6 DIY Hacks for De-Clogging Toilet Bowl without Plunger

Did you recently break the plunger and now thinking about how to unclog the toilet bowl? Well, there are hefty ways by which you can eliminate the clogged items without using a plunger. Before you contact a plumber to resolve this critical plumbing issue, consider trying DIY approaches in the first place.

Undoubtedly, plungers are considered to be one of the most effective tools for unclogging a sink, toilet, or other plumbing units. But that’s not the only plumbing accessories that can fix a clogged toilet bowl. You might clean the bathroom accessories every week to keep them in pristine condition. But even after that, the toilet bowl can get clogged for flushing non-dissolvable items, such as toilet papers and wet tissues.

So, before getting into the plunger alternatives, it’s important to acknowledge how the toilet bowl’s drain becomes clogged usually. Understanding why it happens will help you to prevent future blockage successfully. Unlike the modern toilet systems, the previous models are considered to be more clog-prone. As it lacks the necessary pressure to remove the existing items from the drain, clogs might develop. If the non-flushable items block the internal trap or plumbing vent, you can also witness a clogged toilet.

Whatever the reason is behind such an obstruction, toilet unclogging can be a strenuous process if it’s not performed using the right tool. Don’t have a plumber in the house? Don’t fret over; simply use these alternative methods to clear out the toilet clog with ease.

1. Start with Using a Wire Hanger

If you don’t have a plunger, don’t step outside to buy one. Instead, look for a wire hanger for unclogging the toilet bowl. For a severe blockage, plungers won’t be helpful, so start using wire hangers and get effective results in return. Moreover, in extreme cases, it’s important to eliminate the clogged items manually. Without using a plunger, simply unravel the wire coat hanger until it becomes completely straight. Right after that, consider pushing one end of the wire in the clogged toilet bowl.

Repeat doing this same step until the bowl becomes clog-free. Make sure the clogged items won’t flow down the drain; there’s a high probability that it can further clog the bowl. So, carefully extract those buildups and place them in the garbage bin to prevent drain blockage.

Voila! Now, you can again use the toilet system without any sort of hurdle. But even after this, you are unable to resolve the toilet clogging problem, make sure you hire a plumber in Dubai for an immediate recovery.

2. Adding Warm Water Might Help

If the clog doesn’t break down even after using a wire hanger, consider adding warm water inside the toilet bowl. Because, for dislodging clogs from the plumbing units, warm water is considered to be one of the best solutions. But, make sure, you are not using boiling water, as it destroys the porcelain bowl.

Further, you can come across severe other plumbing issues for pouring boiling water unknowingly. For implementing this declogging method, simply fill a large bucket with hot water and pour that force. Wait for a while and see if the clog still persists or not. And, if it is still there, consider taking professional help instead of making the scenario worse.

3. Use Dish Soap or Dishwashing Liquid

Plunging a toilet clog might get difficult when there is no plunger in the house. But, there are better, effective, and easy ways to unclog the toilet bowl; simply go for using dish soap. Alternatively, you can also consider using the mixed solution of water and dishwashing liquid. These sort of cleaning products easily lubricate the clogged pipe within a few minutes. After pouring this solution, the clogged items will automatically slide down from the toilet drain.

Thinking what amount of dishwasher soap or liquid will do this trick? Pouring about half a cup of warm water and dish soap solution into the toilet bowl is enough. And, if you don’t have an adequate amount of dishwashing soap or liquid, then chop a bar of soap instead. Make sure you have made small pieces so that they can easily go down the pipe and dislodge the clog.

In some instances, this unclogging method might take more than 30 minutes to work. Based on the clog, however, you might even have to wait an entire day sometimes. You can also consider using shampoo, and it’s the best substitute that one can think of for eliminating the toilet clog.

4. Go for Using the Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

Undeniably, when it comes to disinfecting or cleaning toilet bowls, vinegar and baking soda are considered to be some of the best home remedies. But, you must not be aware that these natural solutions can also be applied to eliminate toilet clog. Simply, take a cup of baking soda first and spread that in such a way so that it can cover the entire surface of the toilet bowl. Wait for a few minutes before adding the two cups of vinegar solution with the baking soda.

Do you see bubbles inside the toilet bowl? It’s because both of these natural unclogging products have started to mix. Within an hour, with the help of these mixtures, you can overcome the toilet unclogging-related problems.

But, if the clog still remains there, consider applying the same amount of vinegar and baking soda further. Wait for a day to de-clogging the toilet bowl completely. Otherwise, just hire a plumber for an immediate recovery.

5. Take a Toilet Brush

It’s one of the best plunger alternatives that can aid in eliminating the severely clogged items from the toilet bowl. Simply, force this cleaning wand inside the drain hole, move it back and forth until the clog gets dislodged. But, it is highly recommended not to exert excessive pressure; it might cause damage to the toilet bowl. Make sure you use rubber gloves while intervening in the unclogging process. Once you fix the plumbing issue, discard this bathroom accessory and buy a new one.

6. Epsom Salt and BathBomb can do the Trick

Don’t have a toilet brush or a plunger or wire hanger nearby? Then, you must be wondering how to unclog the toilet bowl without using these effective cleaning supplies. Well, there is nothing to fret over if you have Epsom salt in the house. When you have guests, an unexpected toilet bowl clog can be devastating. In certain circumstances, you will require an instant solution to remove the clog from this plumbing unit.

Instead of using any other plumbing tools, simply sprinkle Epsom salt inside the bowl and until it creates a fizzy reaction. Within a minute, it gets dissolved with water, breaks up the clog, and clears it completely. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of Epsom salt, you can use bath bombs instead. Usually, these sorts of products do not contain any non-dissolvable materials such as petals, confetti, or glitter. Hence, it easily mixes up with water and dislodges this clog-related problem.

Just make sure, you have mixed up the bath bomb with warm water properly and drop that inside the bowl next. This solution might take an hour or two to work properly, so don’t try any other unclogging method until then.

Still Unable to Remove the Clog from the Toilet Bowl? Contact with a Skilled and Vetted Plumber

Clogs might seem easy to dislodge, but the unclogging process can be nerve-wracking without having the right tools on hand. As a homeowner, you should invest in effective plumbing accessories. Don’t just buy a flange or cup plunger for unclogging the plumbing units. Consider searching for other options to remove these sorts of unwanted problems easily. Join hands with a certified plumber to get instant advice on how to unclog the toilet bowl. With their years of experience and skill, they can easily resolve a clog-related problem.