The Importance of Using Genuine Microsoft Products

Microsoft is the dominant force in the software business. Undoubtedly, a large percentage of this article’s readers will be using Windows and a Microsoft browser. I can also confirm it was written using Microsoft Word. In fact, according to one survey, 83% of enterprises use Microsoft Office.

This is an overwhelming majority, but it also equates to Microsoft Office being one of the most pirated software suites. To some, this may seem like an easy way to save money, but apart from the moral argument, there are distinct disadvantages to using non-genuine software.

There are also plenty of good reasons to use genuine Microsoft Products. Here are some of the main reasons to use genuine Microsoft software.

Why using genuine Microsoft Products is important

The importance of using genuine software cannot be overstated. For businesses and other organisations, the importance of cyber-security in an age where cloud computing is becoming the norm is growing exponentially.

For most organisations, this need to remain secure is one of the most important aspects of using genuine software: 

Genuine Microsoft Software offers enhanced security

There is an ongoing war between hackers & scammers, and software developers. No matter how meticulous a company is when developing software, there are highly skilled and unscrupulous types who will find and exploit vulnerabilities.

When these are uncovered, the software developer will quickly patch the vulnerability and begin rolling out the update. In most cases, pirated software won’t receive these patches, and the result is an increased vulnerability to hackers, data & identity theft, viruses, and ransomware.

Access to support and updates

Security updates are released ad-hoc in response to threats. But Microsoft also issues periodic updates for all their supported software. These often include new features and performance improvements, as well as ironing out known bugs.

Using pirated software will likely end up with limited access to updates at best, but more likely is the scenario that updates will be blocked.

It is a similar story when considering access to support channels. With genuine Microsoft Software, there are numerous support options available should problems or queries arise.


This sounds counterintuitive, but when you consider the potential fallout from using pirated software, it would only take one disaster to wipe out any savings. Firstly, it is worth noting that there are plenty of ways to buy genuine Microsoft products at very reasonable prices.

Bearing this in mind, the potential losses from a breach of data security or a ransomware attack would make the cost of purchasing software look like a mere drop in the ocean.

Increased stability

All software at this level has procedures written into the code that is designed to prevent the software from being pirated. The hacks or “cracks” that are used to bypass these measures need to make changes to critical files. Indeed, most of them need to have the anti-virus suite disabled before they are installed.

These unauthorised changes to critical files can cause all kinds of stability problems.

Using non-genuine software is illegal!

It is impossible to discuss the use of genuine software without reminding ourselves of one crucial fact – The use of non-genuine software is illegal.

Once again, I will skirt around the moral issue of this, although that is obviously a consideration. But from the business owner’s point of view, being uncovered for using pirated software is not something they want to go through.

Apart from any legal costs and fines that may be faced, there is also the sheer embarrassment and loss of reputation to be considered. The latter two should be deterrent enough on their own, but when the financial implications are included, the case for using genuine Microsoft software is a no-brainer.

Final Thoughts

There are very few, if any, arguments that can be used to debate the case for using counterfeit software. Genuine software adds security, peace of mind, support, and the very latest features to your applications. But ultimately, the most persuasive argument is the price of genuine Microsoft software.

Genuine software doesn’t cost the earth, and there are all kinds of packages and subscription deals available to suit all budgets. Why take all the risks associated with pirated software when any savings are minimal and could end up as a costly mistake?