcodes on every computer, there’s no predicting what damage criminals could wreak upon your operations. While digital data may not appear as vulnerable, there is nothing worse for your company’s safety than poor WiFi security – which is why it is impeccable to implement measures that ensure safe internet browsing for your wireless connected devices.

Without the proper measures in place, cybercriminals can easily access your confidential data and cause chaos within your operations. An experienced wireless installation professional can ensure your business is equipped with the tools it needs to stay safe while employing techniques  to protect your data from becoming compromised.

Regardless of how well you’ve planned your wireless access points within your business’s physical spaces, the effort will be poorly spent if you fail to have the security to back it up.


Acquiring an effective wireless connection solution is the starting point for enhancing your business’s internet capability and preparing it for the future, but your WiFi infrastructure is where your efforts matter most. By focusing on your WiFi setup and security, your business can finally enjoy the full benefits that come with optimised performance.