Best Snapchat Spy Apps for Android Phone 2020

Summary: Want a Snapchat Spy App but have no idea which one to choose? Then, this blog is written just for you to read. Go through this article carefully as here are the best Snapchat Spy apps for android phones. That is useful and beneficial for the users for opting or picking one from them.

What does Snapchat Spy App refer to?

Snapchat is a popular social media app that has the option of the auto-delete feature. This option by default removes messages as soon as it is read by the users. That makes it hard for the user to spy on Snapchat the target’s phone as they are unable to track them. But don’t worry as there are always other ways out.

 As a result, it raises the need for the Snapchat Spy App.

Need for Snapchat Spy Apps:

  • The Mobile Spy Apps or Spyware Apps are smartphone monitoring software.
  • These apps help the users to trail the incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, photos, and locations.
  • These apps are very beneficial to use as they remain hidden and can’t be detected by the target user.
  • The software is able to follow GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from multiple applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • The main function of these apps is to archive Snapchat messages immediately when they are sent out or received. That later allows access to messages even if they get deleted!

We all know that there are numerous spy apps available on the market that represent themselves as troubleshooters but to find the one that has all the requirements that one wants is a big challenge. To avoid this situation and make it easier for you.

Here, I will discuss the seven best apps to Spy on Snapchat android phones one by one that is popular among the users for their features. These are written below –

Best Apps Spy on Snapchat Android Phones :


FlexiSpy is the most useful Monitoring utility that helps the user to keep an eye on the activities of the target devices. The tool is used to spy on a computer or mobile phone. It provides a mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone. FlesiSpy allows the to user spy on Snapchat android and iPhone both through this feature that can view SMS, call log, and media files, etc.

Software Key Features:

  • Able to run in the Hidden Mode
  • Stop software from being uninstalled.
  • Provides Parental Control Software.
  • Permit its users to trail the online activities of the employee or victim.
  • Offers dashboard alerts and remote Updates by default
  • Easily open by the protected key combination


It is a famous Snapchat Spy that has advanced Phone and computer Monitoring Solution. The utility offers the user to transport all monitored data as per your requirement. It is the best tool to keep an eye on your Kid’s activities on social media.

This app provides the user all the information related to the victim or target by keeping track or monitoring the victim’s call logs, messages, GPS location, web browsing history, and instant messenger, etc.

It provides keyloggers to the user i.e user can maintain a record of all the typing of the victim. Another feature of TheOneSpy is that the user doesn’t require root the handset devices to make it work. It is an invisible tool that works hidden from the eye of the victim. Other features of this app are video previewing and screenshots. You can read TheOneSpy review for further details.

Software Key Features:

  • Easily approachable to the detailed Call log of Target’s Device
  • Display the Phone Activities
  • Inspect Browser History of the target either kids or employees.
  • Display Your target’s Screen simply by one tap.


Hoverwatch is another app that helps in monitoring and tracking the target phone and computer machines. It is quite a reliable utility that helps Parents and employers to monitor and store every single activity of their kids and employees.

This tool helps the user to follow the target’s Snapchat call logs, text messages, and various applications.

Software Key Features:

  • Approachable to web browsing history with ease.
  • Offers the feature to capture the screenshots without coming in victim’s knowledge.
  • Also, approachable to several social media apps.


iKeyMonitor is a popular app known widely as a parental control App for recording, calls, SMS, and chats messages, website visits, and more. It is designed especially for digital parents. This software helps the digital parents to use this data and provide their children with a safe environment. Thus, make the parent’s aware about their child’s activities. Thus, help the user to protect their children from the bad influence or environment like gambling, porn, harmful or addictive games.

Software Key Features:

  • Offers Demo mode
  • Provide several set of functions
  • Users can examine its features by using a free trial


OgyMogy is simple Mobile tracking software that records activities like phone calls, messages, social media, and GPS location, etc. This utility helps the user to view phone records irrespective of the place or time. This means that the user can view the target whenever they want or need.

Software Key Features:

  • Provide live control panel
  • Easily track and read text messages
  • Able to monitor GPS locations or  browsing history
  • No need for rooting
  • Keep track on phone calls


Spyera is monitoring software made for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It offers the users to remotely track Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Users can get access to the target device through a tracking app. This app allows spy on Snapchat android and iPhone via this feature user can see photos, stickers, emojis video and listen to audio messages.

Software Key Features:

  • Monitor your employee’s activities to encrypt your business
  • Track your kid’s activities and make it easier to understand them.
  • Simple installation and have a user-friendly web control panel


XNSPY is another app that helps the users to track or monitor the target’s smartphones and tablets. The tool allows the users to inspect all call logs and contact lists. This software also offers the Keylogger option.

Software Key Features:

  • Easily record and listen to the target’s phone recordings.
  • Able to monitor the target’s emails and keep eye on the sites they visited.
  • Inspects the target either kid’s or employees’ locations on the map.
  • The Keylogger feature is designed to track keystrokes from an instant messaging app.
Last words

This blog contains information related to the best Snapchat Spy Apps. There are several apps that claim that they are the best Snapchat Spy. So, to find the best among them is a difficult task. One should choose the suitable app by getting the whole knowledge about these apps first before buying it.  This blog will help them to find one of the best tools that are available in the market along with its features.