DoFollow vs. NoFollow Backlinks: How to Get Dofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks still have the highest value in the Google ranking algorithm in 2020. For this reason, the purchase of high-quality DoFollow backlinks should be part of every successful online marketing strategy. 

A Do-Follow link is a link that redirects the SEO benefits of the website from which it was created to the linked website. This is the type of backlink that link builders create for SEO purposes. Backlinks created at sources with a high PR value forward the link juices to the linked blog and thereby significantly improve the ranking among the search engines.

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What is a dofollow link?

A link is a link from one website to another. Via a dofollow link, Google can pass on trust signals from a linking website to the linked landing page – in contrast to a nofollow link. You can find out exactly what that means here.

A central concept of the Internet is the linking of documents to one another. For this purpose, links are placed between the websites. Google was able to assert itself as a search engine because they took the approach of viewing and evaluating these links as signals of trust between websites.

Usually, links have the dofollow attribute. The dofollow tells GoogleBot that it can crawl the recommended backlink. The bot interprets the dofollow (or just follow ) as a sign of the trust of the linking website to the linked target page. This trust signal, in turn, has a positive effect on the ranking of the linked landing page.

The dofollow attribute does not have to be specified in the HTML code. All links that are not explicitly identified as nofollow are treated as dofollow.

Over the years, however, website operators have repeatedly tried to create links using spammy measures in order to gain trust with Google. The comment column of blogs was often misused to create links.

DoFollow vs. NoFollow backlinks

A backlink is also good if visitors click on it, and there is only a low bounce rate from incoming visitors. However, if the link leads to ominous directories or irrelevant pages, the bounce rate increases, and the backlink is not helpful but rather harmful. Finally, good backlinks are so-called do-follow links.

Do-Follow Links are links that are interesting for search engines. The “DoFollow” attribute is an instruction for crawlers to follow the link and to inherit part of the Domain Authority to the link target. Inherited link power is also known as the so-called “link juice.” The opposite of the DoFollow Link is the so-called NoFollow Links. These are also essential for a natural link profile but do not pass on any domain authority to the target page.

Buying Dofollow Backlinks – useful?

If you want to make money with your website, there is no way around the various marketing channels. The various disciplines in online marketing help the website to attract more attention – and this is expressed in the end result by more visitors, more inquiries, and more orders. The search engine optimization channel is particularly attractive and can lead to high-quality leads.

If you want to be at the top, you have to meet Google’s various ranking criteria as well as possible. In addition to numerous on-page factors (how the page must be designed and programmed), dofollow backlinks also play a major role. It is hopeless to wait for relevant websites to link to the company website by themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to build high-quality dofollow backlinks yourself. For most, the only option left is “Buy backlinks.”

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