6 Unusual and Fun Things to Do in Portugal with Kids

Taking kids on a holiday is real fun, but you need to take them to places wherein you can keep them busy and have their type of fun. Kids need more than just play area on a holiday. They need places which can arouse their interests and some activities that can keep them busy. Kids tend to get bored easily, so you have to be looking for productive activities while planning a holiday with them. Portugal is a perfect destination if you are planning a holiday with your kids, and according to Algarve Golf Courses , one of the most popular golf courses in the world, you will simply be mesmerized while exploring the places around.

Also, there are a lot of other things that Portugal has to offer to make holidays for kids a real fun one. Let’s explore a few of them.

  • Douro River Cruise

Children will love staying here. The cruise experience will give the much-needed excitement that they require. Boat rides are always fun for children. Plus, the view is also beautiful. Instead of having tiring walks in the city, this boat ride will give a tour of the city enjoyably.

  • Lisbon Oceanarium

This is a treat for children. This aquarium is a house for many marine species. You can spend a typical 3 to 4 hours here. The children will have a fun time when they watch the sea turtles, penguins, and exotic marine life exhibits.

  • Puppet Museum

You will relive your childhood and your children will relish the time spent here. They have shows organized and display puppets from around the globe. The theatre is so colorful and playful that children will not want to go back. The shows are well organized with proper lights and sounds.

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  • Aquashow

This is the best water park where you and your kids can get the best adrenaline rush on a holiday. The rides and pools are designed so well that all age groups can have the best time of their life. Algarve is a place where the season favors tourists all time. So a water park visit is a must if you are in Algarve Golf Courses.

  • Lisbon Tram

Kids love this train. The view and ride that this train offers is a hit among kids. The ride uphill is such thrill and fun. This ride gives butterflies in the stomach. It might be old and shaky, but is a superhit amongst tourists.

  • Sintra National Park

This park is known for its castles and the fairy tale feels that it gives to its visitors. The garden, palaces, national parks, are really enjoyable and a hit among kids. Kids have a gala time here feeding and playing with the ducklings.

There are many things that Portugal has to offer for everyone. Kids can enjoy a delicious Portugal meal and have a completely different taste on their tongues. Some restaurants have a special kids menu with a fascinating presentation for kids to woo. So from parks to meals, have an enjoyable holiday with kids!